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  1. I had the same problem with pegasus but when I use in the username field also the domain it works. Something like that: username+domain.com (not username@domain.com) /Andy
  2. Yes, you cand have your personal private DNS but only if you own a Standard or Deluxe Reseller package. Andy
  3. Happy b-day Guru! Enjoy your cake! : ) /Andy
  4. Yeah, just my little corner in my campus room... But that's the student life.. The window with the website is not maximized because I made the photos using my webcam and in order to make the captures I had to have my webcam's software menu accessible.
  5. Installing php on a windows machine is quite simple. Check the following liink for a nice tutorial: http://www.webreview.com/2000/09_29/develo...9_29_00_2.shtml Also, you might want to consider in installing 'EasyPHP' which installs and makes all the necessaries configuratiions for PHP+Apache+MySQL. Andy
  6. I am also an ex FP customer and I found about TCH from the Beth's post. : ) As I am very happy with the service you guys provide, I really want to thank Beth for writing those lines. I saw that the post was removed from that forum and now I'm just happy that I've seen it before they removed it. : ) Thanks Beth! Andy
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