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  1. Please do not challenge people to hack your site. Thanks.
  2. I've used this one for awhile now. Surprisingly no spam problems. Yet.
  3. You can remove them by editing the files manually using Edit File in File Manager. I would advise against using the cPanel WYSIWYG editor as it tends to this sort of thing every now and then.
  4. You handle that however you want. We give you space - you create and price your own packages, handle your own billing, and so on. See #1 If it is a server issue we would sort it out, just like with any other account. Ideally you would be able to handle the basic account-level stuff, but of course we're always here to help. Regardless of the issue though your customers should be contacting you as their provider. If you are unable to help them, you can contact us. Please do not send your customers to our help desk. They can purchase hosting plans from us and we will take care of them. It's all yours, so if you don't brand it, nobody else will.
  5. kj, Accessing your site primarily by IP is against our TOS & AUP. You could set up subdomains on your TCH server and have whoever manages your DNS set the A records for those subdomains to point to our server. So ncs-nj.org points to wherever this new site is, and blog.ncs-nj.org points to our server here. If that makes sense.
  6. The 700MB provided in the Starter Plan should be more than enough for a small site. As your site grows you can always upgrade without penalty.
  7. I just started using SMF last week. That built in "Update" button is pretty nice for those security updates.
  8. Picked up #20 this morning. It's an addiction I tell ya.
  9. The cPanel Scripts Library and Fantastico are two different package installation programs, so one does not know what the other has done. If you have an existing phpBB installation you will need to upgrade/remove it manually.
  10. Snow sounds pretty great right about now. Been waiting 3 months for the daytime temperature to drop below 100.
  11. We only offer Windows on dedicated servers. With a dedicated you can do whatever you want.
  12. You have admin@ set to forward to eswlibcd@, but you don't have an account set up for eswlibcd@. Also, you should set your default address to :fail: and create forwarders or accounts for any addresses you want to use. This will cut down on spam. As for stats, you should to to Web/FTP Statistics --> Awstats to see traffic stats for your site.
  13. The title is a bit confused - the first snippet is PHP, but the second snippet is Javascript. You can't just mix them together. What is it you are trying to accomplish here? Rotate your Google ads?
  14. I forgot to mention set permissions to 444 so it doesn't get overwritten. (Just in case you don't read Dick's post.)
  15. In /tmp/awstats find awstats.your-domain.com.conf. Open it and find the line: SkipHosts="" Read the comments just above it for usage instructions. Add what you want to ignore and save it.
  16. I used PluggedOut for a little while myself. It's a nice little script, good if you want a simple blog that is easy to integrate into an existing site. Very easy to add/remove components and functionality to fit your needs. Hopefully the SourceForge move will do good things for it.
  17. Kasey, The warning you are getting is because the name on the SSL certificate does not match your domain name. If you are using the shared SSL cert on the server, that is correct. The shared cert has the server name on it, in this case server26.tchmachines.com. If you don't want to see the domain mismatch warning, you would need to purchase a certificate for your domain.
  18. Put on the Airwolf theme and the rest is history:
  19. 1491 okay back to work
  20. Yes, it is totally free. Usage instructions here: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/sslpage.htm
  21. 1300. And I swear I haven't been playing this whole time. Ask anybody.
  22. Probably. Billing doesn't work on Sundays, and all orders are verified over the phone to sort out the spammers, so Mondays are usually a little backed up. I'm sure they'll get you sorted soon enough. Also, just in case your account has already been activated, make sure the email didn't land in your junk mail box or something.
  23. XAMPP makes it very easy to install PHP/MySQL on your computer. http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html Like Andy said, some programs will do their best to display your PHP pages, but that's no substitution for the real thing.
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