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  1. Sorry for asking dumb questions, but there is a problem with my email.

    So far, I use webmail of my both domains (talonai*com and monetos*net). Today I decided to use Outlook express 6.00. First of all, I gave read the instruction on TCH support site. Very nice, very clear - and should be very easy.

    I tried to configure my email "info<>talonai<dot>com" for Outlook Express. Entered full name and surname. Then full email adress. For -in and -out going mails chose "mail.talonai.com". Finally, entered password I always enter when reading my webmail.

    Pressed "Send and receive" - and then my password was rejected. Tried to enter several time, entered correctly - but to no results. Well, then I deleted account, re-created it, but gave passowrd of my TCG account instead. Once again nothing, "cannot login to mail.talonai.com", "password rejected". Both passwords were rejected.

    It's obvious, somethign went wrong from my own side. Yet what?

    Help, please...

  2. I would like to ask about one strange problem.

    My site- talonai*com - uses Joomla. As I add new lsitings to my site, sometimes Lithuanian national characters disappear. After some time - or after loging out and logining in - they appear again.



    problem with national characters (marked red)


    after performing "log-out, then log-in":


    problems with national characters disappeared.


    The funny thing is:

    1) I don't know where this weird problem come from. it used to be on my old host. It sometimes appears at Totalchoice;

    2) I don't know how to fix it. Server problem? Hardly. Scripts problem: then why does it appear sometimes, not all the time?


    Anyone has any ideas?

  3. My forum appears to function. I was upgrading 1.18 to 1.19 - maybe you just clicked at that very moment.

    Refreshed, then re-refreshed (ctrl F5) - works.

    Imageshack with tags - it worked all the time with for me and my users. Everything was going ok - and the one day a complete mess.

  4. Hi everyone.

    Sorry if I am posting in wrong place.

    There was some weird behaviour with my forum. Untill today, it used SMF 1.18 (today changed to 1.19), adress is monetos[dot]com/forum. Hosted at Quanton server, by the way.

    When I tried to access at work, I got my IE7 thinking a long time - and then "this page cannot be displayed". Refreshing (F5, ctrl F5) won't work. After several minutes the forum was back again. No hacking attempts, nothing.

    Before that I had one weird problem: my own forum refused to recognize imaheshack.us with tags. Displayed 500 error. After I changed imageshack to one Lithuanian provider - everything was almost ok. Almost means - SMF refused to display message time correctly.

    I contacted TCH support and they told me everything was ok with Quanton (which is normal at TCH). It is highly possible there was something wrong with SMF. I just wonder - what? I did not change anything. Wrote topics, banned some spambots - no serious changes to the forum. And yes, I do understand TCH is not responsible for the third party software/scripts/whatsoever not included with the default hosting package.

    So, what went wrong and how may I correct it? ;)

  5. I'm not sure if I post where it belongs, so sorry if I went wrong.

    There was a discussion at WHT about hosts' policies towards hatred/rasist/defamation sites. One host went to defend idea that the site with hate content may be closed on court decision only. I tried to defend another point of view and found TOS of two hosting companies (names omitted).

    I have read TCH acceptable use policy but found nothing on hatred/rasism.

    The question (from existing customer) is: if there is a site kill_all_lithuanians*com wih obvious content - would TCH close it due to hatred content or leave it to court's decision?

  6. One question about downtime. In this forum it is stated Quanton server (where my monetos.net are hosted) had "00 min" downtime as per Jan 20 - Jan 21.

    However, SiteUptime web service has indicated that:

    Alert Type: Site Not Available

    Result: Failed

    Time: January 20, 2009 14:27:14

    HostName/URL: www.monetos.net

    Just wondering, was it less than 1 minute downtime? It was not a real problem for me (rather a kind of surprise).

  7. I have returned to TCH after spending a year with another host. The reason I left was +1 domain. I have two domains, each important for me and I did not want to have 2 hosting accounts. Later, TCH allowed me to have these two subdomains hosted.

    As always, TCH support is great. Sometimes live chat tend to give a link, sometimes they are spending lots of time analyzing problem. I had some problems (my own fault!) with backup and it was intense exchange of emails. Finally, everything was restored. Then, some mismatch of old-new usernames came. I was notified by TCH support staff in an email. Contacted live support, they spend some time and finally told I am to change username and that I should adress billing dpt to do this. Opened ticket, within 15 minutes everything went ok.

