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  1. So, I added a new subdomain today, and went to install wordpress in it, as I've done in the past using Fantastico, but there's no Fantastico on my cpanel. I reset the preferences, but no change. And then I did a search, but no luck.


    Searching through the forums, I saw a couple of topics about it, but nothing very recent, and certainly no announcement that it was going away.


    I am capable of doing the install the old fashioned way, but Fantastico certainly made it easier! What's the story here?

  2. Why delete my question? An answer would only help clarify the timing to the people you confused by sending an email with two different dates? To repeat, the email started off saying the migration would happen on 3/6 but then said 3/8. This notice says 3/8, so I assume that's the correct date, but I don't believe I said anything offensive, so why delete my post?

  3. Bruce- Thanks for the even more depressing info.


    I confirmed with the help desk they have no plans to add BoxTrapper.


    Fortunately, the email addresses they forward to are verizon ones; from there they apparently go to verizon.yahoo.com.


    After 2 hours of looking, I can't find out how to change the whitelist settings for yahoo mail. Used to be verizon.ypc.yahoo.com but that's gone with no placeholder or nothin. Jerks.


    Anyone have a good way, w/o BoxTrapper, of doing a whitelist for an email account via the Cpanel options available to us at TCH?



  4. I have 3 kids, each of which has an email address via a subdomain of my main domain. Currently, those addresses just forward to a verizon.yahoo.com email address so I can take advantage of their whitelist feature. But every frickin time I need to add an entry to the whitelist, it takes me an hour to figure out where they've hidden the admin ui for the feature. Maybe they want me to sign up for their $15/month Priority Tech Support feature.


    I'd really rather do this at my own host anyway, so I was poking around about doing a whitelist via Cpanel, and in my searching I came across BoxTrapper in the Cpanel doc. Sounded like just the right thing for the kids accounts. But then when I logged onto my Cpanel, it was nowhere to be found. Searching the forums here shows why -- it was originally enabled, but disabled due to the load it placed on the server.


    So I have two questions: since that was years ago, would you re-consider the decision? Servers are more powerful these days, and perhaps the software has improved in the intervening years. Second, if not, is there another good way of managing a whitelist for an email account via the Cpanel features available to us at TCH?


    Thanks for your consideration,


  5. Something happened with the cpanel update. My default address for my domain had been nOthingsPecial-123+tastewar.com, but this a.m. it was re-set to tastewar. When I attempt to change it back, the plus gets lost, so even though I get this msg back from cPanel:


    All unrouted e-mail for tastewar.com is now going to nOthingsPecial-123+tastewar.com


    when I view the config for default addresses, it shows:

    tastewar.com: nOthingsPecial-123tastewar.com


    If I use an @ instead of the + it fails with an error:

    ... does not refer to a valid email account or alias. The default address has been set to the main account.


    If I don't have the +tastewar.com at all, the update takes, but mail bounces because nOthingsPecial-123 isn't a valid username on server16.


    How can I get this fixed to how it used to was?



  6. This a.m., I find that my default mail was changed from its previous destination to my normal account. Did this coincide with the cpanel update? Also, when I go into horde, signed on to my newly re-established default mail account, I can't seem to delete msgs. I click in the check box, and then press delete, but after the screen refresh, I've the same msgs as before. What gives?

  7. When I sign in to cpanel, and click thru the email links to sign onto Squirrel Mail, it signs me on automagically to the account with the same name as the cpanel user. If I click logoff, and logon again it does the same thing. I never get prompted for the user, as I do in Horde.


    How do I get The Squirrel to ask me which of my email accounts I want to deal with?



  8. For the past few months now, I've been using a default email account in my domain to collect mail for all unknown addresses. I had thought this would be a great way to track down spam -- anything addressed to yahoo@domain.com would have to have been originated by someone who had gotten a hold of my yahoo address. Anything addressed to amazon@domain.com, other than stuff I wanted, would indicate that amazon hadn't treated my email address with the respect it deserved.


    Since Saturday night, 9:49 p.m. EDT, I have received over 150 "returned" emails (you know the delivery failure notices), suggesting sender addresses that I've never used, like arminbchadha_iv. I don't have any formail type pages on my web, so I don't think these are legitimate in any way. However, this also doesn't smell like sobig, because I thought sobig used email addresses in people's address books. These can't be in anyone's address book because they've never been used.


    It seems like someone/something is putting together random (but from a list) account names with my domain name and using that as the sender's address. Can anything be done about this? I can't think of an effective filtering strategy here, as I'd probably like to receive some failure notices.



  9. Seems like plain old domain name propagation issues. As for the mailbox, it's not the particular mailbox that matters, just the MX record in the DNS database for your domain.


    BTW, I get when I resolve lyricsplayground.com, so my DNS has old info.

  10. I was always so surprised at how *expensive* many other hosts were when it comes to space. I had been paying $7/mo for 100 MB. When I asked what an add'l 100 MB would cost it was another $9/mo. Go figure.


    Anyway, there are other hosting companies out there that provide similar plans, so if you're worried that perhaps this plan is way out in left field and the company is about to go under, don't. It is comparable to a number of other hosts. *Maybe* they're as good -- I don't know, but it seems unlikely. I can say with certainty that this place is orders of magnitude better (support-wise) than my previous host.


    These forums provide a great opportunity for user-user support, though the guru's contribute a surprising amount. And for "real" (guaranteed) support, there is a more traditional help desk.

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