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  1. I believe I've fixed it. It wasn't a hosting problem at all; it was a problem with the URL Rewrite module for Gallery2. Gallery 2 only accepts requests from whatever domain it's installed in. Alternate subdomains calling for the same pictures are considered hotlinking. Since www is technically a subdomain, it was "protecting" me from hotlinking by disallowing any of the pictures. I turned off two settings to fix it: Block hotlinked items Send HTML for hotlinked items With these two settings turned off, everything worked fine.
  2. "HotLink protection is currently disabled." It does have a tendency to redirect to www. I had assumed that was something going on with my ISP, since I'd never noticed it before. I have to go to the address, take out the www, and then reload.
  3. I'm in the process of re-installing Gallery 2. I've just finished uploading a mass of pictures and I'm discovering something weird: If the address given is neumatikos.net/gallery2, I can see my pictures. If the address is www.neumatikos.net/gallery2, everything works - but no pictures. What's up with that?
  4. That's what I thought. Trust me to have to do all my maintenance at once... KB
  5. OK. New question: While things are propogating, I can't access my site at all. This is making me nervous, since I placed the order before I remembered to backup. Isn't there an IP address I can use to access the site directly? How would I find that address?
  6. That's what I'm about to do But when I don't renew the old address... ?
  7. I have 2 domain names registered with TCH: Puretext.us (the old one) and Neumatikos.org (the new one). Both of them point to the same servers, but only the old one has hosting provided. If you go to Neumatikos.org right now, you get the standard "cannot find server" error. I like what's on the website. I just want to get rid of the old domain and move everything to the new one. I understand about forwarding, and that's something I'll probably want to do in the transition, but if I change the old domain to a parked address and forward everything to the new domain, aren't I going to have a parked domain forwarding to a domain with no hosting? How do I make sure the hosting service swtiches names?
  8. Gee, talk about a good response. I just submitted the ticket. Thanks. I didn't know you could put "unknown" for user name and password. I appreciate it. KB
  9. I had a total computer crash a couple of weeks ago. All data lost. Very sad. Among the data that were lost were my basic login info for my site. You know, the stuff you get in the initial welcome email. It's ot urgently important, since I'm only running a weblog, and I've got that login info, but i can't make any root modifications or check my stats or anything like that. So how do I reacquire this info? I can't submit a ticket, b/c that requires the very cpanel username and login info that I lost... Can some nice soul just go and re-send the welcome email to the registered email for www.puretext.us please? Pretty please? Kyle
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