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  1. SMF is forum software. You can find more info at simplemachines.org. Fantastico is an included cPanel add-on that allows for the easy installation of several popular forum, blog, CMS, and shopping cart scripts among other things. You can find more info on Fantastico at http://netenberg.com/fantastico_scripts.php. You can open your account at anytime. The change from old server to new does not take place until you change your nameservers at GoDaddy.
  2. *TCH-Tim gags a little Congrats on the 31lbs. though.
  3. If the kid can't be trusted then he shouldn't be allowed to use the computer unsupervised. A strong password/encryption policy will help enforce that. He'll just have to go to his friends' house to look at I AM A SPAMMER. The "talk" I'm talking about is the "grow up already for crying out loud, because if you don't I can make your life miserable" talk. Dave's whip might help too.
  4. I'm with you Dave. I buy Diet Coke by the pallet. Regular Coke and all the Pepsis are too sweet.
  5. "The talk" will be more effective than any technological measures. Software is not meant to be a babysitter.
  6. It looks like you created a database user without actually providing a username. That gives you a full database username of "kwsuki_" without the quotes. There is nothing after the underscore because nothing was entered in the username box. Try that and let us know how it goes.
  7. Looks like you don't have the correct username. Your database username is in the form cpanelUsername_databaseUsername.
  8. Hello Bob and welcome to the forums. You'll want to use SpamAssasin: cPanel --> Mail --> SpamAssasin. Initially I like to set it to modify the subject line by adding **SPAM** (or whatever) and then have Thunderbird filter those messages to a spam folder. That way I can tell how high or low I need to set the filter to be effective.
  9. That price seems downright impossible for a dedicated server. They may be offering you a VPS, although it still seems too cheap. A quick Google search will show you how much dedicated servers cost. Our dedicateds start at $149.
  10. Something like a 250GB Buffalo Linkstation will set you back about $200. It's got 250GB of network attached storage and has 2 USB ports so you can connect more USB hard drives for added capacity, or add a USB printer to make it a network printer. The caveat with the printer of course is that if it's a multifunction machine you will lose some functionality. If you already own a USB hard drive you could get the Linksys NSLU2, which will turn up to two USB hard drives into network attached storage, for about $80. For a print server there is no shortage of options either wired or wireless. Just make sure you read the compatibility list. As far as the scanner goes, I've never seen one networked before.
  11. I use a Sharpie. Cheap and reliable.
  12. No such thing. They'll find a reason to shut you down if you use too much. Good rule of thumb is that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Outrageous disk space and bandwidth numbers are all the rage these days, but that's not even half the battle of web hosting. What's under the hood of the server, what quality bandwidth are you getting, how good are the datacenters, how is the service, and so on. Anybody that locks you in to a contract should be avoided. We don't do free trials, but we offer a full money back guarantee if you're not happy, no questions asked.
  13. A friend of mine is heading out for two weeks to see three games. Got his tickets in a lottery. Lucky duck.
  14. It was all Carl. He the man.
  15. I'm addicted to this really fun game. Play it like 10-16 hours a day. It's got all the makings of a superhit - online, multiplayer, never ending storyline. And it's not violent at all - usually - so it's fun for the whole family. It's called "Help Desk," ever heard of it?
  16. We'll do it, but you still need to open a ticket.
  17. Well it was working. What'd you do?
  18. Alright folks, you should be all set. 99% of the time cPanel login problems are bad bookmarks or incorrect passwords, but you got us on this one. The issue has been resolved and we thank you for your patience.
  19. Both of you happen to be on the same server. Bam - we got your ticket and we're checking it out.
  20. Bam please open a ticket at https://tchhelp.com - please provide all the info the form asks for.
  21. Mrs. Muddled - did you try the paths I gave above? Looks like your linking directly to a theme you don't have access to...
  22. Is this for thegrinder.ws? If so, I can get to your cPanel fine. Are you getting the login screen? Or does it time out after you log in? What browser are you using? On occassion some Firefox users will have timeout issues, so try IE if you haven't already. Are you at work and maybe the ports are blocked on the corporate firewall? Are you able to get to your site otherwise?
  23. Spam spam spam. The effort to bring it up to anybody isn't really worth your time or expense. As long as you have registered domains, you will get those. Some guidelines to live by: 1. Know who your registrar is 2. Know when your domains expire. Set them to auto-renew if you intend on keeping them. 3. Don't give your info to anyone that contacts you. If you have domain issues, contact your registrar yourself. (See #1)
  24. Access your cPanel using: http://your-domain.com:2082 or using secure ports at https://your-domain.com:2083 Let us know if that doesn't work.
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