    The only thing I can't understand was a problem with my Lithuanian letters. My sites are in Lithuanian, as I live in Lihuania and Lithuanian language uses some special characters. The situation looked following:

    TCH: "Pradžia" (correct - "Pradžia")

    another host: "Prad?ia" (correct - "Pradžia")

    TCH'2009: "Pradžia" (correct - "Pradžia").

    I do not know if I am allowed to mention another host name (if I am not, it may still be found at my TCH review at Webhostingtalk). I was told it may be due to backup problems. Or it may be something with old host server. Anyway, it works and now my language is back to normal.

    So far (wel...1 week), so good. Keep up a good job, Totalchoice.

  8. I have checked lots of forums - webhostingtalk, joomla, techsupportguy, webmastersworld and 2 from Lithuania. Nothing.

    However, the problem is solved. I was contacted by Dick DeVance (Assistant General Manager). He had found the solution and I quote it:

    According to this post http://forum.joomla.org/index.php?topic=56007.msg299522 and several others on the joomla site, this issue can be caused by the URL you use to access the site.


    Try accessing your site at http://***.com/joomla/administrator/ (minus www) as this is what you have set in your configuration. Please let us know if the corrects the problem.

    This really helped - although my IE still shout "error on page", I am able to add categories.

    Overall, once again: :( :tchrocks: :tchrocks:

  9. It's a simple one click from within cpanel. Go to the database section and simply click repair.

    Tried this. Nothing, still nothing.

    Got answer from TCH support. They told me server is OK (it was highly unlike that Ithor's 0.5% may caus any serious problems). They told me to contact "the script vendor". Wrote an email to him hoping for an answer :(

  10. Sorry, I'm not that familiar with Joomla but if the techs cannot find anything wrong not sure what to have you try. Have you tried rebuilding the database?

    No, didn't try. Does it require any special knowledge or it is another "yes-yes-yes-finish"?

  11. Hi everyone. I did not want to create a new topic, so i revive this one.

    I am having problems with Joomla. It runs 1.013 version with Lithuanian language pack. As I know nothing about CMS< this site was made by one programmer from India.

    The first problem is: from time to time I cannot add new sub-categories. yesterday I managed to add some 20 and then - nothing happens. I use Mosets Tree to add a Category, enter its name, try to press "Save"...nothing happens. IE tells "error on page", mostly "Access is denied". I thought it was IE fault, so I reset privacy settings off, disabled firewall, put my site and TCH into trusted zone.

    Nothing helped. Later, I was able to add more ~20 sub-categories. Once again, silence. I am allowed to enter a Listing (with traditional IE "error on page"), but not Category. The same thing happens from my work wgere I use pre-hsitoric Win98. At home I use WinXP and IE6. I have deleted my dublicated user, but it was of no help.

    I contacted live chat, they told me to provide login info about this site (which I did) and to open a ticket. It was later that I was able to add these (so far - last) 20 subcategories. They added sub-category "test" and wrote me everything was ok. Initially I though it *was*...but now it isn't.

    I don't know what to do. TCH servers cannot be so bugy - tested my server ("ithor"), it has ~99.5% uptime. May it be MySQL or some error in scripts or something else - I don't know. Does anyone has any ideas? I may provide link, but in PM only.

    The second problem: a minor one. Currently, my site is used as collectables catalogue. As such, it has lots of items identical by name, but different in other ways. I want names to be mostly identical (for example, Envelope, Post Card), but I can't do this - Joomla orders my Listings after name and I am forced to employ ugly names like Envelope1, Post Card'97_2, because it is the only way so far to hold logic line.

    I tried to experiment with sorting but onykl made things worse :rolleyes1:

    Now, the question is: is it possible to add *any* hidden field, invisibkle to user, visible only for me where I could enter value in numbers and the system would sort according to this hidden field?

    Any help would be higly appreciated

  12. I wish to thank TCH support which by far is superior to any other company I or my friends had. I can';t find more helpfull people willing to investigate every detail I have requested. Not only they do their job and do it well - they do an extra job. I may give just 2 last examples (and records at TCH would confirm that):

    1) Played with my Joomla-based site. And, of course, made so many undersirable changes that I though it was necessery to use a backup. Requested backup, site was restored - oh dear, to a state that was even worse than mine. Contacted again and I was explained TCH support staff had made their own backup before restoring and successfully restored. I thought I would have a hard talk with the support :rolleyes1:

    2) my current issue - some problems with Joomla. Contacted live chat, personell listened carefully to me then asked for login/password to admin and to open a ticket. As it was late night in my Lithuania (some 23...) I wrote everything I knew and went to sleep. Early morning I found an email telling the support apologises for taking long (which was no difference for me...). Soon I received another email about my problem.

