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    I have a brand spankin' new server! Thanks guys! And I didn't get you anything DJ
  2. I did a really stupid thing. Awhile back, I bought some new floppies for my digital camera, and didn't notice that they were Mac formatted until I got them home. Okay, no big deal. I simply slipped each one into the PC and reformatted them all. Or so I thought. Today was my husband's company Christmas party and he wanted to take the camera. I sent it off with four blank floppies so he'd have planty of storage. Later, he called and said he couldn't open one of the disks. He could see the pictures on the camera's view screen, but not on his comp. It seems I missed one of the disk in this reformatting process, and of course it's the one he had. But he really wants the pictures that are on it. Now, the weird part. I knew the camera itself was reading this disk because he and I both looked at them on the LCD screen. I also knew there was a copy feature in the camera. Technical whiz kid that I am, I was going to surprise him by copying the pictures over to another Windows formatted floppy. But I only managed to get one of them copied over before the camera too quit reading the disk. So, does anyone here know any secret tricks or work-arounds I could possibly use to get these files open?
  3. With all due respect, Jim, if you knew the entire sequence of of my discussions with the tech in question, you might understand that my assumption was a pretty valid one. I have no problem with English being a second language for someone... my grandparents, among others in my family, were immigrants after all. When I need a question answered, however, and realize that the person on the other end obviously isn't "getting" the gist of my question - and responding with guidebook answers - I take other avenues. My motives in not clicking the "call a manager" link were, I assure you, benign. Oh, and, being someone familiar with Amslan, yes, I do consider myself bilingual.
  4. Thanks Dick, I started wondering tonight about leaving the site where it is and downgrading the account.
  5. Well, that's what I thought too. But, as stated, I did open a ticket. I did ask the same question: Here's the answer I got: Correct in the main. In fact I already knew this, but that wasn't what I asked. I didn't want to call for a manager and possuibly get someone in trouble just because English isn't their native tongue. So I came here instead. Thanks anyway.
  6. This seems the place for this, and I couldn't get an answer at the help desk, so here goes. I bought a second domain the other day and I'm putting a new site together. I already have a site here at TCH in a "silver" hosting account that takes up very little room. Basically, I have all this excess space sitting there doing nothing. The new site, as a finished product, will likely be pretty big and, when you add mail into the equation, will require more room than a starter account would comfortably hold. So I was thinking of moving my existing site to a starter account. That would free up the larger account space for the new site. The problem is, the new hosting account would probably be on a different server, and I don't want to lose all my stored mail at the current site. Is it possible to move an account's entire mail folder from one server to another?
  7. Ah, another mystery solved!
  8. The page looks okay here, except it opens about twice the size of my screen width so I have to scroll from side to side. But that happens on several sites, don't know why.
  9. I don't know how I could have forgot this place! Dave has a very comprehensive information site for writers and also offers free advertising for first timers. What a guy eh? http://www.anotherealm.com/prededitors/
  10. Not a problem. The very best of luck to you. It takes a bit of work, and can lead to random, major anxiety attacks, but it's completely do-able. I'll keep my eye out for further posts.
  11. Okay, here's some general info to get you started. ISBN FAQ http://www.isbn.org/standards/home/isbn/us/isbnqa.asp Here's a link for a printable ISBN application. The fee is still $225 for 10 with standard processing. http://www.isbn.org/standards/home/isbn/us...ntable/isbn.asp A tutorial about the application http://www.isbn.org/standards/home/isbn/us/isbngloss.asp Oh, I may have misspoke about there being a fee for registering the numbers when you assign them to a book. I couldn't find anything about any such fee, so I guess you just let them know the particulars and they list it. Although I could be wrong about that too. For info on copyrighting. The fee is $30, btw http://www.copyright.gov/ If you have any more specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. I can't help much on the software question. I did mine in Adobe because that seems to be the most universally used PDF. I know there's several others that are undoubtedly cheaper though.
  12. Hi Ramone, Glad to see a fellow author exploring beyond the boundaries of traditional publishing. I've got one ebook published, and several more in the holding pen, so I guess you could say I've got experience. Let me ask first, are you planning on publishing it yourself? Or are you looking into any of the many ebook publishers out there? In general, finding a reputable e-publisher is like walking through a mine field. There are good ones, and there are really bad ones that you want to avoid at all costs. Self publishing is, IMHO, the better route, but there are several steps that will also cost you. You still need ISBNs, which, when I purchased mine were $225 for a block of 10. That's the smallest number you can buy, btw. Then there's a fee whenever you register a number with R. R. Bowker, but I don't recall right off the top of my head how much it is. You still need to get a registered copyright on the book with the Library of Congress. The last I knew that was $35 or so (current fees are available on the Library's website). Then of course, there's your own website so you can market the book (THE HARD PART). But, since you're here, you've already found the best host on the planet. The advantage of self-publishing is, you have more control because everything is in your name. The disadvantage is, you have to do all the work yourself. I took it as a learning experience. Actually, I started a tutorial on my site to help others avoid some of the pitfalls out there (some of which I learned the hard way), but I still haven't finished it yet. Bad D.J.! No Cookie! Let me get together some of the tips and links I collected and get back to you. And hey, best of luck if you go this route! D. J. Sullivan
  13. Well, I already have the current Whois info, and it's all correct. I always keep a copy on hand to remind me when it's time to renew. Anyway, I just spoke to my old host and they said you guys need to initiate the transfer, so I'll get started on that tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed that it goes smoother than the other incident.
