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  1. Billing works regular business hours on Eastern Time. If they don't get you they'll leave a message.
  2. ? I missed the part where he said to disconnect the desktop from the router. If you're referring to step 1: I think he meant any extra stuff, not the network connection.
  3. Backups were from the previous Saturday, June 8th July 8th. If you are having issues please open a ticket. Edit: Sorry, I don't know what month it is.
  4. You might also make sure you have the latest firmware for your router. Don't know what model you have (yet), but here's the link to D-Links site: http://support.dlink.com/downloads/
  5. Alex had already answered it, I was just weighing in with my two cents on a better way to handle spam. Filtering to another folder and then popping that folder anyway, or going in every now and then to clear spam box, is more effort than should be given spam.
  6. Since you mentioned you're popping the mail anyway, here's the method I use for my accounts. Anytime I change my required_score I like to download the spam to my mail client for a week or so just to make sure it's not marking false positives. To do this, I go in to Configure SpamAssassin and set rewrite_header subject to: *SPAM* _HITS_ _REQD_ This is added to the subject line of the email, and a filter in my mail client moves any messages with *SPAM* in the subject line to a spam folder. _HITS_ is rewritten with the spam score that SpamAssassin gave the mail, and _REQD_ is the score I set. I leave SpamBox disabled because I don't want to save them on the server. Once I'm ready to just start deleting them automatically, I click the link just above the Enable SpamAssassin button. Works like a charm.
  7. Spam boxes are fun for awhile, but after monitoring it for some time to make sure only spam is going there, why not just set SpamAssassin to dump spam automatically?
  8. Can you draw a picture so we're all on the same page? Maybe a before and after. Be detailed. I can't imagine a home networking scenario that should take 50 posts to resolve.
  9. I see with the Netfirms Personal Plan you only get 1 MySQL db. For a mere $4 I'll give you all the MySQL dbs you want, give you one-click WordPress install, and host it all on a server with quad Xeon processors. But I digress. There are plenty of good free blogging platforms out there. WordPress is my favorite - there's also Moveable Type, LifeType, and so on. It really depends what your host can handle and what format you are most comfortable with. (Side note, I see Netfirms is pushing WP as a CMS in their business plan. Neat.)
  10. You need to upgrade. I'm surprised you made it this long without a problem, and now that you are on someone's radar it is pretty much guaranteed to happen again.
  11. What version are you running? If it's an old version, you can be mostly guaranteed that there is still a hole somewhere.
  12. You should probably open a help desk ticket then. Don't forget to provide the information on the form.
  13. One that I see at least once a week if not more is Click here to download a free screensaver!!!1!! - and then when you click it it's a virus. I like to see what a link is pointing to before I click it, else I don't click it. I also don't like HTML mail because they're often not handheld friendly (i.e. Blackberrys and Treos).
  14. edit: I see we posted at the same time. Yes, that should be real time. Or at least really, really close.
  15. Awstats stats are run once daily, so yes there is a lag. You can go to Web/FTP Stats --> Latest Visitors to see the most recent visitors to your site, where they came from, etc.
  16. Is that the 73-year domain renewal special?
  17. Fantastico has the latest at the moment, but word is there's a new version coming out soon. They were a few weeks behind with this update, but the one before they were pretty quick. It just depends. Installing WP manually isn't that tough either, so if you're comfortable with it you might as well do it that way.
  18. Yes, you can easily make your own templates for WP. I do it all the time - edit and test on the home machine, then upload. I know there are a few of us around these parts, so if you have any questions just holler. And an added bonus for WP is that you can install it in about 5 seconds through Fantastico.
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