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  1. There are many security and bug fixes included with each cPanel release for all of the various utilities and scripts that come with it. I am sorry that the Horde address book is giving you problems, but reverting back to an older version of cPanel would most certainly do more harm than good.
  2. 3 tries. 20, 32, 34. Won't be long before someone posts a higher score I'm sure. update: next try - 80
  3. 34. Okay back to work before Dick yells at me.
  4. Glad it all worked out for you Chris.
  5. Shared SSL certs have the server name (or similar) on them, they do not have your domain name. Your browser sees the mismatch and throws the warning. As long as you know that the cert is really coming from your server you should be okay. Your browser and/or email client should remember that you accepted the cert so you don't get the warning every time you connect. The only way not to get the warning is to purchase your own certificate as Bruce suggested.
  6. How about if instead of a discount we give you cheap, reliable hosting on enterprise-class servers with extras like Fantastico De Luxe and back it all up with 24/7 support?
  7. Pretty slick. Thanks Bruce. Just added lucky number 13 to my collection.
  8. Man, I don't have cable so I'm stuck with soaps all day. Guess the World Cup is only a big deal to the networks on the weekends.
  9. If all you want to do is allow a few machines to specifically access a few specific sites, it would probably be easiest to do at the router/firewall. We messed with monitoring software at an old job, but like you we didn't really need to monitor, we just needed to specifcally allow access to certain places and disallow everything else. If they can't get anywhere else, no need to invest in fancy software.
  10. Semi-dedicated accounts have been upgraded from 95GB to 120GB of bandwidth. However, no disk upgrades at this time for semi-dedicated or dedicated packages. Sorry guys.
  11. It took a little longer to roll out than we expected, but good things come to those who wait. Our Reseller Packages have now received their promised disk space and bandwidth upgrades: Simple Resellers: 1500MB disk space and 25GB bandwidth Basic Resellers: 2250MB disk space and 35GB bandwidth Standard Resellers: 3300MB disk space and 60GB bandwidth Deluxe Resellers: 4500MB disk space and 75GB bandwidth Hope that's enough. Just a note that these upgrades are in place right now for your main account, but we have to change your reselling limits one account at a time and are moving through the servers in order. If you find that your main account has not been upgraded please open a help desk ticket. A note to the resellers out there: Please check to make sure that the total disk and bandwidth quotas for your resold accounts are within your account limits. It could save us all a headache within the next few days.
  12. WP doesn't create individual pages, it's all dynamic out of the database. If posts are deleted they are deleted. Open a ticket and they can restore from the last backup. You will probably be missing the most recent stuff but it's better than nothing.
  13. TotalChoice is now hiring for the position of Level 1 Support Technician. If you are interested please email us at jobs [at] totalchoicehosting.com.
  14. Because we upgraded your reseller package last night and you are now using the default cPanel theme. stayhome.com:2082 will work.
  15. My condolences to you and your family Paul.
  16. Let's just break it down real simple-like. This one works: ><div id="top"></div> <div id="container"> <div class="blogposts"> blog entry </div> <div class="side"> <div class="sideblock"> your menu stuff </div> <div class="smallcopy"> your copyright stuff </div> </div> <br style="clear:both" /> </div> This one doesn't: ><div id="top"></div> <div id="container"> <div class="blogposts"> blog post content </div> <div class="side"> <div class="sideblock"> your menu stuff </div> </div> <br style="clear:both" /> <div class="bottom"> <div class="smallcopy"> your copyright stuff </div> </div> </div> At least I'm pretty sure that's the right order. They're different anyway.
  17. Another marie b. challenge, eh? You and your pesky divs...
  18. Cheaper than satellite I suppose.
  19. It's been hot the last two weeks. It's starting to cool off a little though - only 101 today. That global warming thing seems to be in high gear this year.
  20. You need to pay for space first, otherwise we would have nowhere to move it to.
  21. Make sure you just upload the /UTW3-1WP2/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior folder to your plugins folder, not the whole /UTW3-1WP2 folder. Just tried it on mine and it works fine.
  22. Let me back up. To upgrade to 2.0.3, you would have to do it yourself because Fantastico has not released the latest version yet. In general Fantastico allows for one-click updates but they are sometimes a little behind on getting the latest stuff out. Sorry for the confusion.
  23. If you open a ticket we can tell you. (Send it to Billing, not Tech Support.)
  24. Are you talking about moving a site from another host to TCH? If so, open a new account, then open a ticket with the cPanel details for your old and new accounts and ask them to do the transfer.
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