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  1. It's not an easy decision to push files on users' installations, but I think TCH made the right decison too. By making the fix into a plugin that worked on both MT 2.x and 3.x installations, Six Apart made it very easy for TCH to fix all MT installations in one shot instead of waiting for each user to find out about the vulnerability and waiting for them to eventually fix it themselves (if they ever did). I definitely think it was the right decision. All I was saying is that I went into my plugin folder to do something else, saw an unknown file in there with "mail spam" in the title and immediately deleted it because I thought I was being attacked by some weird spammer worm or something. I spent a terrified hour thinking either my software had grown a mind of its own or someone had hacked all my accounts, and by the time I came in here and realized what was going on I was majorly freaked out. Just a bizarre coincidence that I happened to FTP up there right after the thing got installed. So let me apologize again to everyone at TCH - I've never had a host that cared enough about their customers to take the initiative and make sure everyone's stuff was safe. I should know better having been here over six month now, but I guess years of bad hosting experiences can make you a little twitchy. You guys really do rock and I appreciate it. -Iki
  2. I went to install this plugin just now only to find that someone had already installed it on all my installations across 3 different servers. If this was a security measure by TCH, I'd have appreciated an email to let me know. It's very disconcerting to go into my folders and find things there that I didn't upload. Honestly, I'm feeling a little violated right now.
  3. I went back and checked my bandwidth earlier... out of the 75 mb I'm using, 32mb of that is from bots and spams and spiders. That's a pretty significant drain - almost the same amount I'm actually using for legitimate things. But I've got some measures in place now, so we'll see how it looks tomorrow.
  4. That's what started this whole thing, the derefspam.pl. It's funny how I just noticed the referrer spam 2 days ago, and that's the same day that script came out. That script would be good except it does nothing to prevent referrer spam; all it does is stop me from seeing it. It's like a little kid putting his hands over his eyes and then assuming that since he can't see you, you can't see him. I'll still get hit with the referrer spam, and it's the hitting me thing, the blatant theft of my bandwidth for idiotic 'marketing' purposes, that's bothering me. There's absolutely no payoff for them since my referrers aren't published, so all that's happening is I'm donating bandwidth (albeit a small amount) to them every month. It's like a spam tax or something, and it's infuriating. So stopping them at the gate would be my preferred method of dealing with this, and yesterday I found a ton of ways to deal with it using Apache and .htaccess. However, with .htaccess you might win a few battles but you'll never win the war. Blocking by referrer is like blacklisting by IP address - there are too many of them out there and you'll never get them all. There's just no good solution to this problem. I hate spammers. But thanks for the suggestions! -Iki
  5. Yeah, I think I'll leave it alone. I'm only using like 75mb in bandwidth and I get 20 gig. But nonetheless, I think I'll keep an eye on it. How annoying are spammers? Geez. Thanks for the info! -Iki
  6. I use MovableType as a CMS to build and publish the site, but it's not a blog. I don't allow comments or trackbacks or "audience participation" in any way. We use boards like this one for that, and it requires everyone log in to even see it. -Iki
  7. I hardly ever check the stat logs on one of my sites, and I made the mistake of going in there yesterday and poking around. Imagine my surprise when I saw there were something like 192 external sites linking to me, and all of them spammer sites. So I spent all day today hunting up referrer spam information and reading enough techie stuff to make my head spin. There are a few different ways to get rid of it, and I almost posted in here asking for someone to help me out with this... then I started wondering if the spam referrers matter at all since I don't publish referrers and my stats aren't available from anywhere but cpanel. Is that the case? If I don't publish my referrers and there are no stats publicly available from my site, are the spammers getting a page rank boost just from being in my logs? I looked back a few months, and in October 2004 I had maybe 24 referrer links. This month already there are 192 so far, so obviously they've got my number. Is it doing them any good, and is it worth the effort for me to try to purge this stuff from my log files? Using .htaccess seems to be the best choice, but I'd need to block using wildcards instead of flat-out listing every single url. Can someone direct me to some info on what wildcards are allowed for use in the mod_rewrite for .htaccess? Thanks in advance for any info! -Iki
  8. Nope, no error emails. And I'd get one because when I was setting up the crons I was getting them before I got the syntax right. (Me <--- Newbie Cron Chick) Normally, I run three cron jobs a night. The first is a backup of the mysql database which I got out of these forums somewhere that I think came from you, Lisa. Excellent bit of cron, that. The next job I run is a php file that closes all comments on any post more than 10 days old by going into the mysql database and changing the allow_comments table. The third one is mt-rebuild.pl which you can see here. Looking at this now, I think that his MT-Closure thing might be better than the full rebuild thing, and then I could do away with the closecomments.php cron job also. Although I'll probably still have to rebuild. I don't know why I'm playing with this stuff anyway - I don't get spam. I'll put in a help desk ticket before doing a rebuild and see what happens. -Iki
  9. I didn't get any errors, but it runs silently. Don't know about manual rebuilding becasue I'm scared to do that now. Let me gather the script and the cron stuff and I'll post it in here in a bit. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I've been running a cron on my site for a few months now that rebuilds my MT blog every night. It's worked like a charm... ...until last night when it suddenly hogged over 50% of the server CPU and my account got suspended. A Helpdesk ticket explained the problem to me and reactivated me so I could go delete that little bugger so I'm good to go now, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about why that would happen? What would make that thing work every night for so long and then suddenly crap out? I'm not going to put it back in there because it's all suspicious now and I like my TCH account alot and I'd like to keep it. Is it possible that it, like, hung during the rebuild or something? I don't know alot about CRONs and what the behavior is. Is there a bit of code I can stick in there to tell it to "die" if it hangs or something? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks! -Iki
  11. Thanks for the info and the tracert web addresses. About the support ticket, they said "the server was swaying". I'm not sure what, exactly, that means. Is that a load problem, or a hardware problem? Not a clue. But I'll try the new tracerts from home when I get back there later. Thanks again!
