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  1. My Cute Site Builder program isn't working after a system restore. My website files still exist, but I get a gray screen when I open CSB and can't open them. I also cannot create any new files. Here are the details: A few days ago, my PC would not boot. (Our tech guy thinks it's my CMOS battery.) He has the PC up and running now after performing a partial system restore, retaining the data files. When I opened CSB after the restore, I got a prompt about some Trellix files that were previously installed that could cause conflicts. I hit the button to delete, then got multiple listings of files that were "shared". The prompt said when in doubt, don't delete, so I didn't. There is still a Trellix file on the C drive with a "demo" subfolder. Trellix does not show under "add/remove programs". I'm in over my head and would appreciate any assistance!
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