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  1. Now, I'm happy!!! The TCH Special Forces Team lead by Balakrishnan U solved the problem!
  2. Thank you but Magento installed from CPanel is failing with 5.5 and 5.4. I have uninstalled and reinstalled using CPanel just to see if any of the recent changes had any affect ... nope. The system log is currently recording the "mysql_old_password".
  3. BTW...now some cron jobs aren't working since the last "Pdo_Mysql" change. These aren't very important to me right now so I just turned them off. When they are I'll recreate to see if that resolves the issue. Here's an example error message...this one being for a cron associated with Magento which I'm likely to uninstall: "Cannot load the ionCube PHP Loader - it was built with configuration API220090626,NTS, whereas running engine is API220100525,NTS" Yea, I'm a little disappointed in this whole event and not asking for anything except the previous questions...
  4. I recently got the urge to play around with E-Commerce software as another place to sell things I make other than Ebay which is fine. I went to Softaculous App installer and installed Magento particularly attracted because there was some association with Ebay. Magento did not work "out of the box". After spending some time on my own I opened case [#LVF-285-12399]. The guys tried several things from rolling PHP back to version 5.3 and then "Pdo_Mysql extension to my account". It seemed too much trial and error was going on so I'm no longer asking for help on the ticket. Questions: 1) Does anyone know if the Magento version support PHP 5.4? According to the Magento site: "Supports PHP 5.4. For more information, see the PHP changelog". But this is my result when testing: 5.5 - Magento fails 5.4 - Magento fails 5.3 - Magento success 2) Any recommendations on E-Commerce software? (For this initial trial I want free community software. Not ready to sink more $$$ into my hobby.)
  5. LATH


    They got it all working...thanks for the help!
  6. No problem. I only noticed this topic for the first time while looking for information about SOAP. Take the time and do it right. Believe me I understand.
  7. LATH


    Will do...thanks!
  8. LATH


    I started looking today at the options available for creating a SOAP web service with PHP exposing some MySQL data. Has anyone worked with this in our environment? I did a phpinfo() and...no SOAP extension installed... I found the PEAR package for SOAP 0.12.0 and installed it. But, it didn't work out out of the gate... I'm wondering if anyone has had success before I start digging into it too much.
  9. Is server92 locked in the "stoneage". I see this discussion, but notice that server92 is still Apache version 1.3.39 (Unix) .
  10. I was looking around for tips on timezones for another reason...and it struck me to comment on this if this issue ever comes to someones mind again... Maybe it would be possible to collect the remote browser's timestamp and put it into a cookie...then read the cookie on the server.
  11. Thanks for the reply. That is what I was thinking, but I was alarmed at the prospects of a lot of code changes (someone else's code to boot). Oh well...thanks for the confirming opinion.
  12. I'm working with a script of a 3rd party product that has no support and have run into an issue with MySql connections...they hit the max intermittently. This is the typical error message: PHP Warning: mysql_pconnect() [<a href='function.mysql-pconnect'>function.mysql-pconnect</a>]: User xxxxx has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /home/xxxxx/public_html/auction/includes/config.inc.php on line 113 According to the online docs mysql_pconnect() "Establishes a persistent connection to a MySQL server". I've only used mysql_connect(). The docs also say "mysql_close() will not close links established by mysql_pconnect()". The docs also give this warning: "Using persistent connections can require a bit of tuning of your Apache and MySQL configurations to ensure that you do not exceed the number of connections allowed by MySQL." Has anyone had experience with this issue?
  13. Well, I got the bidding to work ...more date issues. The registration confirmation email is working too...strange issue...won't even go into it. I just want a cheap site to try to auction off 100s of old early 1900 postcards and other things...drop the bait and see if anyone bites...EBay is too expensive for this kind of thing.
  14. This is my last word on this subject of PHPAuction provided by Fantastico. Don't use it! After the date parsing fixes I found a few more things I'm still working on: 1) Email confirmation when a user registers is not working...no email is sent. (However, an email confirmation is sent when a user submits an item to be sold...so, there's an opportunity for comparison) 2) SQL problem is encountered when a bid is entered...it is probably related to the timestamp: Database access error. Please contact the site administrator. update PHPAUCTION_auctions set current_bid=10000,starts=2007-02-22 23:25:28,ends=2007-02-25 23:25:28 where id="3c5d32571e80ee9d33e3d64f918c0755" You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '23:25:28,ends=2007-02-25 23:25:28 where id="3c5d32571e80ee9d33e3d64f918c0755"' at line 1 Too many problems with this product ...but, I'm a little determined now to get it working.
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