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  1. I have Windows Live Mail on my computer. I use it to check mail from GMail and my TCH domains email accounts. I am able to send from one of my TCH domain emails, but not the other. I can receive email through both domains. The outgoing server for both is set to 25. I've tried changing it to 26, but I get the same error message... the server is rejecting my email address.


    I would appreciate any help. I can't understand why I can receive mail and yet not be able to reply and send through the TCH server.





  2. That is what I've been doing. When I ask to unlock the domain, it tells me that it is already unlocked. Then when I go to retrieve the authorization code I get this message:


    "Request Authorization Code Results


    Authorization codes are sent to the owner of the domain via email.


    ***mydomain***.COM This domain does not require a transfer authorization code"


    What am I supposed to do with that? I can't transfer to TCH without the authorization code, and registernames.com tells me I don't need one!


    Completely befuddled.



    Ok, please try to go to the register site mentioned in your initial post, then click support and then click "6. How do I retrieve an authorization (or EPP) code for my domain(s)?" in the top 10 questions.

  3. I am trying to transfer my domain to TCH. I have unlocked it at registernames.com and requested an authorization code, which I need to complete the transfer with TCH. A page comes up telling me my domain doesn't need an authorization code. If I'm told by TCH that I need an authorization code, and told by registernames.com that I don't need one, what am I to do? Is this just a way for registernames.com to keep themselves as the registrar? Do I have to wait for the domain to expire and then register it as a new domain with TCH? This is very frustrating.



  4. Bruce,


    I changed the server to 25., closed Thunderbird, and reopened it to make sure the change took effect. I got this message when trying to send:


    "You have received an invalid certificate. Please contact the server administrator or email correspondent and give them the following information:


    Your certificate contains the same serial number as another certificate issued by the certifcate authority. Please get a new certificate containing a unique serial number."


    I don't believe there is an answer to this problem. It has to be something in Vista that's doing it. I did not have the problem until I got this computer.


    I appreciate your suggestions, but I think I'm just going to have to live with it.





    You cannot send email on port 110. Change it to 25 or 26.
  5. This is so frustrating. I changed the setting to "TLS if Available" and the port is 110. I'm still getting the error message about the SMTP server. I think this must be a Vsta problem. I didn't have any problems at all before I got the new computer.


    Thanks for trying to help. I guess I'll have to use my regular ISP's server for outgoing mail, and use my TCH mail as the "reply to" address. That's all I can think of to do.




    Port 110 is POP for you to receive email. You will not get a certificate warning on POP on port 110.


    You said SMTP which would route through port 25 or 26 or 465 if using SSL. If you are receiving certificate warnings then you are most likely using a secure connection. In Thunderbird choose to use TLS if Available and not SSL and the mail should go out.

  6. That should be "server46.tchmachines.com"


    You can stop getting the certificate errors if you choose not to send encrypted emails through port 25 or port 26 you would use your own domain name for that.


    Sorry about the typo... I have the server as "server46.tchmachines.com". I've got the encryption default set to "never." The default port is 110. Should it be 25 or 26?


    I had no problems before I upgraded to Vista. Is there something peculiar to Vista that could be causing the problem?



  7. I'm piggybacking on this discussion because I have a similar issue. Since purchasing a new computer with Vista operating system, I'm having problem with my TCH mail. When I first tried to send mail through Thunderbird using mail settings for my domain, I would always get an error message saying that the certificate was invalid. "Someone Somewhere" said that it was a Vista problem and that each time I sent mail I would have to go in and delete the TCH certificate and then send the mail, clicking through the warning screens. I also tried changing the mail server to "server46tchmachines.com." But now I'm finding that the certificate never shows up at all anymore (to be deleted), and I'm getting a message that my mail cannot be sent because "connecting to SMTP server mail.mallymccoy.com (my domain) failed. The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connectoins. Please verify that your SMTP server setting is correct and try again, or else contact your network administrator."


    I changed the the server back to mail.mallymccoy.com and I'm now getting an error message stating that the certificate is invalid... that "Your certificate contains the same serial number as another certificate issued by the certificate authority. Please get a new certificate containing a unique serial number. Since there is no certificate listed when I look at my security settings, I don't know what this means. HELP!!



  8. The same thing just happened to my daughter. She received spam from her own email address to her email address! It was all about Microsoft and spamming issues. Very odd. I could have her give me the whole header, but from reading the replies to this topic I can see that it's not of much use. I just hope that other people aren't being flooded with emails "from" her and thinking she's sending them.



  9. Thank you, Don. Yes, I put the default counter on. I still can't get anything but that one. I just get an error message. It's puzzling. I tried to keep the default, but at least change the color. No dice. So, I'm stuck with it. In the scheme of things, it's certainly not a big deal :)





    :)  Welcome to the Family Karen  :P


    and your new home!

    I see you have the counter working.

    Remember its only a page counter that advances every time a visitor views that page.

    For more detailed visitor info check your cpanel > web/ftp stats >awstats


    We really are like family here.

    So if you need anything,

    just ask your new family!

    We love to help  :)

  10. Hello, Bruce. Thanks for the welcome. I've been a TCH member for a while now, but haven't checked the forums because I haven't had a problem! It's just maddening that I can have the default counter with no problem, but when I try to choose another, or change the color of the default one, I get that error code.


    I guess I will have to check the help desk and see if there is something I'm doing that I'm not aware of. I copy the code and paste it, so why it would work for the default but not for anything else, I have no clue. I must be doing something wrong and will feel really dumb when they point it out!




    You may want to delete the counter you created and start over.  I just tested and it worked fine.  If that does not solve the problem please open a Help Desk ticket (link above) and have one of the techs have a look.


    Where are my manners!  Welcome to the family and forums, Karen!  :clapping:

  11. This is what I put in my html above the </body> code:


    <img src="/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=mallymc.dat|display=Counter|ft=6|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=W">


    What I get, instead of a counter, is a long green box that has the following written in it:



    "Counter datafile "/var/cpanel/Counters/mallymc.dat%7Cdisplay=Counter%7Cft=5%7Cfrgb=100;216%7Cdd=W" must be created in cpanel first"


    I thought I did what you did. I went to the counter page, chose counter "W", asked for the html, copied it, and pasted it. Why don't I get a counter?



  12. I am trying to install a counter on my main page. I went to cpanel and chose the counter I wanted, asked for the HTML code, copied it, and put it into my index.html file. When I bring up my website, I get a long box along the bottom of the page, where the counter should be, telling me I have to create the counter in cpanel. I thought I did that!


    Please tell me how to "create" this counter if I'm not following all the steps I should.


    Thank you for any help you can give me.



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