  14. Hi Don, Yes I own the domain, and my name, addresss, etc shows on the Whois record. I'm not sure what this whois.sc/yourdmain you speak of is. I tried entering that URL and was taken to a "Whois" site, but couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do. The fact that I don't have access to the registrar in question troubles me (has from the beginning). Only the hosting service I was with has access to the account. That looks like just another layer that could screw up a transfer attempt. My main question is, given my experiences with the "other" registrar, how much hassel to reasonably expect. Guess I'll have to just give it a go and find out the hard way.
  15. Hey everybody, I registered my domain through my (then) hosting service back in 2001. They used Bulkregister as their registrar. I've kept the registration there ever since, even after I moved to TCH for hosting. This was mostly because I'd renewed the registration for three years shortly before finding TCH There's no real problems with Bulkregister, except the price for renewal is double what TCH charges. Also, as the registration was through the old host, I have no log in info and no management capabilities over the domain. Everything pertaining to the domain (DNS data, etc) has to be submitted to the old host and "we'll handle it for you." I don't much care for that aspect as they have, at times, been a bit slow/sloppy in "handling" things. Therefore, I just figured when the domain came close to expiratin, I'd move the registration here too because It expires on August 13, so now's the time. The question is - how difficult might this be? I ask because I have a client whose domain is registered with NetSol. Their prices are outrageous to say the least. But when I tried to transfer their domain away, it was a case of . I spent something like three months going around in circles with those people! I'd submit the request. I'd get a denial because the account was in "special status." I'd ask what that meant. I'd be told that the account was just fine - re-submit the request. I'd do so. I'd get denied because the account was in "special status." And so on, and so on, and so on. I even asked the old host to define "special status," because NetSol was adamant in denying there was any such thing. The service didn't know, but asked someone else, and that person said it sounded like the account had been "nacked." What does that mean? Beats me, but I'm guessing it's a kissing cousin to "special status." Anyway, I finally determined that life was too short. Obviously NetSol was NEVER going to let loose of that domain. So now I'm contemplating another attempted transfer of a domain registration and I can already feel the ice-water in my veins. Has TCH ever done a transfer from Bulkregister to here before? On a scale of 1 to 10, what's the impossibility level? Slightly impossible? Really impossible? Or completely out of the question? I'll PM any TCH tech the domain in question if needed.
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    Well. That's the problem here. This web space isn't here at TCH. It comes compliments of Alltel ™ DSL. That's the problem. I'm used to working with a cpanel, but FTP is an oogie-boogie mystery to me. I don't even know if I have the option of fixing anything it screws up.
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    I hope this is the right place to put this. I recently dropped my old dial up connection and got DSL service from a different provider. I absolutely love it, btw. But an added attraction is that the new ISP offers 10 meg of personal webspace for free. I'm planning to put together a site my far-flung kin can use to keep tabs on each other (with me as their webmistress/mod of course). The problem is, the instructions say to use an FTP client to upload, and don't mention there being any other option. Now, don't laugh... at least not until I'm logged out anyway, but I've never used an FTP client. One reason is because of the reviews I've read about various clients crashing people's systems, etc. I'd never even seen one used until I studied one of the tutorials here at TCH. That example showed drag and drop uploading, and looked like something I should be able to figure out. Anyway, the one this ISP recommends is called Voyager. It too talks about drag and drop and other things I saw in the tutorial. So, is anyone here familiar with this Voyager client? What do you think of it? I've read a load of good reviews, but they read more like PR ads than regular user reviews. Any input would be appreciated.
  18. Hi Marie, Hoo boy! As an author, I've been in this conversation more times than I care to remember. But your words above are the crux of it, aren't they? Giving credit where it's due. I am constantly finding pearls of wisdom online, and I often copy and send them on to people. BUT! I always make sure they know I didn't write that. Even when I neglect to get the real author's name (and I do sometimes) I mention the site where I read the quote in question. As to what more you should do, I agree with everyone here. You've done all you reasonably can. Making a bigger deal of it will serve no purpose now. Let's hope both the forwarder and the paster/poster have learned a valuable lesson. Most times, in cases like this people aren't trrying to be malicious. They're just not thinking. Blame it on our treasured web anonymity. Rick, Now, see. I've used that line myself! And here I thought it was an original
