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  1. Avast free anti-virus software (usually an excellent product)- has started giving false positives (trojans) after the automatic update about 1 hour ago.

    Flagged are well known, legally purchased programs that I have had installed for a long time.


    Suggest that Avast users consider carefully before erasing long-standing programs from their system. Hopefully they will fix this issue soon...


    Have a good day!



  2. Greetings, All:


    I have a client who wants to offer an online photo album printing service, so I need a script to upload multiple photos and store them with an identification number. Do not need display, gallery, thumbnail, etc. functions.

    Perhaps something in PHP using a data base.

    Welcome suggestions for free or inexpensive scripts. I can install and do simple tinkering- but cannot write one from scratch.


    Thank you for the assistance!



  3. First of all, thanks to the TCH staff for generally excellent work!


    Concerning the mail server conversion- while I had seen the notice a while ago that all the servers were slowly being changed over- the early morning calls from irate clients must have caught me before morning coffee, so I did not make the connection :) , and had to wait for a help desk reply in order to be able to reassure them that all will return to normal within a few hours (it did).


    May I suggest that an advance warning by e-mail would have saved me some damaged customer relations. If that would have been too much work- how about a notice on the individual server update forum that I imagine most people are subscribed to?


    Keep up the good work!



  4. I have also been playing around with Joomla, and after uploading a new language template had the same problem that the directory was unwriteable.


    After pulling out some hair ;) I found this workaround:


    Download the directory to your harddisk (by FTP).

    Rename it.

    Edit the index.php file to point to your new folder name (4 changes)

    Upload it back to same folder.

    Use Admin to make your new template the default.


    In the future- probably avoid problem by uploading templates manually :)


    Good luck!



  5. Don't know why this was in the CuteSite Builder/CuteFTP forum but if you are getting timeouts it could be you don't have enough space on your web site to upload that large a file.


    Otherwise it could be a bad connection/routing/noise or some other communication problem.


    Hi Bruce- just looked for something concerning FTP- feel free to move the post.




    just checked and the 23 mb was exactly what was left in the site allocation... :blush:


    Enlarged allocation and everything is zooming- thanks to all for the response!



  6. Greetings-


    Using Filezilla, I just tried 3 times to upload a 65 mb zip file to my server by FTP, only to have it time out repeatedly at 23 mb. Is this a built in limit on the server?


    The idea of uploading the file, was to enable a friend to download it from there- seemed like a good idea at the time :(


    Is this is built in limit? Any suggestions for a work-around?


    Thank you,



  7. Hotlink Protection is a great feature. Enable it, enter any sites

    you might reference your own images from, and you're golden.


    Here's another approach if the problem is credit/linkback and not bandwidth:


    When I find in my logs linkers who do not give credit- I generally send them a polite e-mail with a link back to my page and request them to place it below the photo. If they do not reply within a reasonable time, I copy the file on my server with a new name (myjpg2.jpg) and correct my own link to it. Then I add a watermark on the original photo: "this photo taken without permission from www.mysite.org".



  8. First unpark the .org

    then in WHM Modify account

    select the .info

    and change the domain name to .org


    Thank you, Don!

    I probably should have figured that out for myself- but was afraid to mess with the settings for the working domain :goof:

    Appreciate your advice- and especially that you tested it out (which gave me confidence to try it...)


    Looks like all is working now,


    Thanks again :)



  9. Greetings All-


    I set up a site for a client: www.tevuothaaretz.info

    Later he purchased the domain: www.tevuot.org

    which I parked on the same site.

    Now he has not renewed the .info domain, so I want to remove it from the WHM while making the .org domain name the only one.


    This is important since links to the .org site sometimes redirect to the non-existant .info site and cause error "server not found".


    I think this is much simpler than my explanation :)


    Thank you in advance for your advice!



  10. Thanks for the solution.


    Just faced a similar problem, and came up with a simpleton's work-around:

    I have all the MySQL database and PHP pages on one site, but access from a 2 frame page on other sites:

    unique site header (and language) above, PHP placed below. Almost seamless :thumbup1:



  11. Many thanks, Don!


    Was a little (actually- alot :dance: ) worried about what the upgrade would do to my Hebrew language forum which is heavily modified to read from right to left and many other associated difficulties- but all appears to still work.


    Appreciate the advice.



  12. Thank you all! :dance:


    This is one of the reasons that I check out new posts on the forums daily- never even thought of using color tools like these.


    Now even someone like me who is graphically challenged has a chance at coming up with something nice! :dance:



  13. To all the friends who responded:


    Thank you for your advice- looks like the consensus is that there is no shortcut to wisdom :D :blink: :blink: :blink:


    The idea seemed simple to me:


    A data base with 10 fields.

    Which generates individual web pages.

    And also generates alphabetical and regional index.

    An online form to fill the 10 fields into the database.

    An editing function to allow manual approval/editing of form contents.


    The static HTML part I can write, just have to grasp the php-database part...


    I guess not everything that I can diagram automatically creates itself :(


    Again- thanks for the advice, and will welcome additional comments/ suggestions as well.



  14. Greetings-


    I have been writing static html sites for years, but now I have a client who wants something BIG, which is outside my experience... :) :dance:


    I think I need some advice about what to learn, use, or buy...


    Here is the project: to make an online directory of all the members of a certain group worldwide. Estimated number: 20,000. Will need individual pages with paragraph of text, about 10 fixed data fields, contact data and photo. Alphabetical index. Regional index. In addition, an online form for the 20,000 people to enter the above information, which will hopefully make its way to the database and webpages after my approval and editing, without additional work.


    From what I can gather from your posts, this should be a simple task for a PHP script with database. Unfortunately- have never worked with anything like this. Also- I would rather not learn php scripting from A to Z at this time :dance:


    Can you point me in the right direction? Free scripts would be nice, but will also consider purchasing something reliable and time-saving.


    Thank You!




  15. Wow- I feel terrible! ;)

    After having 5 or 6 help desk queries solved for me in the last few months, I debated sending a well deserved thank you- but decided that it would just clog the system and waste the time of those involved.

    Will take all of your advice to correct this in the future.

    In the meantime- please forward my belated thanks to the help desk folks! ;) :lol:

  16. The IP address needs to be added to the DNS Zone for the domain. Whoever is handling the DNS should know what to do with the IP. That way calls to the domain will be directed to our server. Since the domain is set up on the server it will be able to find the site.


    OK, I don't understand, but if it works I won't complain :lol:

    Thank you,


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