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  1. As I stated in our PM chat, We are restoring accounts from backups.

    As long as we have a backup of your data from the mix of backups Bill stated above we will be able to restore your account.

  2. Hello you need to set up the application to use the following.

    replace cpaneluserid with your cpanel user id and this should allow your application to work.



    servername = localhost

    username= cpaneluserid_name

    pass = pass

    database = cpaneluserid_link

  3. OK All accounts except 5 have been fully restored at this time.


    We are about to flip the DNS so all accounts will be resolving to the new server.


    If you had an MX record or Cname please submit a ticket with us so that we can ensure that they are set on the new server.


    The 5 accounts that did not restore correctly are being worked on as well.


    We have synced the databases to the new server as of now.


    If your account had a dedicated IP we have issued a new IP for your account.


    If you experience any issues I would ask that you submit a ticket to our support desk so that we can assist you as well.


    With any server migration there are bound to be some minor issues that we need to address. please simply open a ticket as we have access to the old server to be able to help.


    Thank you all again for your patience, I know this server has been rough the past few days, this should resolve those issues as your on a new RAID server with an updated kernel.



  4. Hello folks,

    We have completed most of the backend work at this time, we are in the process of verifying accounts.

    Once this is done and a few additional backend processes we will be assigning IP's and copying over SSL's

    once thay is done we will Flip the DNS

    I will update again just before we flip the DNS

  5. Hello, Status of Migration


    First, All sites should be resolving at this time to the original 29, We have not switched anything over yet.

    We ran into some issues with getting the backup data to the new server for restoration.

    We will be migrating this box later today and I will be updating this thread as we proceed



    If you are having an issue with your current site Please open a ticket to our support desk and we will look into the issue.


    Again, Once we begin the migration I will update this thread so all can be aware.


  6. hello,

    Due to the number of issues we have had with this server over the past week, we are going to perform an emergency server migration on this server today.


    The server was being scheduled for migration over the coming month due to its OS reaching its End of Life, but due to the recent issues, we feel it would be best to do this migration immediatly.


    As we proceed with this migration we will update this ticket.


    Currently we are prepping a new RAID server to move all accounts to.


    This will provide you with a much more robust server as well as allow us to stay on top of OS upgrades.


    The server name will be changing so if you are using the servers domain name for shard ssl , you will need to change it from

    server29.tchmachines.com to server329.tchmachines.com.



    If you are using a third party DNS please note that the Servers IP will be changing from to


    If you are using a dedicated IP we will need to reassign a new IP to your domain once the migration has completed.


    If you have an SSL we will copy that over to the new server as well.


    The data we will use to restore to the new server is from the April 9th backup.

    Once we have completed the migraiton we will sync the Mysql databases to bring those sites databases to a current state.


    Please refrain from making changes to your site while we proceed with this process.

  7. Hello, With the installation of fantastico on our servers, we reviewd the software and made decisions based upon the resources used by software packages and felt that some packages using higher resources would not be installed via fantastico to prevent users from simply installing them and causing issues for others on the shared servers.


    With that said, we did not prohibit its use, we simply did not want to make it readily available for those users that are not comfortable tuning and securing the software.


    We do our best to keep our servers running with stellar performance and will continue to do so.

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