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  1. Hi all hope all is well with you TCH fiends. Anyway, I have been running an online community for many years now using IPB, so obviously by now I have learned about MySQL and PHP, that is NOT to say I can code PHP or could create my very own SQL commands and execute them, basically I am saying I have used them I suppose. Anyway thats digressing, my point is that my community has been steadily getting bigger and bigger for many a year now. Every so often I upgrade my site to provide a new feature for my members which keeps them coming back... i.e. I installed OSCommerce to provide the users of my music based community a chance to sell their own CDs to other members etc... I also installed Jamroom which allows users to upload their own tracks to allow streaming and downloading by other users etc.. I have ALWAYS wanted something bigger and better though. I want to provide the members with a site which is driven by a large database consisting of artists, production studios, sound engineers, record labels and promoters all around the UK. I want basically to allow people who sign up (and maybe pay a small lifetime membership fee) to be able to search for people local to them and send them messages via the site (keeping the emails hidden) etc, and to be able to search by person type (i.e. promoter, artist etc), location etc etc. Is there currently any (preferably) open source software that provides this type of capabilities, or is it more a case of having to develop the site from scratch? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, OJB
  2. thanks thomas, looks perfect... cheers
  3. thats a good point that I had actually never considered... will have to look into this a bit more... nice one al for the suggestions too
  4. thanks for your speedy responses... I am currently looking into google hosted... I will go have a butchers at hotscripts too... nice one OJB
  5. Hey gang, Only just noticed this area of the TCH family forums. I was wondering whether my site could be added to this family list? Here are the required details: 1. http://www.ukhhf.co.uk/forum 2. UKHHF (UK Hip Hop Forum) 3. A UK based hip hop forum providing a large community base including many up-and-coming British artists. Free artist MP3 hosting also as well as reviews, interviews and a member store. 4. I guess it's non profit as I don't make any money out of it. All proceeds from selling artist CDs through my store go to the artists themselves. 5. There is a link on the main page of the forum (the portal) in the Affiliates box (in the centre near the top)
  6. This can be resolved by logging into CPanel, opening PHPMyAdmin and running the following SQL query REPAIR TABLE ibf_posts That should fix it
  7. Hey all, I have been at TCH for one or two years now, gotta love a bit of TCH haven't you? These forums always seem a suitable place to ask about scripts and get some opinions from you crazy TCH minions. Anyway, My situation is thus: I wish to provide an online email system (similar to that of the likes of Hotmail, Gmail etc) but which utilises email address @ my domain name... for example, allowing users to create their own @ukhhf.co.uk email addresses and allow them to log in to a web based mailing system to send/receive etc. I dont know if this is possible (I imagine it is) but most of all I don't know where to start. My question is thus: Do any of you tech-savvy people know of any free (open source maybe) scripts that I can install (legally) on my TCH server space to allow users to log in and out, compose mail, maybe import pop mail too, have multiple folders etc? Like a web based version of outlook etc. If so what do you recommend and why? I have seen a few about but really don't know what to be looking for, if i am indeed allowed to install this sort of script. Nice one chappies OJB edit: yikes, did I post this in the wrong section? muchos apologies if so
  8. good job i did a search before posting a topic of my own im getting the same thing as Thomas... i get dozens of emails sent from invalid addresses on my domain everyday, outlook will alert to they contain viruses each time i get one.. like: admin@ukhhf.co.uk (not an address my end) helpdesk@ukhhf.co.uk (also not an address i have set up) and things along those lines. bit gutting i cant really do anything about it, im just worried that members of my website might end up getting one of these dodgy emails and think its legit and in turn get infected by a virus. the reason is that all the emails i get sent say things like "user violation located, account deleted" and things along those lines.. so it may worry some of my forum users...
  9. Hey, Turns out I havent logged into one of my accounts for a while and I have forgotten the password So I clicked that I have forgotten the password and was informed an email was sent to the address on file with my new password No email has arrived as of yet (i assumed it would be pretty instant but iv been waiting for 30 mins or so. How long does it usually take to send a new password? Im not posting this because I want it done right away, this isnt a moan or me being impatient, just curious how long to expect to wait? Cheers people
  10. thanks for your help i did as u advised.. and true to your word they were unable to compile it for me ahh well it was worth an ask anyway thanks again, Owen
  11. Hey, I own and run ukhhf.co.uk which is a UK hip hop website. I recently came across a script called Jamroom which allows users to upload their MP3s to my server and allows users to stream and download these MP3s. The script has a feature called LOFI Creator which creates lofi versions of the hi bitrate MP3s hence saving the users from having to upload both hi- and lo-fi versions of their songs. However, to use this feature you have to download the LAME SOURCE code, upload that package to my webspace via FTP and log into theserver using SSH or telnet and run a few commands. I noticed that TCH doesnt allow SSH or Telnet access, and that is not my question, my questions are 1) is there any other way to execute command line commands, and if not 2) would some one be able to install the LAME decoder for me? Also, I wanted to make sure that this wasnt a disallowed script. Because I can imagine it uses up more server resources than a regular site may use, so I was wondering whether you would allow the use of such a decoder? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area. Cheers, Owen
  12. There were problems with importing my backup, probably due to the use of extended inserts, but the server kept timing out, even for the help desk techies... anyway, i ended up doing a 6 hr selective import, whereby i imported 500 - 1000 lines at a time... got it working fully though, thanks for your help anyway fellas
  13. bloody hell, u lot are a bunch of sound people haah nice 1... well im impressed and iv only been signed up about 3 days if that
  14. thanks for your replies, i have sent off a help ticket...
  15. Hi First of all caps doffed to the people here at TCH, very impressive hosting you have going on here. Anyway, I am currently having problems importing my 27MB database backups.... I have a .sql backup which I have tried to import using the SQL import feature in PHPMyAdmin, I have left it do its work for 5 or more hours, and when i come back to my PC my databases are still not restored and it appears nothing has happened So i was wondering whether anyone from TCH could do a local import for me, i have uploaded the sql backup to my filespace i have tried many times now to upload my 2 databases (both dumped into one sql backup) but to no avail thanks in advance OJB Edit: I can give my server number and username to anyone who needs this as comfirmation i am the owner of the package.
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