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  1. Except for the link to Jervonny Collier's Homepage at the bottom.
  2. to which I would reply - "If you don't want me in your house, lock the door and if you don't then it's perfectly legal for me to enter and help myself. *goes to lock door* *returns to keyboard* Trespassing and automatic connections to stray wireless networks are not quite the same. If a wireless signal enters my house (I didn't go looking for it, it just showed up), is it my responsibility to refuse the connection, or is it the network owner's responsibility to make sure I can't connect? I'm not talking about wardriving or actively looking for a network. I turn on my computer, it finds a network, it connects. All I know is that I'm on the Internet, and it could be my router, but maybe it's not. Who's at fault?
  3. How impossible would it be to get the link to point to the band's website? What is the band, anyway?
  4. Sometimes they change their algorithms and you can drop from #1 to #100 overnight. There's more to life than Google rankings.
  5. I like that shot. What'd you use to take the picture? Or did you Photoshop it? -tim
  6. Exactly. Ethics aside, anything broadcast on the public domain is public. Just like a CB radio. I can sit here and listen all day and it's perfectly legal. Your wireless network is broadcast in the public domain, so if you don't want me to see it, secure it. It's just that simple. I would also be very interested in reading the rule (FCC or otherwise) that says it's illegal to connect to an unsecure wireless network and possibly use it for Internet access.
  7. Is it illegal if you don't know that your phone is working off your neighbor's base station and not yours? On occasion, my computer will connect to my neighbor's unsecured wireless network instead of my own. Usually I pick up on it right away, but sometimes I don't realize it until I go searching for the cause of my slow Internet connection. Is ignorance criminal?
  8. It seems more silly than wrong. Essentially you're paying $300 to get a shot off on a pig and then have somebody else finish it for you. And seriously, the "hunting experience"? Not even close. Braving the elements, being one with nature, that's all supposed to be part of it. But really the only issues I'd have here is if they are baiting the animals or if they are not using the meat for something, such as food. You'd think these people could take their $300 and get a good video game hunting simulator. To each his own I guess.
  9. Wrong. $week is a variable defined by the date() function. We are saying that $week will equal the number of whatever week in the year it is, somewhere between 1 and 52. You will create a file for each week number. So right now we are wrapping up week 9. For tomorrow, have a file called 10.html ready to go. For next Monday, use 11.html. And so on. Make sense?
  10. . Is this because I need to add/change a mime type? Yes I know I could use meta tag but someone said this way was better. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> try putting it before the PHP start tag, as in: ><?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <DOCTYPE blah blah> <?php blah blah ?>
  11. Yah, I have a config.php. Just looking to automate that as well so when I make changes to it I don't forget. No big deal, I'll just suck it up and change it myself.
  12. The PHP code for "week number of the year" is W, and it starts on Monday. I haven't tested it yet but I imagine this would work: ><?php $week = (date("W")); include("($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/$week.html"); ?> You could create the weekly pages in advance, and when that Monday rolls around, voila. BTW, for more date codes, go here.
  13. Glad I could help. And I've regretted selling that surfboard since the day I did. Not that it would do me a lot of good out here in the desert, but still...
  14. dkj - I'd probably spill coffee on my motherboard if I left it laying out like that. Guess it makes it easy to swap out parts though. My roommate in college once "integrated" his computer into his desk drawer after trying to hack up his case and messing it up pretty bad.
  15. Probably not hotlinking by the way. I just noticed you had posted the host IP. So it's probably some guy, not some website. Could have been hammering your site for whatever reason. Tough to tell sitting here. The support folks might do some logging that could help you out. If you're so inclined, you could also call Cox and let them know you suspect foul play and see what they can tell you. By the way, nice site. Makes me miss the good 'ole days surfing in Hawaii.
  16. Do you have hotlinking protection turned on?
  17. Just a little algebra. [60 minutes]x[8 hours a day]x[5 days a week]x[4 weeks a month] = 9600 minutes. Multiply that times however big a minute's worth of MP3-encoded music is. Depending on the bit rate, that could vary. 9600x[1 minute of MP3]=[used bandwidth]. If 1min.=1MB (and I'm too lazy to look up the actual numbers), you would use 9.6GB. Or just burn some CDs.
  18. I defined "base href" in my header. On my computer, it would be http://localhost and on my live site it would be http://www.example.com. After I'm done fiddling with my header include on my local computer, I have to remember to change that tag before I upload to my live site. Is there some kind of PHP script or command that can automatically define that tag for me somehow so I don't have to remember to change it every time? Or should I just stop being lazy?
  19. TCH-Tim


    Over on this thread Jim just made my day by pointing us to SOKKIT, a handy little program that handles the Apache and PHP install for you. It took me less than 20 minutes to get it up and running.
  20. Jim, this is the coolest thing I've seen all day. Took me less than 20 minutes to download, install, and get my site up and running on my local machine. Thanks for the tip. -Tim
  21. Right, you can edit in Dreamweaver, and in design mode it will put in a placeholder for you, but to see the actual output you still need to install PHP and a web server.
  22. Without your computer transmitting and receiving, you would not have been able to get on the network, and you definitely wouldn't have known that you could get on the Internet through it. But I agree with Madman, is it illegal if it's open? The network practically begged you to connect. I'm sure it could be illegal to intentionally access somebody's computer on the network, but "accidentally" connecting to a wireless network that just happens to allow you to get on the Internet, what judge would convict you?
  23. I wouldn't think you could do PHP in WYSIWYG, as it doesn't do anything until it's executed, like Java or C. I've seen some hacks to do minor editing, but nothing so far like FrontPage. And you'd have to load PHP and Apache or IIS on your computer. Best just to learn PHP. There are some pretty good tutorials out there, and everybody here is pretty helpful.
  24. I like to use a different email address for everything I have to register for (and that's a lot of stuff these days). For example: tch@domain.com, monster@domain.com, nytimes@domain.com, etc. Then I set the default to myrealaddress@domain.com, so all these "fake" addresses are just forwarded to my real address. If for example TCH decides they want to sell my email address to some marketing firm and I start getting slammed with spam through tch@example.com, I just blackhole that address and change my TCH registration to tch2@domain.com. I only give out my real address to real people, never to anything that requires registration, never put it on my websites, never use it when leaving comments on people's blogs, and so on. My real address, after having it for a year, is still spam-free. (knock on wood)
  25. Is it unplugged (or non-existant)? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> An unplugged router is the only truly secure router. Unless of course you have physical access. Impossible is a pretty strong word when you're talking about network security.
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