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  1. Here it is at work. Just do not ask me if i really do work with computers LOL Eugene
  2. Hey guys. Seems like my company here is finally ready to get new better, faster backup drive. So............ I value your opinions and would like to know what you recomend. We need and Autoloader with 200G or more per cartridge capacity. Will be hooked up to Windows Server 2003 running ArcServeIT V 11.1. Thanks. All and any help is much appreciated. Eugene
  3. Indeed this is Mazda RX8. 25PSi
  4. Yes, good script, thanx. But it do not look like it would go into additional folders inside of main folder. Or will it? Eugene
  5. Hey guys. I am looking for a script of some kind that would display a random pic from the bunch of pics on my page for me. Trick is, i need it to pick ANY picture (No spcial naming convention) from given folder AND have ability to go into foders within, looking for more pictures. Follow me? Not sure i am clear. Basicly i need it to display all and any picture (Say all .JPG) from this folder even if there are other folders with pictures inside main folder. I found some scripts but none of them seems to be able to do what i need it to. Anyone? Eugene
  6. Hi all. As most of us know our nice Gurus installed OSI service for us. It is really cool. I impressed a bunch of friends with those little icons. However there is a new version 5.8.5, it has fixed MSN issue, IRc status and more. Would it be possible to upgrade to that one to gain full capabilities? Thanx a ton. Eugene
  7. TCH-Dick, Thanx for that info, i think it is ewxactly what i want. Any pointers on how to work this script? It is not really clear and all. Eugene
  8. Thanx for welcome Unfortunatly it is still not working way i want it. It takes me to 3 emails still even with link u provided below. Eugene
  9. http://www.domain.com:2095/horde/index.php is not what i am trying to get. If you follow that link it'll pop a window and will ask you to log in, then you can choose one of 3 email clients. I would like to put link DIRECTLY to Horde on my site. So you can click link and be taken to Horde login interface. Am i explaning it well? Eugene
  10. Hi all. Anyone has any idea on how to make a DIRECT link to Horde email client? I do not want to log in and choose one of the 3, I want to be able to go straight to HORDE. I like it best. Perhaps some call script or something. Can anyone help, please. Thanks in advance. Eugene
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