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  1. Here is another reason ihave had my website here since 2001,the techs had mine up and running before i knew it happened!!

    I had ben out for several days,didn't know it had gone down untill i read the announcement

    I applaud the techs for being so quick to respond

  2. Sorry for my late reply, I have been out of town doing some needed fish catching and beer drinking.


    I do believe their is more to the story here, but bottom line is we do not run our business this way.


    I have asked my team to process a $50.00 credit on your hosting account for this issue.


    Thank you for your continued support and business.



    This is one of many reasons i will continue to use this hosting and no other,In my mne honesty and integrity count FAR more tham price

  3. Ah Ok, that's good to know! Thanks Bruce!

    Here is one solution,When your client registers,assign a password to be used with their only their ftp client.You then know what was uploaded and when as well

    I personally use the WS_FTP Pro 9 and i have found NOTHING it does not know how to tranfer.From WMV files on up.It is usable right out of the box.Has very good tutorials built in Great help site with tutorials.Also gets you away from the "anonymous" ftp"s.This is a paid software so everyone may not like tha but does the job really well


  4. I know what you mean Diversenz, as the newest staffer, I kept going through these forums reading tons of gushy "TCH is so Great" thinking at first it was the staff kissin' a little booty, then realized it was paying members who were going on and on about the service and support. I find it really refreshing to be part of an organization that you can really believe in. Years ago I had corporate experience and we were brainwashed to shout praises for the organization so this is really great to be part of such a loved company. And no, I'm not kissin' any booty! :D

    WEll welcome to the company,Wish i could say i needed you more but in the last 3 years have had NO PROBLEMS of any kindAn example is the report i just received from webwatch!!!!!!!

    Total downtime in 6 years 2minutes 8 seconds.Now that is a record to be proud of!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you again!

  5. This is the best hosting choice i have EVER made,bar none. Been here since 2002.In all that time have had three minor problems.I think all combined time to solve is less that 10 minutes TOTAL! Thanks to all of you for such an well oganized and VERY well run hosting provider.You have my vote anyday!!!!!!!

  6. It has it"s own "cpanel" It is a "cgi" auction site complete with forums.What would i need to do?if anything?I would like to replace the site I have now with this site.I woiuld just change the name and logo.Can you do that?

  7. It has it"s own "cpanel" It is a "cgi" auction site complete with forums.What would i need to do?if anything?I would like to replace the site I have now with this site.I woiuld just change the name and logo.Can you do that?

  8. I have done that and they are 755.There is a reference to a "compiler" in the readme file.Is that what the "crontab" keeps trying to add?I have put is here"


    Auction Update - command line tool to handle cron jobs





    Auction Update is an Open Source Tool intended into c language to be used under


    Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000) to handle the problem of updating auctions checking ending


    and eventually removing them from the auctions database and send emails to

    sellers and bidders.


    This little tool was mainly developed under Debian 2.2 Linux and using Cygnus compiler


    (formely called cygwin) ported under windows as an exutable file.

    For more info on

    Cygnus compiler please refer to: http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/


    To compile this tool follow this simple step:



    build.sh is a bash script to run the compiler.


    Now you have two compiled files:





    Of course under windows environment you should used the second one.


    auctionupdate accept two paramter on command line: hostname and uri.

    Talking simple

    words you can run auctionupdate in this way:


    ./auctionupdate yourhostname /path/to/cron.php


    Under windows environment you can run this tool at determined intervals using


    a batch file and windows native scheduler.


    I've put a sample batch file called run.bat,

    of course you have to modify it

    to suite your needs.


    For any problem please contanct me by email at: marcello@nextremnet.it


    If you can make any sense out of it

  9. Well that didn"work.may be I put the thing in wrong.Any way I get this"

    /bin/sh: home/sraphim/public_html/phpauction/cron: No such file or directory

    From the looks of that ,The crontab is either adding something or looking for a


    Now keep in mind I am a dummy when it comes to these things so please use one syllable words that a chimp might understand :)

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