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  1. Anyone had experience with one of those tell a friend scripts? If so, did it work and which one did you use? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for looking into this Don and Cajunman. I'm on my work laptop right now and I see them in both IE and Firefox. I had disabled the Adblock Extension on my home PC but it still wasn't working. I have Adblock enabled on my laptop and I still see them. Funny! But, obviously my home PC has a problem. Thanks for checking it out for me!
  3. I was noticing that in my adsense stats page I wasn't getting many hits recently. So I went to my page...and the ads and firefox download button aren't showing up at all. I know this worked earlier in the week. Anyone know why I don't see them now? I checked my account with google and it doesn't appear to be suspended. Using the view source, the ads ARE still there. Thanks! page(s) in question among others: http://www.cpadventures.com - firefox button below the privacy policy link http://www.cpadventures.com/events.htm - google ads below the event listings Also noticed that as of Friday; my awstats wasn't getting updated. A ticket to the help desk had them "updated from the backend". Wondering if this could be related....
  4. No, these are just in a sub directory in web root directory.
  5. Is there any way to exclude certain directories from being excluded in awstats? For instance, there is a directory that only I have access to and don't want those stats include in what I see in awstats. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the link Rob, I was looking for this exact type article (already use wordpress but wanted to syndicate a particular page on my website).
  7. You could try this: https://www.google.com/hosted/Home
  8. I am however trying the new version, 3.2.1 and my testing thus far is going well and it's working.
  9. dl() has been disabled on my server hence the script error.
  10. Post added! I had looked through your forums too before posting here as I thought there was a slight chance it was TCH related. I'm grasping straws here....thanks for the info though!
  11. todo: www.backpackit.com bookmarks: del.icio.us contacts: don't have a good one there... Backpack and del.icio.us both have extensions for firefox which make them very easy to access.
  12. I had already done it a few times but I just did it again (my ftp client defaults to binary). Same problem. http://www.cpadventures.com/ufm/ioncube/io...page=rtl-tester It says this on the above page:
  13. I'm having the same error as Steve but I had mine working before and now I can't get it to work. I've uploaded the new ioncube files but I still get the error: Form is: www.cpadventures.com/contact.htm I know my domain has been moved to a new server since the last time when I KNEW that it worked. Any help?
  14. From download to a finished setup; it's less than 10 minutes. A script isn't all that necessary. Now a script for Gallery 2.0, that is needed!!!!
  15. In my cPanel there is an option to configure SPAM Assassian. Anyone have a good default set of values to put there? I'm still getting a good bit of SPAM, even after enabling SA. Though I do see messages getting tagged along the way and I just enable SA to delete messages from the server. Thanks! PS- I tried to search the forums before posting but I kept getting errors on the search.
  16. Please add me to the family page http://www.cpadventures.com Checkpoint Adventures Event management company; based mainly on adventure races Commercial Link to TCH is at: http://www.cpadventures.com/site.htm Thanks! Kevin
  17. I ended up going with Php Collab which is more of a project management server than a document repository, but it looks like it will do the job and perhaps more. http://www.php-collab.org
  18. In Search of Software: I'm looking for software (GPL if possible) that is basically a very simple CVS of sorts. Basically I want to share some files with other users and have them update the files and then the ability to upload the new version of the file without ftp access (via a browser). So it's kind of like a CVS where you can "check out" a file and then upload the newer version. It doesn't have to do anything like locking or versioning but if it did, that would be cool too. It would obviously need some type of security to the files as well. Any ideas on such software? Thanks!
  19. I'm basically just looking to see what's in it. In part out of curiosity and because it seems that a phpbb forum I setup (different hosting company) for a group I'm involved with had about a month worth of posts just disappear in the last few days. I tried the program Mike recommended and it seemed to do the trick, thanks! Doesn't look like phpbb has been compromised in any way, but we are getting some attacks on the known vulnerabilities.
  20. So I've downloaded my raw access logs and it comes in a zip and I unzip it. The file has a .com extension and when I change it to txt, I can't open it in any application because it feezes up for a few minutes (I just looked and the log is 172MB so it's obviously large). So how do I read this thing? Thanks!
  21. That's what I was thought your answer was going to be! I know many businesses are starting to do the same for their corporate network logins as well. Thanks for the ultra quick response!
  22. More of a question than anything.... I purchased a hosting package last year about this time and my cpanel login is a logical user name based on my domain name. I just added another hosting package to my account for a different domain and the cpanel login is pretty much random as far as I can tell. Why the change? This new one will be pretty hard to remember. Thanks, Kevin BTW:
  23. Do you still need help with this? You have to edit the php code to include the author who posted. I did this to my blog and it worked fine. http://www.cpadventures.com/blog
  24. I was having problems adding Spam Karma 2 so I deleted the blog and will start the install over. Thanks - Kevin
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