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  1. After that change I cannot login on my FTP account.

    Created already 4 (FOUR!) tickets, nobody responds to them.

    Please help ASAP, because of that migration the site requires modification!




    Oleg Sheynin

  2. There are plenty of things that could go wrong when switching from PHP4 to PHP5

    One example is JPGraph - PHP4 (1.6) version simply will not work - new version (2.0) - specifically written for PHP5 must be installed - and configured properly.


    So, here is my question to TCH staff. Can you give us link to PHP5's phpinfo page on your model PHP5 server - so we could see how PHP5 will be configured - and if necessary pose questions/concerns in advance?

    In my experience humongous number of parameters could be mis-configured and even if configured properly could affect behavior of the existing php code; so it is better to know what to expect in advance.


    The code for phpinfo page is very simple.

    Please see it below.




    echo phpinfo();

  3. 465 is the standard port for SMTPS.

    I've tried that before and it did not seem to work.


    Although hard to believe, but THEY could've blocked that too... :dance:

    I'll try it again tonight.


    Frankly, I feel much more comfortable sending mail (and especially authenticating) over secure channel as opposed to clear.

  4. Rock Sign

    Question to TCH guys.


    Is there any plans to add SMTPS (SMTP over secure (SSL) connection?


    Today my monopolistic ISP decided to block outgoing port 25 - and voila! -

    I cannot send mail anymore through my TCH hosted domain.


    SMTPS would be lifesaver for me (and probably other miserable sufferers).

    So, TCH, are you ready to come for help?


    Or maybe other solution besides using webmail?

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