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  1. If your domain e-mail is the only one you use, and you don't want to signup for a free service becuase in the end you will just get a ton of SPAM in that free e-mail, what do you suggest
  2. I use b2 from cafelog.com, I find that it is the easiest to install and fastest blogger. I also use w.blogger to update it and it makes posting that much faster. I also like b2 more than movable type because b2 is completely written in PHP and uses MySQL for the more security, if you haven’t already started using movable type I would suggest b2 instead Oh yeah and did I mention it's free (Open Source)
  3. Cake... mmmmmmmmm.... cake
  4. OK Cool, I noticed that buy the icon at the bottom of the screen But do you know when you will start selling it???
  5. Perhaps we may see an update on this some time soon. I really want to buy this software but can't afford too much and a discount on this software would be awsome. So if you could please let me know so I can see about getting this great software I've already got CuteFTP Pro, CuteZIP, and CuteHTML so this would be another good addition to my software Thanks! Rock Sign
  6. Which Help Desk is it and where can we read about it??? Or is it a custum made one?
  7. (potentially) EVIL MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha...hahah..ha.hahha...haha.....ha........haha .....................hahaha......ha...haha.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Nightmares (Sorry didn't mean to ruin the happy mood that was going shutup )
  9. Green Jelly (that one rock band with the 3 Little Pigs Song)
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