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  1. Thanks for the reply; let me ask you this before I get into ticket land: It seems like my issue will be php memory allocation (amateur guess) - I see this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 53072005 bytes) in /home/.../phpbb2bbpress.php on line 383 So would my ticket ask for more memory allocation? Also, is it reasonable to ask for this memory for a duration of time? I would like test and develop where I'm going with this script, but that could take a week or so with my day-to-day schedule.
  2. normally i'm more of "ask for forgiveness later" sort of guy, but these are somewhat unfamiliar waters so i'm going to play it safe. i would like to test a script i found at: http://bbpress.org/forums/topic/a-phpbb-to...abase-converter ...which converts a phpbb dbase to bbpress dbase. a couple people in the linked thread mentioned this clogs the mysql queue, which their hosts did not care for. so i have 2 questions: can i run this script with my account on totalchoice, and if so, how do i got about doing that? Thanks!
  3. yeah, i ended up using dada mail, and i didn't really see any problems with the bulk mailings to specific providers- on the other hand, maybe it's the way i'm set up, but i'll tell you this much- i don't know if it's dada or tch, but my mailings don't always work. seems like batches just don't go, randomly, without reason. i get reporting on the batches, and i can't account for it. given the response i've seen about mailing lists here, i essentially shrugged and gave up- if it sends, it sends-- if not, well at least they can go to the website for news.
  4. ok~ i submitted the ticket, and found out the numbers. i have browsed the boards, and it seems like there are some potential solutions...(as i am not alone). i will draw out my situation for you all; maybe someone could give me the best answer-- please don't post that info here this is not a problem for me, i'm not spamming anyone so i don't really care how slowly the mail goes out. the website i'm managing is for a band, with a mailing list that is slowly growing. they send out mail once or twice a month, if that- sometimes much less. i set up everything so the band members need
  5. I noticed in a couple places on the boards that mention limits to how many emails are sent from the TCH servers- but I wasn't sure how it might apply to me. I started using the MailMan mailing list feature via one of my TCH accounts, and have added over 250 people to the mailing list. I set up the moderation features so only 2 people could send emails to the entire list, and that's all working fine. But these limits that have been mentioned- does this mean the server won't send to all the addresses on the list? Does it send them out incrementally? Or am I referring to something that d
  6. wow- the answer was sitting right there. thanks! worked perfectly. thank you for the welcomes! i've been hosted at total choice since 2003- you guys have never let me down. happy holidays all!
  7. i am not to familiar with the commands for a cron- maybe someone could help me out. i have uploaded a tar.gizp file to a directory on the server, and now want to extract the contents. since i do not have command line access, is there a way i could schedule a cron to do this for me?
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