  12. Hi all... I've been trying to tracert from my home to TCH, but I can't get past my own router. The connection goes computer, router, cable modem, and out. I've got separate accounts on server 74, 75, and 78. I can get to the sites just fine, but sporadically 78 crawls. (I've got a support ticket open on it, but most of the time it fires back up after a bit of time has passed, making it difficult to troubleshoot.) While I was trying to figure out what the deal with that is, I read about doing a tracert, so I tried that. The trouble is, I only get two hops from my computer - which I'm pretty sure is jumping from my computer to my router and stopping there, no matter which server I try to hop to. It seems wrong that I can only get two hops, but I can reach the sites with a browser just fine. The only thing I can think of is my routers got some super secret firewall thing built in and the tracert doesn't go through it. If the slowdown on 75 is my ISP's fault, I'd like to be able to report that to them, although it seems strange that I can hit 74 and 78 with no trouble at all. I'm guessing these are colocated in the same facility since the numbers are close - and if I can hit that facility it's not my ISP's fault, right? Is this making any sense whatsoever?
  13. Here's a question about this - (mysql cron script works beautifully, Lisa, thanks for posting!) - I have a hosting account on server 74, one on server 75, and one on server 78. I'd like to save my backup from server 74 to server 75, save 75 to 78, and save 78 to 74. Since I have all the passwords and usernames to all of them, can I do that via a cron job, or would I have to do it manually - download the logs and then uploading them to the other server?
  14. Iki


    That's what I thought. The minute money changes hands it's a whole different ballgame. And I'm so not willing to do it for free. People never just get a mailing list - they do annoying things like break stuff and demand you help them. Anyway, that's why I also bought the domain name "www.greatstories.net" so I could use that to host the stuff under a resellers account if I needed to. Thanks!
  15. Iki


    Ok, here's what I want to do: (names have been changed to be annoying) I have a domain hosted with TCH. We'll call it www.greatstories.com This site is devoted to people who write stories. Advice, links, the usual blah blah blah. Now say I've got a couple of people who want to run just a mailing list, and I want to "host" them. So these people would end up with domains like bottles.greatstories.com greengrass.greatstories.com dogpoo.greatstories.com Like that, because the point of them being on my server is to generate more traffic to www.greatstories.com. I don't want to actually sell them space, I just want them to give me like $10 for the pain in the butt factor of setting up the subdomain and mailman. I don't want them to have cPanel or anything except the mailing list. I don't want them to use their own domain names, and I don't want anything parked. It's not so much reselling as it is sub-letting. What I want to know is, can I do that within the acceptable use policy, or do I need to have a full reseller account for that? Because I don't want to get into the whole reseller thing - I just want to be able to say, "Yes, we have Great Stories! Check out some of these!" and list the ones on my site.
