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  1. What if he suddenly looses the use of his hands?
  2. I'm patient, I can wait. btw, do I get points for being the last person to post anything here? Shane
  3. To quote a line from a long since forgotten movie: you guys are nutty. lol Thanks for your help! So they're not real time stats, just once a day stats? Shane
  4. G'day, Do I need to do anything to set up awstats? I bought the domain and host only yesterday but it still shows the stats to be completely blank, not even registering my own visits. Up the top, it says "Last update: Never updated". Is there anything I need to do? Will it take a while before the first stats register? I attempted to read an FAQ from awstats but... oh good god, is that even in English? Suffice to say, I came away feeling dazed and confused. So any help anyone can give me would be muchly appreciated! Including telling me whether this question is even in the right
  5. That was one thing I noticed pretty quickly, some of the other scripts do have a section to create an admin username and password when you're installing the script, but it doesn't have that part on the Advanced Guestbook part in cpanel. But I did what Rob suggested, and it shows you a temporary username and password when I reinstalled it. Thank you both!
  6. I only signed up with TCH yesterday. Woohoo! Now, I installed the Advanced Guestbook, but when I try to get into the admin section of the guestbook, it says the username or password is incorrect, even though I've used the username and password exactly as it says in the welcome email. And I've tried other combinations, with the same luck. It's more than likely I'm just doing something wrong, but I don't know what it might be. Shane
  7. I don't believe I spelt enquiry wrong. Anyway, thanks for everyone's help and welcome! Shane
  8. Damn it Rob, you had me going there a minute. lol Thank you both for your help! Shane
  9. G'day, I'm seriously considering setting up my first website with a registered domain and paid host. I've had websites in the past, but they've been hosted by the ever reliable free sites. A previous topic here from a newbie asking how easy it is has answered some of my questions, but I've got one about the help desk ticket. What on earth is it? Is it something you have to pay for? Do you get allotted a certain number of tickets? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Shane
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