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  1. In a raw Apache log file- you can see which particular domain (or IP) views/downloads specific pages/images on a one by one basis. Is there any way I can configure Awstats to produce statistics which contains this information? I also noted webalizer in the tmp folder with awstats. Webalizer can produce this information- unfortunately I can't seem to access webalizer from my website. Thanks, Chuck
  2. Thanks Bruce. It's been fixed. I forgot the './' So used to working locally...
  3. Hi. I had a site hosted locally on my computer. I decided to finally take the great leap and host on TCH (my first external domain host.) I've migrated all my files over to the server prior to my domain name migration. Here is the site currently: The main portion of the site site shows up. But my javascript popup links in the galleries (as well as my blog) do not link up. I get a 404. I've checked the file paths and nothing seems to be out of order. Can anyone tell me how to correct this or what I am possibly doing wrong? It all worked before... Thanks, Chuck
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