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  1. I can't read a word of it, but hey, if it works for you - nice work. Glad you got it all sorted out.
  2. This is all very interesting I'm sure, but I'm not sure what it has to do with pennies. I'm betting he does. When you only charge $4 a month for hosting, you need all the extra income you can get.
  3. If you're using neat URLs, the RSS feed is located at /wpdirectory/feed/ and the Atom feed is at /wpdirectory/atom/.
  4. I'll save a penny if it's given to me as change, but I don't pick them up off the ground. A quarter, maybe.
  5. It's an IE5 thing. Has problems displaying the pages if they are too small.
  6. oh crap *TCH-Tim runs off to call his mom
  7. A lot of people don't program in PHP or Perl, but we support those....
  8. We don't overcrowd our servers, and as longtime customers will tell you, we aren't afraid to upgrade them either if we need to.
  9. Ruby has not been deployed yet. As announced here, it will be available in about two weeks.
  10. Welcome to the forums Darcy. 3. We closely monitor our shared servers to make sure no one user is hogging all the resources and ruining the party for everyone else. There isn't really a concrete "this is how far we'll let you go before we shut you off" number as there are several factors involved in making that decision. It's not a problem for most responsible people as our servers are pretty sturdy machines. Of course, if you get a dedicated server you can beat it up as much as you want. Is this a problem you have had at a previous host or are you asking out of curiousity? Maybe if you give us a little more insight to what you are doing and how much traffic you expect to get we can help you out a little better.
  11. The satellie imagery for my neighborhood is at least two years old. There's a dirt pile where my house should be. The valuations for the surrounding neighborhoods look low. Guess I'll check back in in another two years to see what my house is worth today....
  12. From the Spam Assassin configuration page: I like to just mark my spam with ***SPAM*** and then sort it at my mail client so I don't have to check a separate box.
  13. index.php will function exactly like index.html. (In the terms you are asking, anyway.) If you have both files, index.html will come up. So if you aren't using it, delete it, and visitors will see index.php.
  14. I constantly get mail (both email and snail mail) telling me one of my domains is going to expire and I should re-register now. Nevermind that I'm good until 2012 on most of them. It's pretty much a scare tactic trying to get you to register through them. Like Charles said, if they aren't your registrar, ignore them. Never give out information to anybody that calls or emails you. To see if there are any problems with your domain you should log in to your domain management area on your registrar's website or contact them by phone.
  15. A ticket isn't a bad idea. At the very least, if you wanted help in the forums, you would have to provide a little more detail on your problem - such as the location of the page in question, and maybe the SQL code that it is having a problem with.
  16. If anybody else is interested, email me by 3pm Eastern time today. I'll be contacting everybody later today.
  17. Another trophy for the mantle. As the thread Sami pointed out says, we know nobody likes x, and we're working on it.
  18. No hard feelings Ron. My insistence on opening a ticket is that this is an unofficial support forum. When problems are aired here, they sometimes don't get seen by paid staff right away. As I'm sure you've heard time and again, mods don't have access to server information. We also like to have tickets so we can track ongoing problems. Keeps things organized.
  19. Because of the original title of the thread, which was not terribly accurate in describing your problem. I have no problem with this sitting in public view. As far as your problem goes, I do see that your site is a little sluggish, although the pages do load. I'm going to ask again that you repopen your ticket if the problem persists.
  20. edit: Scratch that. Please bring your server support issues to the Help Desk. If you open a ticket and it is not resolved to your liking, you are welcome to open it back up to tell us the problem persists.
  21. Hello Cat and welcome to the forums. I'm sorry but we do not allow you to change your cPanel username. If you need help remembering usernames and passwords I would recommend getting a password safe such as KeePass.
  22. The best kind of "exclusive" content is content you write yourself.
  23. I have lots of great ideas for content....but I'd rather use them on my site. If you get my drift. If you want reviews or suggestions to make your site work better, I'm sure there is no shortage of people to help out with that.
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