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  1. The correct path is /usr/sbin/sendmail. That is in relation to root on the server, so you are correct, you can't see them in your directory tree, which is /home/cpanelUsername.
  2. I think WP is the best blogging platform out there. I tried several others before and several others since I started using WP just about two years ago. It is loaded with features, it's fast, it doesn't drag down server resources (Moveable Type, I'm looking at you), and there aren't really that many updates that it's unmanageable. And the updates take maybe 5 minutes to install when they are released. Usually when I've seen people run into problems it's because of some poorly written plugin, or too many plugins installed. Last guy I know that got hacked was using v1.2, and that was well after 2.whatever was released, so he couldn't really complain.
  3. Ask all the questions you need, we don't mind. When you're ready to move your accounts over just open a ticket with the help desk (https://tchhelp.com) and we'll do our best to move you over as painless as possible.
  4. mail.mybuddyandme.com should do it for you
  5. If you open a ticket with the help desk and tell us what folder/files you are having issues with we can check it out for you. https://tchhelp.com And welcome to the forums.
  6. Okay, I'll bite. What are you doing?
  7. You should set the default address on the account to :fail: (cPanel --> Mail --> Default Address). This will discard any unrouted mail, i.e. mail sent to nonexistent addresses. Those bounce messages you're seeing are the result of spammers forging headers and using your domain name so undeliverable mail gets sent to you, not them. Setting the default address to :fail: will at least stop you from getting the bounces. For outgoing mail try port 26 as port 25 is blocked by some ISPs.
  8. Your server was having some load issues earlier but it should be all better now.
  9. It may need to be updated. In the meantime you can always download the installation guide from the MT site: http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype/docs/
  10. If you want your mail (or at least the transmission of your mail) to be secure, encrypt it and use secure ports.
  11. You can open a help desk ticket.
  12. I don't like to use the main email account for anything as it's my cPanel username, and I have no need to share my cPanel username with anyone - that's half the information someone needs to break into the account. You should set up real email accounts and set the quotas accordingly. While you're setting up email accounts, you should also enable SpamAssassin and set your default address to :fail: as Don said.
  13. We take care of that kind of thing. Why, you think you're being attacked?
  14. Gallery 2.1.1 is offered through Fantastico. This script is offered without warranty of any kind so you are responsible for keeping it up to date, whether Fantastico provides updates or not.
  15. Congrats on the new job Paul. The iPod is a pretty good idea, nice scam on the wife there. In addition to your Firefox profile folder, it's not a bad idea to run through everything else under Documents and Settings and Program Files to see if there are any other miscellaneous settings folders you might want. Hopefully everything else you have is stored neatly in one folder, such as My Documents or a network drive. 60GB is a lot of space if you're only using 16GB for music, so better to take too much than not enough. With 10 more days until you're done, you could make multiple trips to grab everything and sort it at home. The last job I left gave me a laptop that I used for four years. Before I turned it in I formatted the drive and used a shredder as Bruce suggested to overwrite all the little bits and bytes to make sure nothing could be easily recovered, and the company got a blank laptop back. Granted it was a small company and I was friendly with the IT guy, so no big deal. Your mileage may vary.
  16. True enough, but if you can avoid it you should. There are plenty of secure options out there. It takes about ten minutes to set up a PayPal business account (which is free) and you can just give customers the payment link, or put buttons on your site. PayPal does the processing and puts the money in your PayPal account, which is linked to a bank account. Easy enough.
  17. Just keep in mind that SpamAssassin does not filter forwarded mail, it only filters mail that is going to an email account on the server. So if your TCH account is getting spammed, and it is forwarding all your mail (including the spam) to your ISP account or Yahoo account or whatever, they may tag your TCH domain (or server) as a spamming domain (or server) and blacklist it. And that's a headache for everyone. Just a heads up.
  18. My SpamAssassins are set at 4. I'm considering going down to 3.
  19. Charles, I'll agree that there are some paranoid-types 'round these parts. If you don't want anyone poking around your IP, disconnect your computer from the Internet. My point on this was just that they are probably not links because they wouldn't really go anywhere if they did. You might find some that do, but that is likely the exception not the rule. Personally I'd like to see the host names automagically become links to an IP WHOIS lookup, but that's just not what Awstats does. If you need extra functionality that Awstats doesn't provide, your best bet is to find another stats program that does and parse your logfiles offline.
  20. If it's a standard pinout you should be able to buy an adapter for a few bucks at Radio Shack. Also not a bad idea to check out the manufacturer's documentation rather than assume they read the same wiring standard you are reading.
  21. The themes were one too many directories deep. For example /wp-content/themes/pulp-10/pulp-10 should be /wp-content/themes/pulp-10 with all the files in the first pulp-10 folder. WP won't go digging past the first directory. I took the liberty of fixing that for those three themes, so see how it works now.
  22. Per this post you are no longer able to add/remove phpBB through cPanel - you will have to do it manually. Remove the the folder, remove the database. Need any help just let us know.
  23. I think it should be explained that the "hosts" section in Awstats refers to the actual computers visiting your site (or the external interface for the network the computer is on) - it is not referring to websites that send traffic your way. It doesn't bother me if you visit my IP address (if my network isn't secure, well too bad for me), it just seems like a waste of time for you because there's nothing there. As for the original question of how to make them links, I don't know of anything in the Awstats config file that you can change. You can find the manual here if you want to check further.
  24. Open a help desk ticket at https://tchhelp.com
  25. There is no such thing as "unlimited" bandwidth - use enough and they'll cut you off. The gamble is that most people just won't use that much, so $5 should cover it.
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