    There were many other issues, I can't remember them all, but I was very happy being with TCH. :tchrocks:


    And now, offtopic (but I need to say this): next year I will not be a customer to TCH. Unfortunately, such a great host with superior support stuff has a very old fashioned policy towards multi site hosting on shared account. I'm gonna host 3 sites while only would be proftable in the future, others won't. I wish that TCH reconsiders its policy.

    But for now, I enjoy my days with this great company

  13. Hello,

    my site (www.talonai.com) has recently experienced a strange problem. One day i received a letter...from my own email adress to my own email adress ,telling that my account has reached some 91% and I should remove some files or ask the administrator to add more space.

    Initially I thought it was another "buy-****-rolex-replicas-visit-xxx" scam. Later I checked my TCH accont. Oh my God- it was really eaten up space and left me some 20 megs from existing 400. The problemas was, my site uses only 70 megabytes. Some 20 megabystes is used by another abandoned data that is not used. I have deleted unneccessery directories - no use. Still space problems. Deleted all unneeded emails (I have little of them sent and received). Still nothing.

    Looked at disk usage - mail directory devours the most, some 300 megs. But it was almost empty. I have some 50 emails received and about 30 sent- no HTML pictures, no attachements, nothing! Cleaned up spam box- still nothing.

    Then I used live chat. I told what was my problem and was asked to provide my site adress. I did so. The he support person (sorry,..forgot the name :( ) told my site was OK as it uses only ~90 megs. I switched back back to my CPanel - a miracle happened. 300 and more megs have changed within a minute or two to 90.

    The only thing I cannot understand - how could this happen? Is it possible that my site which is not very popular, received 300 megabytes of spam? :) How should I ensure that this never happens again?

  14. I have a stupid, lame problem.

    I have tried to make someword point for some site. And the something funny hapened. I created an experimental page of how another page could look like:



    Everything in this "site" does not work, except the word "čia". It should point to the site delfi.lt

    The code is:

    "Plaèiau <a href="http://www.delfi.lt" target="_blank">èia</a></div>


    When I look at it in my PC, everything is just fine. When I upload to a server - the problems began.

    What went wrong?

  15. Have you looked at the suckerfish dropdown technique? These have gotten pretty spiffy lately--multiple level menus, verticle or horizontal, etc. You'll probably have to spend some time playing with the HTML and CSS code to get it to work, but there are a lot of tutorials around the web -- e.g. http://www.htmldog.com/articles/suckerfish/dropdowns/


    Thanks for the advice. I have spent so many hours googling the web and now I can't remember the exact number of program I have installed - and uninstalled. I will search for the tutorials.

    Once more time - thanks. This forum rulez - as TCH too.

  16. It is about 1 or 2 years that I am using TCH. As I have told somewhere in the forum, a friend reccomended TCH. So I have two sites hosted there: one my own private and the other ruled with my friends.

    There have been almost no problems with my personal site - everything was - and still is - going fine, almost no problems with any part of the page.

    The second one had instant problems with database and it is still my headache. I think support department blamed me for creating lots of help tickets, but I had noting to do. Only one time I made a false alarm - I thought my forum has been hacked as it seemed to be gone. Only later did the forum resurrect so I wrote that there is no need in restoring it from the backup. ;)

    Support at TCH seems to be great as they always responded very quickly and their web-chat is great too, also sometimes it is difficult to get there: too many customers want to talk about their problems.

    I don't know what I am going to do with my other site (run with friends of mine), but mu personal is going to stay as long as it shall live.

    TCH forum is professional, there I can get more help than in the other forums.

    The only problem with TCH was in WHT where I mentioned (too much?) that it is a good hosting and therefore obtained a warning from local admin for "self-advertising". i think I am becoming an owner of TCH... :huh:

    In other words my experience with TCH is very good so far and I wish TCH to keepgoing this way.

  17. Hello,

    I asked this question in WHT, but received no answer, although the post was rewied some 30 times.

    The problem is: I want to insert a vertical menu into my page so that the main menu item leaves where it is - in the left frame and the submenu item appears on the main frame and the link opens in the main:



    mainmenu1 submenu1




    As far I created one wit Dreamweaver, but there submenu appears in left frame only:


    mainmenu1 submenu1



    I downloaded NavStudio (despite some not pretty nag screen), but I failed to create the kind of menu I wanted.

    The problem is, I have no big knowledge of Java and HTML - all I do is via Dreamweaver.

    So, the question is: how can I make such menu?

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