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  1. Aol/aim Fowards Policy

    In case noone has seen this yet, this is taken from AOL communicator, seems like this could be a good solution: Can AOL® Communicator Mail let me manage e-mail from mailboxes other than AOL? Yes. If your work account, school account, or other Internet provider's e-mail uses either the IMAP or POP protocols, then in most cases AOL Communicator can be used to read, send, sort, and save mail. AOL Communicator Mail is a convenient one-stop mail application that lets you read and send mail from many mail accounts at the same time. To configure these accounts, you will need to check with your mail provider or administrator and ask them for the specific names of "Incoming" and "Outgoing" mail servers. This information is essential as you go through the step-by-step process of setting up mail accounts. Often it is available on your e-mail provider's website or within their help system. Further details on mail set up for additional AOL screen names or other e-mail accounts can be viewed in an audio/visual tutorial. Information is also available within the AOL Communicator Guide (a comprehensive manual in PDF format that can be read with Adobe Acrobat) or from AOL Communicator's Online Help system.
  2. Cant Get My Site To Upload-help!

    Thanks, I tried shutting down all firewalls and disconecting from my ISP and connecting to good old fashion dial up but I still keep getting the same error, I tried testing the connection with the same settings at work and it connected to the server fine! I guess its something with my computer, what should I check? Thanks!
  3. Cant Get My Site To Upload-help!

    Im trying to upload a site to my server on dreamweaver but it just wont work, Im getting the error: "an ftp error has occured- cannot make connection to host" whenever I try to connect or just test the connection Settings: Access:FTP FTP Host: ftp.genuine-performance.com Host Directory:/public_html/ Login:**** Password*** Use Passive FTP: Checked and unchecked and nothing else checked any help would be great I really need to get this figured out. Thanks! -Bryan Crashnburn55@aol.com