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  1. Thank you,I hope that works!!!! I loaded a dummy auction.We will know sometime in the morning!!
  2. How would i tell the "cron" to run and how do I write the "path to it? It is in my "phpauction " directory under "cron" and which one do i use?
  3. sraphim


    Thanks guy"s and gals! I have learned a bit from this one T.J
  4. sraphim


    When I install a "cgi" classifieds sytem,do i have to rename it to a "pl" extensoin? In the "path to " is it neccesary to tell it that the "perl" module is "5" ? #!/usr/local/bin/perl or" perl 5" I am on server #16 how would you write a "server path to this? this is the default: "/usr/www/users/you/classifieds"; I know I am a novice at this so please excuse the dumb questions
  5. All Mine are with "dotster" Sorry guys!!!!!!!
  6. If you pay by "paypal" and your account does not have the money Paypal will automatically draw from your bank account!!!! At least mine does
  7. Ohwell just let the "unhappy" one rave on! We all know better!!!!! :hug:
  8. I just wish I had need of those servers
  9. I have to admit I have had NO problems with this host.Other than questions regarding what modules are installed have never filled a trouble ticket!!!! Good work guys!!!
  10. I too will add my name,being one of the ones who spent some of their younger years doing just that
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