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  1. what would be the best way to allow users to upload large files then? Is it FTP? I'd prefer a webpage based upload thing... with a browse button etc....
  2. Hey guys I already have two accounts with TCH and will probably be buying a new one soon as I am currently developing a new website which I will want to turn live within a few months. A major part of my site though will be to allow clients to login and upload large .zip or .rar files (possibly up-to around 200MB)... but I would like to do this through a PHP script, but I know that the PHP upload limit is set in php.ini (or at least I think it is) I would rather not rely on FTP just for ease-of-use for my clients, so what I ask is would TCH be willing to increase the upload limit u
  3. thanks thomas... the w3 school one I was tempted by but wanted to see if there were any standout ones before cracking into that cheers!
  4. Has anyone had any experience with online PHP tutorials? I am currently looking for some tutorials so in my spare time I can learn more but when you type PHP Tutorials into google you get hammered with a lot of results. I was just wondering if anyone had used any that they would recommend as being easy-to-understand or helpful in anyway? Any links would be fandabulous!!! Cheers OJB
  5. I dont know whether this should be in here but here goes anyway I am a user of both MediaWiki (wikipedia software) and IPB and have bridged them using IPBWIKI (http://ipbwiki.com) Just for those who have wanted something similar: Members are central to both, so when someone registers at either end they are registered for both the wiki and IPB Logins/Logouts work so when you log in to one you are logged into both You can set wiki permissions based on your forum member groups You can have it so discussions in the wiki create threads in your forum There are even skins to make your
  6. OJB

    Wordpress & Ipb

    Hey all I have been running IPB for many years now on my site (I am still using an older version but it is security patched to-date) Today I installed Wordpress 2.2 and have been scanning google for a while trying to see if there is a way of integrating the member database of wordpress with my forum, so that my forum is the master and WP is the slave. This way when people log into the forum they log into WP and when they sign up at the forum they sign up at WP, hence avoiding needing to sign up twice and log in twice. I have skinned my wordpress to resemble my forum but a member DB int
  7. I did not think a link would be needed considering iv only known one member to get it (so far), I have not been able to replicate it myself but HERE IS A LINK ANYWAY
  8. Hey guys, A few days ago I installed a new script on my site (well, upgraded an old script to the latest version) and during testing I tested it on IE and firefox and had absolutely no issues with it myself. (I am using the most up-to-date version of Firefox So today I decided to unleash it on a few people to get their reactions and one person cannot access the site in FF (but can in IE). He too is using FF but he gets the following error: I looked this up on some pages and saw it may be a cookie issue, so I got the member to add my site (the specific subdomai
  9. Hey there gang, I have been trying to upload a new script to my site today and last night and I keep stumbling across an issue. After a while of uploading, everything seems to grind to a halt and I seem to get endless "list errors" and "time outs". Everything after a while refuses to transfer, directory listings refuse to load and basically nothing happens. I have this issue with all the FTP clients I have tried: flashFXP, cuteFTP, FireFTP and SmartFTP. Is there some variety of limit in place to how much you can transfer via FTP on a given day? The folder I am trying to upload
  10. iv had no issues as of yet. Also I hand select who gets an account. I only allow members of my forum to have ones, and only give them to long standing members, so I am not worried. Sure anyone could abuse it and get my site blacklisted, but I dont foresee that happening at the moment. I am more than happy with it so far mate.
  11. ok thanks guys... All is sorted now, changed all my passwords relating to scripts and CPanel (hence also email and FTP) thanks for all the help as per usual
  12. ok never mind then, NOD32 seems pretty decent and so will probably keep things in check through downloading backups. one final question (sorry to bug you so much), I want to change my MySQL user passwords too while I am at it, is there anyway to do this via cpanel, only way I can see is by deleting a user and remaking them.
  13. Thanks thomas, I have changed my CPanel password. Incidentally, is there any way to virus scan a domain? So for example, I virus scan all my directories from time to time?
  14. problem solved i think I found two very suspicious PHP files rooted into one of my folders that shouldn't have been there. I have now removed them and changed the permissions on that folder.
  15. actually.. I just dove deeper into the NOD32 threat log and there is a highlighted file in the archive. I am going to go investigate the file now. Thanks alot thomas mate, appreciate it!
  16. Well as it was just the archive all NOD told me was that there was a trojan present in it, at which point I terminated the download. I will download it again and if it happens again then I will try what you say. Cheers for the suggestion
  17. Hey gang Today I went to download a full backup of my site, as I do from time to time just in case the worst does happen. Anyway, during my download NOD32 antivirus system popped up an alert. It warned me that the .tar.gz full backup file I was downloading contained a trojan, more specifically the PHP/Rst.I trojan. Now this immediately rang alarm bells meaning that there must be a trojan on my domain. I tried searching for PHP/Rst.I trojan on google but it didn't turn up anything of any use. Does anyone know firstly what this trojan is? Secondly, how should I go about removing
  18. I run an IPB 1.3 forum Have around 80 odd ACTIVE users a day, with near enough 10 GB of bandwidth used a month, with around 1,000,000 hits a month.... The forum itself uses about 120MB of disk space plus a 90MB mysql database... not ever had a single problem running it on TCH servers, been with TCH for about 3 or so years now I think so i dont imagine you need a dedicated server at all as I am on a shared server
  19. thanks for the response mikeM invisionize is a good site Iv used for ages for mods etc luckily I stumbled across someone else who had the same issue on invisionize and I have now (i hope) got a way around the spamming issue I have created a new member group called "full members" and the old [default] "member" group i have renamed to "moderated-members" So now automatically validated members go into the moderated members user group... I have added a promotion to the full members group after 5 posts... Then in sources/Post.php Above: >//----------------------------
  20. Hey everyone Recently after realising my sites prominent position in the google search results for a certain search string I have been getting tonnes of spammers signing up to my forum and posting threads about I AM A SPAMMER, sexual aids, blah blah blah! Its getting bloody tiresome sifting through the crap and suspending all the accounts and what not. I was wondering whether any of you knew any ways to help stop spammers. I use IPB 1.3... I have email validation and random number image generation upon registration. Which leads me to think its not spam bots but actual people wh
  21. This is just a topic to see who uses what sort of scripts for their site, just so others can see what sort of stuff is available and whats good and whats not. I run a music based website and scripts I have running are: Jamroom - Allows users to upload their own music and stream or download other peoples music with auto-generated daily charts and other things www.jamroom.net DokuWiki - A WIKI which I use for sound tutorials where members can add or request their own tutorials relating to sound and music production wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki Invision Power Board - This i
  22. OJB

