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  1. Just paid my bill for my 9th year with TCH - Looking forward to my Tin/Aluminum Anniversary Next Year!! Thanks again for your first class service
  2. Hi Ya Bill - long time - I think I mentioned this to you like 5 years ago!
  3. 7 Years and counting! Thanks again for all of your service - you guys really have this hosting thing down pat!
  4. Well it is like 6 years now - seems like yesterday because of the first class service here. Thank you for all your hard work and help (putting up with me) over the years! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years
  5. Looks great - much cleaner look
  6. I would also be happy to look at it. I would suggest to start over and use Nuke Evolution. But up to you. Just PM me all of your Login info.
  7. Guess it's like 4 years now and still not Disappointed!
  8. I have a great TS Block if you need one..
  9. Did you run your upgrade file? I would be glad to take a look for you but will not be around till next tuesday.. If you want me to look at it PM me and I will tell you what I need to ck it out..
  10. I upgraded from Plat to EVO - and used the full upgrade with no problems. EVO keeps everything up to date like Ravens. Both are very good but I prefer EVO! http://www.nuke-evolution.com/index.php I run several sites all with EVO.
  11. Go to your PHP Nuke Admin Panel > Click on Fourms > Left side scroll down till U see General Admin > Click on Configuration > Mid way down look for Cookie settings - set them this way: Cookie Domian = www.yoursite.com Cookie Name = phpbb2mysql Cookie Path = / Cookie Secure = Disable Session Lengths = 3600 Hit Submit on the bottom of the page... Good luck and let me know if all is ok..
  12. I have been with TCH for 2 years now and they ALWAYS respond very promptly. I have talked to them Several times on the Live Link with no problems. Just wanted to thank everyone in Support!
  13. FYI - you can do the file updates but you need to do the sql change to make it show.. Yes I have for a few years ... Go to NukeCode.com and go to their download section and they have the files modded there. I usually do it by hand by going to NukeFixes.com -- click on the fixes up top and it will show you what files to edit... Let me know if you need help - I will be on the road for the next few days.
  14. I would be more than glad to take a look at it -- check your pm for the info I need..
  15. >>>CLICK HERE<<< Try this -- it is called My Uploads where you can upload files from your Site... I think this is what you are looking for?
  16. What is your website addy -- I will look at it for you..
  17. He is using a phpBB that is ported thru Nuke -- ck out these themes - you may have to replace the one you have now or you you could try to find a Black one here and upload the FORUM part to your THEME folder.. CLICK HERE
  18. All fixed pal - just a bad theme.. Ck out the theme I put on for ya! Another script I use is this - replacing the Mazerati with what ever the theme name is -- save it as themefix.php - upload to the root and run it once... ><?php require_once("mainfile.php"); $theme= "Maserati"; $sql = "UPDATE ".$prefix."_config SET Default_Theme = '".$theme."'"; $result = $db->sql_query($sql); echo "Thanks for using this fix! Your theme has been reset to ".$theme.""; ?>
  19. Found it you can get it HERE. You will have to register first. Details are: Theme Editor v6.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The theme editor makes available to the web-master a large amount of templates for: - horizontal areas of the web site: header, logo area, banner, horizontal menu bars, footer etc. A non comprehensive list includes: [logo+banner], or [logobackground+banner], or [logo+search], or only [banner], or [bottom], or [bottom+banner], or [logo flash], etc. The amount of possible combinations is just simply huge. - blocks: available templates include blocks made only with colors, only image-frames, all sorts of mixes of images, css sheets, flash... and fantasy! There are over 80 available block types and more will be added with time. - menu bar: several customizable menu bars are available such as the automatic navbar, roll-over menu etc. Even in this case new items will be aadded with time. Also, a menu builder is included. It enables the creation of pull down menus in javascript, again without having to write o­ne single line of code. It is possible to pre-define the number of items, colors, kind of pull down, structure, links, zones etc. Finally, those who have programming experience (php, html, java) may extend the usage of theme-editor by using code in the external php files to obtain an even higher degree of customization.
  20. Click HERE for tons of themes -- yes they use css. Best way is to take one apart and tweak it out.. There is a PHP Theme online editor also -- I will look around for it and post a link.
  21. Thanks Bill - but it credit is due to our Graphics team.. Cory & his wife, Lacie -- they make sweets sigs if any1 needs one - post a request at our forum!
  22. Here is one that my graphics guy made up:
  23. Tommy


    Yep go here http://www.disipal.net/modules.php?name=Do...load&cid=11#cat they have like 80 Themes to choose from. You have to look for one that states it has matching themes -- or you can get a custom one like mine for $$ - www.gunssquad.com
  24. Tommy


    NP. You just need to create them > go to your admin panel > forum > forum admin panel > create new forum > then create new category... I know you can do it! If not PM me your admin login and I will do it for ya..
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