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  1. phpBB Group has just the releaseed phpBB 2.0.17. This release addresses several bugfixes and some low security issues as well as the recently seemingly wide-spread XSS issue (only affecting Internet Explorer). Go here for more info and to download.
  2. When I edit the code ar add my own edits, I simply use Wordpad.. You can try moving your existing config.php file to a different location temporarily, deleting your old forum directory and uploading a fresh copy of version 2.0.16 from the phpBB site. Delete the new config.php file as well as the install and contrib directories and move the originalconfig.php file back into the root folder and see if that fixes your problems. If you don't have any MODS installed this would probably be the easiest and quickest route to go.
  3. Go to the Help Desk and send a ticket requesting the change.
  4. Just wondering do you have any MODS installed or is it just a "Vanilla" phpBB? Also, were you updating from 2.0.15 to 2.0.16?
  5. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=20774
  6. I'm having a problem with my mail account. I am unable to send or receive mail from within Outlook Express. I downloaded that auto-setup key from within cPanel and it worked before, just I did a format and trying to get the account set-up again and it's being stubborn. Any ideas?
  7. Nope not a fan of the series so doubt I'll ever see it but must be great to all the many fans out there to finally see how Anakin becomes Vader.
  8. I'm seeing alot of hosts nowadays offering in the area of 2 to 5 gigs of space for their customers. Now I know that most are most likely overselling but I'm just wondering if TCH would ever consider upping disk space for their customers even a little bit. Only reason I'm asking is because I plan on building a site and for what I have in mind it may take alot of space. Regardless I am 100% pleased with my TCH service thus far and have no intentions of going elsewhere, just curious however. No harm in asking..
  9. I use McAfee Spamkiller. It's configured to periodically sign onto my mail account and filter any mail that was sent to my inbox. I had an incident where someone signed me e-mail address up to about 1000 newsletters and I never received one. It's a good program and it also blocks certain addresses from contacting you period.
  10. Just letting you guys know that the phpBB Group has released version 2.0.15. This update addresses some bugfixes and addressing some security issues, one being serious. Ofcourse you can download the updated version from this link here. Or if you have a fairly to heavily modded board you can manually apply the changes to avoid having to re-install any modifications you have done. You can get this file here. Dark
  11. I'm on UK 1 and the version cPanel tries to install is 2.0.11 way outdated. I never used cPanel to install my scripts always did those things myself just letting you know however that that server still isn't updated yet.
  12. Dark

    Phpbb Theme

    phpbbstyles.com and also phpbbhacks.com have dozens of cool themes which you can demo and download. If it's a black theme you are after there's quite a few available.
  13. Why's that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm wondering that myself
  14. I've been an active phpBB user and supporter for years and I prefer it over the rest not because it is free but because the dedication and support the phpBB Group show. Many people tend to discredit phpBB because you hear about there being a new exploit or whatever but what they do not realize is phpBB is one of if not the most popular messageboard software available and is therefore always gonna have some script kiddies trying to find more and more ways to exploit it. Contrary to to what some say it is very secure as long as you the forum owner keep your forum up to date.
  15. And I hope you realize that using a pre-release version will NOT be supported by the phpBB Group and when 3.0 is finally released there will be no upgrade script you will be on your own. You will not get any support. The purpose of those snapshots is to test and see the progress of the next major versions and should not be used on a live forum.
  16. 2.0.14 just addressed some minor bug fixes as far as I know there were no major exploits in 2.0.13 so I was surprised that the phpBB Group released this version.
  17. I recently registered a new domain name to use for my site as the old one was no longer fitting. If I open a support ticket requesting the new domain be associated with my account here at TCH will that be a problem?
  18. No excuse for laziness installing phpBB manually is THE best way to go. cPanel's install is out of date by two revisions and man does it have a critical exploit so it's highly recommended if you just from now on download the files from the main phpBB site. The newest version has version checking built in so I doubt you would miss a new release next time one is issued.
  19. If you installed phpBB from within cPanel you may want to update it to 2.0.13 as 2.0.11 is vulnerable.
  20. Problem is anything over 2mb in size needs to be broken into smaller chunks. Did you get it figured out yet? If not let me know.
  21. I'd like to use it but right now I'm content with the current version. My forum will not work with php5 at the present.
  22. My point was, all software is subject to exploits. Say they never upgrade then we will all be vulnerable. I do however understand where they are coming from, I mean I wouldn't want 31,000 support tickets in my inbox. I think things are fine the way they are I was only voicing an opinion.
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