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  1. I checked the wordpress support forum but couldn't find anything real relevant so I thought I'd try here. Basically the RSS link would change from: http://www.cpadventures.com/blog/?feed=rss2 to http://www.cpadventures.com/blog/feed I'm doing a test on my other blog to see if both feeds work on that one. Sounds like they both might still work.
  2. Why not upload it on youtube or another video hosting site? There are a number of them that do similar things and with youtube (perhaps others too) you can put some html code in your site and the video can be played on your website.
  3. I have two blogs at different domains and recently upgraded to WP2.x on one of them and got permalinks to work very easily (I tried permalinks before on the blog and couldn't get it to work). I'm going to change to permalinks on my other blog but want to know how it will affect my rss. This blog is a little more important so I want to make sure I've done everything correctly. I currently have a few subscribers (maybe 10) and I don't want to break rss so they aren't getting the updated posts. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. You can also try this: http://apache2triad.net It's a full LAMP install with just a few clicks.
  5. I'm currently doing what I want, I just want to see if I can do it without accessing an outside service (a script on my web server would be better). I'm syndicating a certain blog category on my home page here (the news sidebar): http://www.cpadventures.com That is being done by http://www.rss-to-javascript.com I've tried this: http://www.geckotribe.com/rss/carp but I could never get it to work 100% as there was always a large space between the first and second entry. Anyone know of another script or used another script for this type of thing? Maybe I'm trying to mess up something that is currently working but I like to keep outside services to a minimum when possible. Thanks!
  6. At one time I remember seeing an embedded player for wordpress. Not sure how your side is designed; but if you are using WP that might be an option.
  7. What took you so long? I've been using FF since 1.0 (can't compare to Aaron though) and have never looked back. We have a few intranet sites at work where I have to use it but that's it. In those cases I just tell FF to call IE to open for those intranet sites (via the IE View plug-in). When my fiancee bought a new laptop that was one of the first things I installed for her. She uses it instead of IE now too (except for her banking site...$$%$$%^$#$ bank). A list of must have extensions: Forecast Fox del.icio.us Backpack Pages IE View Web Developer
  8. I meant to say: Do you know of a website that could help teach me the basics needed for this solution in a somewhat timely manner? I'd really like to learn to code this myself too. I'll have a look at hotscripts though as well. I've looked there before for scripts.
  9. Paul, that's a really good/simple way of doing it. I'm not very well versed in php/mysql however. Do you know of a website that could give me the basics needed for this solution in a somewhat timely manner? I'm certainly up for learning more. Thanks!
  10. Looks like I'll wait for either: Crazy Egg: www.crazyegg.com or Google Analytics :www.google.com/analytics as both track outbound links (among outher things). Crazy Egg has the cool factor however. Both are currenlty invite only though. I've heard Crazy Egg goes live in April.
  11. I produce outdoor events (think running races and mtn bike races) and have sponsors for each race. On the sponsors page there are various sponsor logos which link the the sponsors homepage. Is there a way to track the number of times people click those logos and go to the sponsors homepage? The reason I want to collect this information is to be able to tell sponsors that on avg they receive X number of clicks per month. Thanks!
  12. I found this yesterday when just browsing another website. Ajax search! http://www.napyfab.com/blog/51/ajax-live-s...nglish-version/
  13. Each phpbb mod includes instructions on how to install it. Follow those instructions. Click the link below to see exactly what all those instructions mean. Once you do one, the rest use the same format so they get easier. http://www.phpbb.com/kb/article.php?article_id=175 phpbb updates to the app itself is also done in mod format.
  14. I marked this link a while back...haven't tried it yet thouh. http://www.coldforged.org/archives/2005/01...-referral-spam/
  15. You would likely get a much broader response to 3rd party application questions at their individual forums/support sites. I much prefer going straight to the source unless I feel the question is hosting specific as in "is so and so mod/plugin/etc enabled on server XXX as I'm having problems getting the app to work".
  16. No problem. I had one question and Jonathan was pretty willing to help me out too. Nice guy.
  17. Other than a quick install of some opensource apps; does this do anything else?
  18. When I wanted to integrate a blog into my site, I was having a hard time customizing a wordpress theme. This tutorial helped me greatly! http://www.jonathanwold.com/tutorials/wordpress_integration/ Good luck.
  19. Thanks Paul; didn't notice it hiding in there.
  20. I've come across a different problem with php include. My nav bar is different for my website based on where in the site you are. The different files reflect the "../" that leads back to the webroot cpa_navigation.php - anything in the root of my web directory event_cpa_navigation.php - anything that is in a subfolder of the web root. When trying to link to the event_cpa_navigation.php I get the following error: Code below from: http://www.cpadventures.com/adventure24/directions2.htm >Warning: main(../phpincludes/event_cpa_navigation.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/<username>/public_html/adventure24/directions2.htm on line 37 Warning: main(../phpincludes/event_cpa_navigation.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/<username>/public_html/adventure24/directions2.htm on line 37 Warning: main(../phpincludes/event_cpa_navigation.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/<username>/public_html/adventure24/directions2.htm on line 37 Warning: main(): Failed opening '../phpincludes/event_cpa_navigation.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/<username>/public_html/adventure24/directions2.htm on line 37 When using the exact same include path; only changing the name from "event_cpa_navigation.php" to cpa_navigation.php it works fine. Summary: <?php include ("../phpincludes/event_cpa_navigation.php"); ?> - Does not work <?php include ("../phpincludes/cpa_navigation.php"); ?> - Does work And yes, the event_cpa_navigation.php file IS in the location mentioned. Though it does not seem like it. Very strange!
  21. Doh! >RemoveHandler .html .htm AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html Added it to my .htaccess file...all working now!
  22. I'm new to this command sorry if this is a dumb question....I looked around a bit and didn't see an answer. I'm trying to include my nav bar (navigation.php) as a php include on my website because the site is getting larger and to be able to change the nav bar only once will save me a lot of time. My problem is that I can't seen to get the include function to work on html files. I've even done a simple example and the php example worked fine but the html did not. www.cpadventures.com/test/main.php - works fine and you can see the test www.cpadventures.com/test/main.html - blank as the php include function isn't getting processsed. the files are exactly the same except for their extension. So how do I get the php include function to work inside html files? Thank You
  23. Install the mod: visual confirmation for guests This stopped about 90% of spam on two boards I run. Basically if a guest tries to post, they have to type in a confirmation code.
  24. I've read that most search engines pretty much ignore meta keywords. If this is true; is there any reason to have them?
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