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  1. Thanks for the link, Dick. However I just went to browse through OJB's site (ukhhf.co.uk) for the first time, and within a few minutes of browsing I experienced the problem there (I believe it's on alderaan?).
  2. OJB - as I said in my above post, I was referring to dantooine. Raise a support ticket and ask there about alderaan.
  3. gtman55 (and any others on dantooine), I had a reply from support last night: "We have located the compromised account and have taken corrective measures. The server and security settings have been tweaked to ensure that such attempts are brought to our notice if it happens again. Kindly accept our apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused and we thank you for your patience and understanding." Way to go guys - huge thank you to Carl, Dick and anybody else that was involved in sorting this Look forward to reading the official announcement detailing their findings. Paul Squires - I'm guessing that the corrective measures will be rolled out across other affected servers. Best way of finding out would be to put in a support ticket.
  4. Hi gtman55, yes the redirects appearing on my site are to the likes of best-virus-scan05, total-virus-scan05, etc. Looks like you've done some good research. Hopefully TCH will respond quickly (as they always have in the past)
  5. Glad to see I'm not the only person with this problem! I too am on dantooine, like gtman55, and am experiencing the exact same problem. This seems a very new and widespread problem, seemingly appearing in only the past week or so. I'm not sure that it is so called infected computers uploading by FTP that are causing it, as my system is clean and I haven't uploaded through FTP in quite a while. Can anybody offer advice on how to clean up? I asked support but they said they didn't find anything and it all looked ok. But the pop-ups/redirects to the fraudulent websites are still occurring.
  6. I forgot that I had javascript disabled, so pressed "Start", was literally on the edge, not wanting to blink, just straining myself with my finger over the "Stop" button for over a minute, almost falling off my chair, completely convinced that it was taking so long to try and catch me out. Then I realised what was going on Anyway, I eventually got generally between 0.25 to 0.28
  7. Thanks borfast. I've been registered for almost a year, and really should post more often TCH-Rob, basically Daylight Savings Time's (often known as DST or Summer Time) main purpose is to make better use of daylight. This (usually) involves either moving the clocks forward an hour, or back an hour, to prevent sleeping long past sunrise. This provides a better match between hours of daylight and the active hours of work/school. DST is usually most used in temperate regions due to the considerable variation in the amount of daylight versus darkness through the seasons in these areas.
  8. Thanks for the reminder Thomas Can't wait for an extra hour in bed
  9. Welcome to the forum. I had some problems last night restoring a db from backup (it was around 14mb) , but the good folks at TCH were able to sort that all out for me. So if you do have any problems getting it up (which I doubt), then just shout, and the TCH techs are only ever too happy to help
  10. klibreck


    Hehe, well here are some pictures of the 20th November here in Scotland, taken while walking in the Highlands http://www.highland-instinct.co.uk/winterg...20/benwyvis.htm More snow is falling, so hopefully the ski areas will be able to open soon
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