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  1. Files uploads are disabled at the moment, they squeezed theirs in just in time on Friday. If you want to share an image you'll need to hotlink from one of your own sites for now.
  2. Usually just some temp files need to be cleared out. No worries.
  3. Just a friendly reminder to everyone that you should rotate cPanel, ModernBill, email, and FTP passwords on a regular basis. Passwords should use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Don't use things like your birthday, your dog's name, your initials, or any word found in any dictionary. For example, tim2006 is not a great password, whereas x*drUBr8!eDHu_7 is pretty good. If you need help coming up with a random password, try this random password generator. I like to check all the boxes and use at least 16 characters. Your mileage may vary. If you need help remembering passwords you should look into a free password safe such as KeePass to securely store your passwords. That way you can have strong passwords that change often, and your brain won't explode.
  4. Yes. You would purchase them, point them to the same nameservers as your other domain, and open a ticket and ask to park them on the domain you are already hosting.
  5. 22.375 and I'm done for the night Go straight down, straight back up, and sit in the top left corner. That guarantees you at least 11 seconds if you don't move from there. You'll see the block coming at you diagonal from the bottom right. Go straight down to the bottom left corner, and then diagonal to the top right. That should put you at 15 seconds. From there things start to move faster so you're on your own. Looks to be the same pattern though.
  6. 21.141....don't watch the blocks...feel the blocks
  7. We're pretty liberal regarding site content. For the most part as long as it's legal and not copyrighted material (unless by you). No kiddy I AM A SPAMMER, no warez sites, and so on. If you have specific questions feel free to drop me a note.
  8. Sure. Open a ticket with sales and we can get you set up.
  9. I'm such a loser. But it was a great movie so it deserves to be here twice. Moving on... Ed
  10. The only reason to use the spam box is if you are using webmail and you want the spam sent to a different folder. If you are downloading your mail to a mail client anyway you should go with Bruce's suggestion to rewrite the subject line and filter it at the client - and when you are comfortable with the level you have SpamAssassin set at you could just set it to delete the messages automatically. I have my domains set anywhere from 4 to 6 and it works beautifully.
  11. DNSstuff is a good resource for that kind of thing. s345, for example, is in Colorado: http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/city.ch?ip= The city isn't always right, but it should at least put you in the right timezone.
  12. If you follow my instructions and with all the default settings it still takes 20 minutes to get an IP, there is something else wrong such as bad router, network card, or Windows installation. It should take a few seconds.
  13. Let's cut out the laptop for a minute and focus on good reliable communication between the desktop and the router. Then we'll go crazy with the wireless. Since we're knocking everything down and building it all back up again anyway, let's do a factory reset of the router. Instructions here. (Unless Jim or Bob disagree.) Don't change any settings on it yet. The latest firmware shouldn't matter for this part, and I see that the "latest" for that model is almost four years old anyway, so it probably doesn't make much of a difference. If you're comfortable doing it, you might pull the network card from the desktop and remove any remnants of any network setup you've done thus far. Then reinstall the ethernet card. Make sure you have the latest drivers. Don't use any wizards, don't set up any bridges, don't specify any TCP/IP settings. To connect to a router and pull an IP, the default Windows settings should work. Turn off the router and the desktop. Make sure the ethernet cable between the router and the desktop is connected, and make sure it's not plugged in to the WAN port on the router. Turn the router on. Wait a minute or two, just to make sure it's going. Then turn on the desktop. In their default states, the router should dish out IPs via DHCP, and your desktop with it's default settings should have no issue grabbing an IP from the router. If we can't get this basic setup done, there are other problems (such as hardware, cabling, etc.) that we most likely cannot effectively troubleshoot in a forum.
  14. Killer Clowns from Outer Space
  15. Some themes are harder to modify than others - depends how fancy you're getting. If you already know HTML you shouldn't have huge amounts of trouble using PHP in a WP theme. Don't forget to consult the WP site when you come across any WP-specific functions. Their documentation is really good. As for PHP starter books, I'm a fan of the Spring Into series. And of course if you have any specific questions or problems or you just can't seem to make it work, let us have a crack at it.
  16. Got bored trying to send him far (953.1 my best) so I tried see how short I could hit him. 123.8 my "worst".
  17. Already used. You lose.
  18. You can open a ticket with billing. Let us know the domain name, your name, and what phone number we should call. https://tchhelp.com
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