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  1. "While I'd thank the guy that informed me I left my keys in my unlocked car, I'd shoot the one who noticed and decided to drive off with it to 'demonstrate the problem.'"


    Having said that, I happily use FreeBSD at home (with Mac OS X on my (Apple) laptop). I use OpenOffice.org for office related stuff (which works good enough for me... if I ever need full office for something I can use a work PC).


    Just my $0.02.

  2. Last time I had to do this, after running the command I was informed that the conversion would not take place until the system was rebooted. So perhaps this "disk check" you're seeing on boot-up is actually the conversion trying to run... because it'll run at boot before the rest of the OS has a chance to load up.

  3. I used to be a hardware tech. Pretty stressful. I'm sure there are others out there who understand when I say you would get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomache when you heard the pager go off... especially during the super bowl!!!


    Now I'm in Open Systems Services, where we basically manage Windows and UNIX servers, as well as networking equipment. I have a set schedule, no on-call rotations, and very little stress.


    Hopefully soon I'll be taking a UNIX admin position. Bring on the stress!!!

  4. Steve - I'll try that one. I've found the same pinout elsewhere, however what confused me is yet another site gave me a tad bit different pinout.


    Tim - I did buy the adapter for a couple bucks (at Fry's however). But you have to do the pinout yourself (some assembly required :thumbup1: ). Meh, we've got a ton here at work. I'll throw lunch at one of the network guys and have them do it for me.


    Thanks for your help!

  5. I guess I should give a bit of background (in case you are curious). I've got a Sun Ultra2 that I would love to start using, however I need to run a console line from it to another system of mine to console in. I'm going from DB9 (Serial) on the PC to the RJ45 console port on the Sun. I'll be making the required rollover cable while I'm at work tomorrow. Just need to put this adapter together and I'm golden! :(

  6. Anyone happen to know the proper pinout for RS232 (DB9 to RJ45) adapter? I've been doing some searching online, and find a couple postings that contradict each other. Both ends are female on the adapter. Thanks :(

  7. Personally I use 7-zip. Completely free, with no "nagware" (in other words, it won't continually remind you to "buy the full version" like WinZip does).


    I should mention it appears PDF's are fairly compressed as it is, because all the files total were just over 100MB, but the archive is ~95MB on "Maximum" compression level.

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