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  1. Tell him to go to whatismyip.org
  2. Looks fine from Vegas on my Cox cable.
  3. TCH-Tim

    I Need Help

    Not on the Internet? Well we'll have to get you all sorted out then, won't we? To have your site available on the Internet you will need to buy a domain name and a hosting account where you host this domain name. You would upload your files from your PC to the server where your hosting account lives, and then everybody can get to your site by typing in the domain name. The good folks here in the forums would be glad to help you out with the upload/setup process if you have any questions. You can prepay your domain name anywhere from one year to twelve years (maybe more). Hosting accounts can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. Both can be set to automatically renew or not. There are no hidden fees outside of those two. A good place to buy both a domain name and a hosting account would be right here at TCH, of course. Click here to check out some of our plans, and there's also a link on that page to purchase a domain name. If you need any help, please feel free to let one of us know. And welcome to the forums.
  4. Your best bet is to follow the upgrade instructions on the WordPress website. You can find them here.
  5. Sometimes you just need to post and the answer will come to you. Such is the magic of the TCH forums. Welcome.
  6. Wonder what that kid was doped up on to sit there for 36 hours straight.
  7. *TCH-Tim makes note to skip FL vacation this year...
  8. I'd have to agree with Aaron - head about 2000 miles West and we'll show you what a drought looks like. It's so dry here my "desert landscaping" plants are dying. But I digress. Not a fan of birdbaths myself. More birds = more bird poo.
  9. Jaws. "I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries." (no fair using google, btw)
  10. For the record, he was all fixed up last night. Took longer than 5 minutes, but who's counting?
  11. In cPanel go to FTP Maintenance --> FTP Accounts. Scroll to the bottom and you will see links to the raw access logs.
  12. Appreciate the kind words. Enjoy your toys.
  13. Huge dictionary files in several languages are easy to come by. A spammer just needs to combine those with a list of domain names and a little script to put them together in different combinations, and it doesn't matter how you obfuscate your email address.
  14. Don't think I'm up to 500 a day yet, but I'm definitely getting a lot. New tricks seem to be helping them get through SpamAssassin, but Thunderbird is slowly learning what is junk and what isn't. While we're on the subject, comment spam on my personal blog has gone way up, but Spam Karma 2 is doing a fine job of holding it all back.
  15. I didn't say we wouldn't change ownership for you, I'm just asking that you batch your requests rather than open twenty tickets every day. I'm sure you can see my concern. What script are you using? Maybe we can help you come up with a different method.
  16. well, maybe not every time you upload a photo *TCH-Tim cringes at the thought of waking up to hundreds of tickets to change file ownership on pictures
  17. Proper file permissions are your best defense as they are enforced by the operating system. There is no reason to leave it to chance as anyone who has ever gone through a hack and restore will tell you. We do go to great lengths to ensure the security of our servers and all of your accounts. We take abuse very serious and have zero tolerance for offenders. But at the end of the day the security of your account - including keeping scripts up to date, having strong passwords that are changed often, maintaining proper file permissions, and keeping clean backups of all data including databases - is your responsibility. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  18. When my grandparents first got on the Internet about two years ago my mom gave them AOL. It took forever for them to learn how to use a mouse much less get into the different browser options and so on. They're happy with it so there's no point in trying to get them to change. If you don't know that the grass is greener on the other side, what difference does it make? On the flip side, when I set the g/f's parents up with high speed last year I started them straight out on FF. They don't know about IE or the AOL browser, and FF works for everything they need, so there's no discussion. Just like politics, browser change happens on the local level. Change those you can, leave the rest alone. I agree that answering "just use FF" to an IE question is a little unhelpful.
  19. If it didn't matter, then why would permissions even exist? 777 is a bad idea.
  20. That's pretty much my feeling anytime I have to deal with FrontPage. If retyping your username and password very carefully doesn't help let us know. And welcome to the forums.
  21. Hello camcole, Sorry you're having so much trouble getting set up. Thomas wrote a pretty comprehensive tutorial for getting set up with FTP. You can find it here. Short answer is that your hostname would be ftp.your-domain.com, path you can leave blank or use public_html (which is where your web-accessible files need to be), and your username and password are your cPanel username and password. A week is too soon to give up. People are here to help, just ask the questions.
  22. Your numbers don't seem unreasonable to me. Especially if the bulk of your traffic is just pulling images off, not actually processing any scripts to view the images. Sure.
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