  19. Thanks Bruce. I guess I could have done that, huh?
  20. Hmmmm You know, I'm pretty sure that what I meant to say there was - Tech support is SECOND to none.
  21. Well, I've been threatening to do this for a long time, and I find myself between multitasks at the moment, so here goes. Admittedly TCH is only the second hosting service I've ever used, so comparison-wise, my experience is limited. That being said though, I can't imagine there's a better service anywhere on the planet. I got into web design about five years ago and slogged through html hell for a year before I finally had something I'd let others see. Then, I was faced with the daunting task of how to let others see it. I knew absolutely nothing about hosting, uploading files, managing files, etc. The first thing I learned though was that you obviously needed someone to "host" your site, and the options were endless! Free hosting, cheap hosting, moderately priced hosting, really, really expensive hosting, hosts that wanted to do everything for you... for a modest fee, hosts that apparently threw you to the dogs, hosts that larded you pages with their ads, hosts that vanished into mist - taking your site with them. THIS was the net community's idea of "options?" After several months I was almost ready to throw in the towel on the whole idea. But then I found that first hosting service - who shall remain nameless for reasons that will become clear. They came with enthusiastic reviews from a prominent website known for their knowledge of all things Internet. By this time I knew what to watch out for - and they had none of those things. They'd been in business for several years (always a good sign), and were also in the "I can afford this" price range. So I bit. They turned out to be okay. Their control panel was easy to use, their support team extremely helpful in the event of problems, and the problems were relatively few. Things remained that way for an entire year! Then, one spring day, I got an email from the host. They were moving to a different location. What's more they were switching the type of servers they used! I should mention that the server type (Linux) was another reason I'd chosen them. They had every reason to believe this migration would be... ahem, seamless. I should not worry, as nothing could go wrong... go wrong... go wrong.... After the first month, I spent much of the next year looking for another host. Once again, this mostly involved clicking the mouse and muttering "no, no, no, no, you're kidding, right?" Then I found Find My Hosting.com, and within a couple of days happened across TCH. These guys sounded almost too good to be true. By now, I'd become familiar with hosts that got nothing but absolute rave reviews (which, on close examination seemed to all be written by the same person - usually the hosts themselves). And TCH had similar rave reviews, but wait! These looked for all the world like honest to goodness opinions. Could it be? If you're here, you already know the answer to that. Oh, IT BE! They had everything I'd originally had with the old host, times ten, and all for half the price. Okay, I admit initial skepticism. How could they do that? Well, I have no idea, but they do it. Problems have been rare and minor. Tech support is second to none. How many hosting services can you name where The Owner will personally look into a problem? For that matter, how many hosting services can you name where you even know who the owner is? The bottom line is, if there's a better hosting service out there, no one's talking about it.
  22. Thanks Bruce. I'm looking at the comp, and it looks like this is a go. Appreciate the advice from all, and I'll let you know how it turns out.
  23. Thanks! That RipVinyl sounds interesting (and cheaper) So you're saying I don't need to do anything to the music to copy it to the comp?
  24. Hi all, stumbling in after a long spell of navel-gazing. For various reasons I am completely dependant on a rather extensive music collection for entertainment (I'm way out in the boonies, reception sucks out loud, and I'm too cheap and disinterested to buy a dish). Long ago, I converted all my LP albums (yes, I'm THAT OLD) and reel to reel tapes into cassette format. I did this when my players went to their final reward and I discovered almost no one was making turntables and reel to reel players anymore. The ones who did were really proud of their products too! I have a dual head reciever/tape deck that allows me to keep back up tapes for general listening while saving the originals in their pristine condition. The unit also has a CD player, and I've discovered that I can make a back up cassette of CDs with it. This too is great, as it allows me to listen to the material while working outside or driving. My questions for the great minds here at the TCH forum are these: I'm sure that it must be possible to do the opposite - make a CD copy of a cassette - but how? I've considered using my comp's burner, but I can't figure out what to do. Would I have to convert the music to MP3 format? Is that even legal? Barring that, what sort of device would I need? More importantly, how many arms and legs does it cost? Speak to me, oh great and wise citizens of Technolia! Speak!
  25. Okay, got a question. If this law is supposed to cut down on SPAM and deception, how come I still get about 7 or 8 unsolicited emails a day with obviously phony sender names? And yes, I know many are weeping crocodile tears at that 7 or 8 figure. I can't say anything about the return addresses or opt outs because I refuse to open the darned things. But many proport to "answer" questions I haven't asked, are "replying" to mail I never sent, or are "re: your membership" in places I never joined. The rest are trying to sell me Rolexes or enhancements for body parts I personally don't have. I also hear that using those opt outs isn't a good idea as some of these vermin (sorry, I just really think spammers are the scum that scum scrapes off its shoes) are just fishing for working email addresses. Reply and they've got you. I even heard of one parasite that used someone's opt out as a valid communication in an attempt to dodge the law. As in "but, your honor, the witness contacted us of their own volition in the previous six months." That may be an urban legend, but I can see how it might work.
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