  16. Thanks, all! Of course I'd marry TCH. Their response times are WAY faster than my ex-husband's ever were. woooot Get out much? What is this "out" place you speak of? Heh heh. Before I'd moved my third site over, I'd been here on the other two for a few weeks when I got that phone call. You know the one - "Hey Webmistress, the site is down again." I'd completely forgotten what that was like because I'd moved my personal site first and hadn't had any problems at all since. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy then - and productive, since I'd been able to work on my site whenever I wanted without worrying that the server would go all wonky in the middle of a project. Super-cool. Rock Sign
  17. Thanks for the welcomes! Yeah, I waited a while to write a review because I kept walking around waiting for that other shoe to fall... there's no way it could possibly be this good. I figured, the minute I said something good, the sky would fall. (looks up) Nope. Still there. You know what I found most amazing? That stuff actually works the way it's supposed to. And that's a pretty sad commentary about my past experiences. Love it here. LOVE IT! :heart :heart :heart
  18. Been on the web a few years, with the usual horror stories. The first host I used charged $69 for two years, but $99 for 10 email accounts. Everytime you needed something it was another $50. CGI-BIN? $50. An extra 20mg storage over the stingy 25mg that came with the package? $50. Tech support? $50 a year. But we spent the money because we didn't know any better. Their help ticket system was a joke - it would take days to hear back and even then you didn't get an answer. Eventually left them and went to another (in)famous hosting company that was good for two weeks and then they got bought or sold and disappeared. There are entire web sites devoted to how bad this company sucked. I only wish I'd have found those before I signed up. Then I decided I'd had enough of the big companies who shuffle customers and couldn't care less about satisfaction or support. I went to the internet equivalent of Two Men and a Truck - what I like to call Two Guys and a Couple Servers. This was ok as long as you know what you're doing because there was next to no technical support, since both of these guy had "real" jobs. It cost 3 times what TCH starter package costs, and was mostly less than a quarter of the services and features. A few months ago, I decided to move because the servers were going down at least once a week. Having learned my lesson, I did some web research first. I looked at who was hosting my friend's sites. I did web searches. I read the support forums of the software I was using to see what hosts those users recommended. I ended up here. But I didn't sign up right away because I'd been burned before. What I did was research. I read TCH's site in its entirety. Even the parts that I didn't think applied to me. Then I signed up for these forums and poked around in here. I wasn't looking for message volume or even actual content, I was looking to see what the response times were, who was responding, whether problems got fixed and trying to get a feeling of the users and staff. I read the pre-sales stuff to make sure TCH provided services I needed. I was leary, but I was also sick of my current host's outages and no support and no news or apologies or communications at all. So I signed up. On a Sunday. At 5:29pm. Because I work nights and usually I can't get anything from anyone at night or on the weekend, I didn't expect to hear back for at least the 24-48 hours. But it didn't take that long - it took exactly 29 minutes. That's right. At 5:58pm I had my welcome email and was all set. Dig that? On a Sunday. My second hosting account took a little longer: All of 59 minutes, on a Saturday night. My third hosting account, on a Monday noonish, took 7 minutes between signup and welcome email. Because of my bad past experiences, I've got a longstanding habit of making myself crazy trying to figure out my own hosting problems. I don't like to submit tickets because with my past hosts they've rarely been answered. With TCH, I don't feel that way any longer. I've put in a few support tickets and never waited longer than an hour for a response. The fastest was 4 minutes. These forums are also an invaluable tool. For the 3 support tickets I've submitted, I've used the forums to solve at least a dozen other questions/problems I was having. Heck - I've used these forums to solve problems that have nothing to do with my hosting service. When I pick up a new piece of web software to try, the TCH forums are my first stop for information and support. I come here BEFORE I use the actual software's support forums. Bizarrely, every host I've used until now was on Plesk based servers. I've got to say that cPanel is a freaking revelation. Thumbs Up I'd highly recommend TCH to anyone who asks. The experience has been so positive, they've restored my faith in the whole business. In closing, I love you. Rock Sign
  19. Yeah... the major search engines are pretty polite about it. The spammers running the bots is what I'd like to ban - I guess there's just no way to tell whether it's a human or a bot until after the fact. I'll do that google search - thanks! -barb
  20. I do not want any type of bot or spider to have access to my site; I do not want to be listed on any search engine, anywhere, ever. To accomplish this, I'm using both the robots.txt file denying all, and the "noindex, nofollow" in the header of my main page. On the stats pages it lists the crawlers, bots and spiders that attempt to index my site followed by some numbers. It looks like this: Unknown robot (identified by 'crawl') 85+64 Unknown robot (identified by hit on 'robots.txt') 0+147 Inktomi Slurp 0+64 Unknown robot (identified by 'spider') 10+35 Googlebot (Google) 1+30 Jeeves 0+4 Unknown robot (identified by 'robot') 0+2 etc... It says that "Numbers after + are successful hits on "robots.txt" files". What are the numbers before the + ? I'm guessing that one "85+64" means that 64 unknown bots pinged the robots.txt file, and the other 85 didn't even bother. Is that right? What I'd like is for all unknown robots to be denied access to my site. Is there any way to do that? -barb
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