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  1. I wonder if someone might be able to help me with this (or maybe just tell me if I'm better off hiring someone to do it for me, if it's too involved for this forum):


    I need a cronjob to run each weekday at a particular time in the afternoon. I want it to go get the contents of certain fields in a table in one of my databases, export the contents to an excel file, and e-mail it to a couple of people. After it's mailed the records each day, I want it to start over and mail the new day's records the following day.


    Thanks in advance for any advice you might give me.

  2. I updated it slightly on my machine, but nothing that affects the operation - I'll try and put together a formal update at some stage :tchrocks:

    Hi, Andy:


    I tried implementing this on my site, then I ran httrack on it. In the files httrack downloaded (all of 'em!), I can see your Access Denied messages at the top of each page, but the rest of the html comes in fine... can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?



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