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  1. The online registration thing has really made the tracking dream a reality. Not to mention their ability to update your OS however they please and pull whatever information they want. A pirated copy of Windows is really more trouble than it's worth. Get a job and just buy it. Or use Linux.
  2. You can find information on the latest phpBB bugs in their bug tracker here. The changelog, showing major changes from version to version, is here. Please don't let your installation get too out of date. Forum hacking is a popular hobby these days.
  3. If the emails aren't coming from one of your real email accounts then you are probably a victim of spammers spoofing emails from your domain. It's a common occurance and there's nothing you can do to stop it from happening. You can stop receiving those annoying undeliverable notices by setting your default address to :fail:.
  4. *TCH-Tim is jealous of Sami's fancy graphics
  5. That's a good idea. Someone here may be able to offer general adivce, but you will have to go through the Help Desk for account specific questions.
  6. If you buy a PC from a Mom & Pop shop and they hand you a Windows CD with "WinXP Pro" written on it with a Sharpie, a red flag should go up. Back when I was a network admin flunky we bought 20 Win2k PCs from a local shop. During some audit we did later on we discovered that all 20 were loaded from the same CD and it wasn't a corporate license. Apparently the whole "where are the CDs and licenses" thing slipped through the cracks. That was a ***** to clean up. Lesson learned.
  7. Or to not pirate software. However you want to look at it I guess...
  8. Welcome to the family. Feel free to stop by anytime with questions or concerns - we're here to help.
  9. A little bird told me that if you have an illegal copy of Windows, and you try to update it through Windows Update, you will get an error telling you that you have an illegal copy of Windows and you can't get any of the latest patches. But you can buy a license for $149. At least they give you an easy way to go legit.
  10. TCH-Tim


    Welcome to the forums Kaybee. I know some TCH staffers use Vonage, so hopefully they will chime in with their thoughts....
  11. Welcome to the forums Deek. Like Bruce says, try the one in Fantastico (v2.0.2). It works like a champ for me every time. Let us know how it goes either way.
  12. Laura, The domain you are hosting now is in our old billing system, and we would like all new accounts to be in our new billing system. When you sign up for your first new hosting plan please do so as a "New Customer." That will create an account for you in our new billing system, and you can easily add new hosting plans to that account in the future.
  13. Dowloaded in the background automatically, updated when I restarted. Cool.
  14. I removed that link so nobody would be tempted to click it. (An IE user would get slammed.) A quick Google search shows it's popped up here and there. Were you able to remove the code? As always, best to keep patches up to date, and make sure you don't have any unsecure scripts anywhere on your server, not just within your forum software.
  15. Yah, those guys are good. Welcome to the forums Sara.
  16. Thanks for the positive review Duckman, and welcome to the family.
  17. In another life I designed/installed surveillance systems. Used my sisters cats to test night vision capabilities and motion sensitivity. They are some mischevious animals once everyone's in bed. Surveillance of animals, especially expensive ones like horses, is surprisingly good business.
  18. deanavail, Don is correct, you can't install both scripts in the root folder. If Joomla is installed and working, and you then install Gallery in the same folder, any Joomla files or folders with the same name as the new Gallery files and folders would be overwritten. Offhand I know that both scripts have a file called index.php. If you overwrite Joomla's index.php with Gallery's index.php, Joomla will no longer work. Standard practice is to install scripts in different folders. If Joomla is in root, you should install gallery in its own folder. You can name the folder anything you want - "gallery" is a good choice. Any links to your photo gallery, say from a table of contents, would take the form of http://www.your-domain-name.com/gallery (unless you use relative paths, in which case it would just be /gallery). If you have any trouble installing Gallery in its own folder, please let us know.
  19. Welcome to the forums thomearl. Stop by anytime with any questions or problems you might have.
  20. Sorry you didn't win Steve. You'd be better of with a Chevy anyway.
  21. No prob. Glad I didn't have to think to hard.
  22. TCH-Tim

    Meta Menu

    That's my preferred method so I can open the files up in my favorite source code editor and see syntax highlighting. In a pinch I might edit them through cPanel's File Manager.
  23. TCH-Tim

    Meta Menu

    My theme files are all 644. If you want to edit them through the WP admin interface you don't have to change them to 777, 646 will do.
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