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  1. I figured it out. There was an option at the top for selecting FTP over SSL (implicit) which worked when I tried that. Don't know why I had to select it as I had just logged in before the password change without making that selection.
  2. Thanks, I sent in a ticket. Hopefuly it will get resolved soon.
  3. Hello, I setup a subdomain in the cpanel and since it was so long since I logged in to my ftp client I reset my password. When I recieved the e-mail I changed the login password for cpanel and that works but now I cannot login to my FTP account using WS_FTP_PRO even though I used the new password. The old one doesn't work either. Thanks, Blank_Lou
  4. Thanks, I do use the awstats, but I was wondering what the value of the counter (provided in c-panel) would be. If it counts bots etc. it isn't that useful to me. Thank you for the replies. Lou
  5. What exactly does the counter script provided count? Is it counting the bot hits from search engines? I'm trying to determine if there is any useful information to be gained by the counter. Thanks, Lou
  6. I have a home ftp server that I can create accounts, asign them virtual Directories where they can have their own folder on the server. I can also granp permissions for things like upload, download, make directories, rename etc. I cannot find an option in cpanel to do this. Is it possible? I would like to creat and acount with upload permission and another with download only so guests can access files, but only a select few can post. Thank you, Lou
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