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  1. tried the start from scratch idea, no dice, still wants that password, and I put it in, and it doesnt wanna work. So i can use my ISP's smtp for outgoing mail? hmm... I will try that. I remember the old IT guy had those settings written down somewhere. If you have any more ideas I am definitly all ears. thanks for the help i appreciate it.

  2. in the manage mail I used that "auto config outlook express" even though I dont use outlook express I figured I could just import it when I started Outlook, which it did, but that import still doesnt work, it does the same thing for the other account. the settings for smtp are "mail.creativeprinter.com" but was "creativeprinter.com" and was working that way, but now it doesnt.

  3. So... I have a problem with my mail. I cannot for some reason "Send" mail, I can receive it, what gives? I had it auto configure the outlook express and imported it into outlook, still not working, it was working a few days ago, nothing changed and now nothing, it keeps wanting the password for the email, i put it in, but still acts like its wrong or something even though I know for a fact it is right. I need help...




  4. okay,

    So i have a website www.creativeprinter.com, and it has a simple little form for price quotes we would like to have emailed to a certain email. Nothing to serious, but... I have a little bit of knowledge in web site but not much so if anyone out there could lend me a few tips to get this bugger to work, I would be most grateful. I have looked around and seen how other web sites have done this and I think I have it the same, but obviously not because I keep getting a "formmail clone has been disabled by Administrator" error or 404 error. ummm... oh I had one of the Total Choice Hosting helper dudes put this formmail.pl in my cgi-bin directory.








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