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  1. I'm not seeing any archives folders anywhere. It does look like you have two installations of MT, or at least two index files. One at /public_html/ and one at /public_html/mt/. Each index file points to archives in a different location, but again, I can't see the archives folders. On permissions, my archives.php is set at 666. The archives folder is 755. Not sure what they are supposed to be at, but that works for me anyway.
  2. If that's what's in Configuration --> Core Setup, then it should be ok. Do you have two installations of MT? www.demesneofallen.com gives me one site, and www.demesneofallen.com/mt/ gives me another. Can't find www.demesneofallen.com/mt/archives, although your source code says that's where individual posts are kept.
  3. How come when I submit a help desk ticket you ask for my cPanel username and password? I'm from the school of "never give out any passwords ever". I figure if an admin needs to get to my stuff, he can get to it with his password. Maybe if I had a technical issue and the help desk guy needs to see what I'm seeing, ok. Maybe. But for a billing issue? It seems unnecessary. -Tim
  4. "Holy War, Inc." by Peter Bergen. Should be required reading for every American.
  5. What do you guys use to track your site statistics? I'm looking for something that filters out traffic from my own computer. Suggestions? -Tim
  6. I think the offset and vertical borders in Firefox actually look better. But I feel your pain anyway. I would agree with Bruce, start looking into CSS. It's not that tough to learn and you get absolute control. Offhand, did you notice that you don't see the top and bottom borders of the page in Firefox but you do in IE? -Tim
  7. This one's an oldie but a goodie. Easy to setup and it works. cgiemail user guide -Tim
  8. I currently have info@domain.com going to both admin@domain.com and tim@domain.com. I set up two seperate forwards in cPanel. info@domain.com to admin@domain.com and info@domain.com to tim@domain.com. Someone here might have a better way, but this way seems to work for me. -Tim
  9. Please add me: 1. URL: http://www.garduque.net 2. Name: garduque.net 3. Description: My little corner of the web including but not limited to my blog, some photo albums, my travel log, and an archive of video tidbits I've collected. Pretty much a soapbox for whatever, and a place to hone my web programming skills. 4. Type: It's personal, and the main focus of the site is the blog. 5. Link: In the sidebar of the main page. Probably adding a footer for all pages soon, but not tonight. Thanks. -Tim
  10. My site here at TCH is hitting its one year anniversary so I thought I'd do some cleanup. Do I need the following folders in my /public_html/ folder?: _private _vti_bin _vti_cnf _vti_log _vti_pvt _vti_txt If I do need them, what are they for? Much thanks. -Tim
  11. Of course the solution is always easier than it seems. When sending from Outlook, I was sending a message to the list from an account that was not a list member, and so of course it was being filtered and just sitting there waiting for approval. First time running a mailing list, so I guess there's a little big of a learning curve. Sorry to waste disk space on this one, but thanks for caring.
  12. Mailman. Only myself in the list right now.
  13. I started a mailing list for one of my sites but it seems like it takes forever for messages to actually get sent out to recipients when I send to the list's address. Is that normal?
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