    Video Streaming

    thanks don i did an install of SMF... converted my IPB database over.. was pretty seamless... also installed a few new themes and mods but i really cant abandon IPB im afraid, I have so many modifications I use on there that are just not available on SMF... i searched all the modifications in their database and alot of the ones i use in IPB there arent equivalents of in SMF maybe its worth paying for the latest IPB version but i would rather test run it first before paying for it, but imagine this is not possible! thanks again though don!
  23. OJB

    Video Streaming

    i have considered many many times an upgrade to IPB or a migration to SMF... problem is my database. I know there are conversion packs out there, but I am unsure how compatible my database will be considering the amount of IPB hacks (modifications) I have installed over the years. I will give hotscripts a lookie though, thanks for your reply thomas, i appreciate it.
  24. Hey everyone I am interested in setting up a video streaming section to my site. Let me point out first I do not want to HOST the videos as that will munch my server space and my bandwidth. I want some method of allowing users to link to videos of theirs on say youtube or myspace and embed them in some variety of profile, whereby you can click on their name and view all the videos of them. Does anyone know of any such software I can install, or the best way to approach this? I run an IPB 1.3 forum but am no coder and wouldnt really know how to integrate such a thing. It would also be n
  25. have you got forum software running on your site? i run an IPB forum and i think there are a few scripts out there for that which you can create a playlist of M3U files and people can select what tracks they wish to play whilst browsing i have one installed, which i dont actually use anymore for IPB 1.3 called Jukebox or something I believe alternatively there are various flash mp3 players for free out there like this one: http://www.pimp-my-profile.com/flash-mp3-player/ TCH-Thomas made the link inactive.
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