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  1. I'm redoing a site for an organization I volunteer for and I'm changing to php pages from html pages (adding functionality). I'm fairly certain I need to use a .htaccess file to reroute the .htm pages to .php. E.g contact.htm needs to forward on to contact.php. Does anyone have any good advice on the best methods to do this? If it's a .htaccess file, can you suggest the correct code to go in it?



  2. I've updated two of the three websites I have that use Wordpress and both have gone off without a problem. It was pretty much a non-issue.


    Just make sure you have a DB and source file backup before starting. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  3. So I'm a total newbie when it comes to .htaccess files for the most part. I'm hoping someone can help me out here. Here's the issue:


    What I'm trying to do is redirect all requests on http://www.cpadventures.com/forum to http://cpadventures.com/forum . I've read up on .htaccess but it's a little greek to me. I know that I should put the .htaccess file in the root of the forum folder. What I'm unsure about is the code to do that. Currently there is not a .htaccess file so it would be starting one from scratch. If anyone could help I would genuinely appreciate it!

  4. I'm trying a .htaccess rewrite rule to funnel all www.domain.com traffic to domain.com. Everything works fine except for the PHPBB Admin ToolKit. When I try to access it it tells me my browers is not accepting cookies (yes my browser is setup to accept cookies) from www.domain.com. My settings in the phpBB config are all domain.com and not www.domain.com. Even when I hardcode domain.com into the PHPBB Admin ToolKit it still doesn't work. Has anyone had any luck using this tool on domain.com? Even when I'm not using the rewrite rule I still can't access the tool without www.domain.com. PhpBB has locked the support topic for this mod and the tool website doesn't have support forum (been down for months it looks like). Any help is much appreciated.

  5. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to a tutorial or something along those lines. Basically I want to be able to pull data from a mysql db into a form and edit the information in that form and then send the updated data back to the db. Got any links? :)

  6. Bascially here's the situation. I've got a form feeding data to a mysql db which contains data that is feeding a googlemap that I've made. The website will have two of these google maps displaying different data and in different databases (same table/field structure in each db). I'd like to have one form to post the data (easier to maintain, less files, etc) so I need a way to select the database in the form so that the data gets sent to the right db.


    I've got includes which have the functions of opening the db, closing the db, and configuration of the db. I've commented out the db name in the config include ($dbname) and I'm trying to use a drop down to select the correct db. When I do this, I'm getting a "Error, insert query failed" error. It's likely because it doesn't know the db name to use. Can anyone help?


    Here is the code for the select statement. I'll gladly post any other code if necessary.


    ><select name="dbname" id="$dbname">
    	  <option value="">Please Select ...</option>
    	  <option value="databasenameone">Ultra O-gaine</option>
    	  <option value="databasenametwo">Adventure24</option>


    I'm basically a complete php newbie. I've been able to hack away at things thus far with finding code and tutorials on the net and adapting it to my situation but this one I can't seem to get right. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Yes, I was an idiot. At one point I put my email address on a forum and of couse it's now in the hands of spammers world wide. I was able to go back and remove the address from any souce I found but of course it's too late. I don't want to toss the address aside so I need some advice.


    What spam management package does TCH have and are there any good tutorials on how to configure it? Are there any good third party (free) packages that we can install too?





  8. I'm getting some support with a new webmail client, roundcube. It's great, but it's still in beta mode. I've posted an error on the support forums and the developers want to know what software is running my mail server. I couldn't find it anywhere...can someone tell me? Please include a version too.





  9. I'm in the process of developing a new website and will do the majority of it live on a domain. My question is, how do I prevent the site from "going live" while it's still in development? Can I just passsword protect the public_html folder? Or is there another way?



  10. I ended up installing roundcube and to say I was blown away would be an understatement. Awesome application to say the least. I suggest everyone give it a try who is tired of horde and squirrelmail. The program is a little buggy, but for the most part works fantastic. Once it's out of beta I suspect it will get even better.

  11. I too am interested in anyone who has had a good experience with a CMS package. I played with them a few years ago and was't that impressed with the ones I tried. I'm thinking about using one for a new project I'm working on however. Any help is much appreciated. The website I visited before was http://www.opensourcecms.com , but I'm looking for more first hand experiences from TCH members.

  12. I found Roundcube last night actually. "Alternative to Squirrelmail" on google and it's the first hit that comes up. Imagine that... Interesting on the google hosted email. Is that still accessed by going to something like www.yourdomainname.com/gmail or something similar?

  13. Anyone know of a good alternative to either of the webmail programs above? Is it even possible to use another email program? Horde and SquirrelMail are pretty basic; there has to be something better out there.


    (apparently I can't spell alternative in the subject line) :sick:

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