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  1. Is the IP Blocker option for everything (DNS, Email, Website, etc.) or does it only apply to the Website? If only for the Website, do we have any options for blocking IP ranges completely? e.g. If I do not want to see any traffic coming from specific IP ranges (aka evil countries). Thanks.


  2. The URIBL_BLOCKED option in my SpamAssassin says: "ADMINISTRATOR NOTICE: The query to URIBL was blocked."

    Is this something that TCH can resolve? Should I submit a support ticket?


    So much spam gets through, and this rule -- if working -- would help greatly.



  3. Let's assume this is what I'm working with...


    $string = 'xxxxxxxxyyyy';

    $regex = 'xxxxxxxx';


    And my goal is to have the following results...


    $value1 = 'xxxxxxxx';

    $value2 = 'yyyy'; (Remainder after $regex)


    What commands am I using to get to that point?

    I have used regex to remove and/or alter text, but

    I have never used them to split apart a string.


    I can hack around to get a result, but I prefer to

    do it as 'properly' as possible and minimizing lines

    and execution cycles.

  4. It's an ipsec client, and Linksys is a division of Cisco, so I'd hope it'd be reasonably decent, but I have no experience with it (just the CiscoVPN client like yourself).


    Don't give Linksys any credit because they were acquired by Cisco. :)

    We bought some Linksys PoE switches (cheap!) and they were not good.

    We took the hit and bought some Cisco switches and threw them away...

  5. Has anyone used this IPSec VPN client? How is it?

    I'm only familiar with the Cisco VPN (works great).

    Linksys has a 4-port Gigabit VPN device for ~$125

    that would work perfect at my house, but if the VPN

    client sucks it's not going to be worth it.

  6. My SpamAssassins are set at 4. I'm considering going down to 3.


    I am getting a much higher level of spam bypassing SpamAssassin lately.

    I am also using 4, because anything less and I start catching legit emails.

    I hope it slows down soon, or I'm going to have to see what else I can do.

  7. Co-workers workstation is clearly infected with something.

    While running Firefix, he will get pop-ups from IE windows.

    AVG, Ad-Aware, Stinger, CWShredder and HijackThis were

    not able to turn up anything. Any suggestions on what apps

    I can run to maybe turn up the problem? I'm not a pro, but

    I know that every running service on his PC is something I

    have seen under normal operation on all other PCs. But the

    svchost.exe processes, I guess I never really know what all

    of them are actually doing... one of them maybe is hijacked.

  8. The motheboard on my Windows workstation croaked.

    So my Linux hardware will migrate to Windows and I'm

    going to need to upgrade my Linux workstation/server.


    The question... AMD Athlon 64 vs Intel P4 EM64T


    I have been using AMD processors for years, namely

    because I was alway supporting the underdog. These

    days I'm worried less about that and more about who

    gives me a better product. Is there a clear winner?


    I'm not shopping dual core or server based processors.

    Basically just wanting a good desktop 64-bit processor.


    If the race stays close, I will probably stick with AMDs.



  9. I have a theoretical question with regards to phpBB versions.

    Let's say my Cpanel phpBB version is 2.0.18 and I manually

    perform a patched upgrade to 2.0.19 to keep up-to-date with

    security, bug fixes, etc. Down the road, the Cpanal phpBB is

    upgraded to 2.0.20 (I forget to manually patch/upgrade). Will

    the Cpanel method of upgrading my phpBB still work? I worry

    that "manually" doing anything could break the process which

    Cpanel will use to upgrade later... but maybe there's no issue

    with this at all, but I'd like someone to tell me it'll work fine. :)

  10. I created a trouble ticket and was told everything is setup correct.

    The vast majority of the spams getting through are the "Pharmacy"

    emails with "Pharmacy" misspelled in various ways. Is there a nice

    regex that could catch "Pharmacy" with a space in any given spot in

    the word? That might help... :)

  11. Beginning once the move was made from Server77 to Server377 it appears that there's a BUNCH of spam that gets through the SpamAssassin filters. I double checked that I'm configured the same way. I would very rarely get any junk mail on Server77 (except in my spam box) but I'm getting a TON of junk mail that gets through the SpamAssassin filters on Server377. Is something different on this new server? If we were talking one or two, no problem, but I'm getting a LOT of them.

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