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  1. Welcome to the family Xeppo! Stefan http://www.isarie.com/
  2. Here are my workspaces! At work and at home! Stefan My Website
  3. Great! My website is up and [successfully] running! Be the first to visit it at: isarie.com Stefan
  4. Thank you guys for this warm welcome! It really feels like family here Stefan
  5. Thank you for the tip youneverknow! Unfortunatelly, I guess is a little to late for that request. They have processed my order... Anyway, if my account is on a US server, I do not mind. My website is almost entirely text Stefan
  6. My website is up and running! I can't wait to go home [i'm at the job right now] and upload my website Stefan
  7. OK. I just place my order! I'm waiting for my account to be setup. Bye! Stefan
  8. Hi again! Thank you for this great news! I will place my order this days! Have a fantastic day! Stefan Isarie PS. Got an error while replying to this topic. I think it might help you debug the forum: >mySQL query error: INSERT INTO ibf_cache_store (cs_key,cs_value,cs_array) VALUES('systemvars','a:0:{}',1) mySQL error: Duplicate entry 'systemvars' for key 1 mySQL error code: Date: Wednesday 26th of January 2005 10:14:22 AM
  9. Hi there! I'm from Romania and I've accidentally found out your [very] interesting webhosting company [hail Google!]. I would like to know if you accept international orders too? I really would like to start my web presence with TotalChoiceHosting. Have an amazing, friendly day! Stefan Isarie
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