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  1. On my website, I have a form that someone can quickly fill out a form and send me email. It uses their email addresses and sends to my account. I use Outlook to check my emails - however, every single email that goes through this web-based form automatically gets sent to my junk mail folders. Since every single message is generally from a different sendee, how do I tag this form so that it doesn't automatically get sent as spam?!? Thanks, -Charles My site is located at www.lunarstudio.com
  2. For instance - if I see an architect 'mail.csgarchitects.com' for instance, I know someone is interested in my architectural work from csgarchitects. It tells me I'm making progress work-wise and I'm gaining recognition as an artist. It's not much different than seeing 'X amount of visitors' viewed your website. Your cpanel tells ALL OF US the domain anyways regardless... If it's that much of a concern, then take out the hosts section for all your users. Personally, I think it's useful. All I said was 'too bad this couldn't be a hyperlink.' You can always just copy and paste that portion in the URL. Webalizer made them hyperlinks by default. The majority of web analyzers do as a matter of fact. It's not like I'm trying to dig through personal information or spy on anyone. I always ignore plain IPs anyways. I'm checking some of the businesses that check me out. Perhaps there's some miscommunication here, but how is that wrong? If you really think it's that bad - you minds as well remove the 'hosts' section for everyone. All I meant was 'make it a hyperlink. Geez - you people are way too paranoid... Don't you check out who links to you? Is that any different????
  3. So you wouldn't know the exact parameter I would need to change? IMO, the links section spits out a huge list of URLs and rather useless information. Mine was long and it didn't resolve to domains often. I gather more precise info going through my logs. The reason why I like to check who's visiting my website is to see who's interested in my artwork - no other ulterior motives.
  4. In the 'hosts' section of the stats, it lists IP addresses and websites that have visited your site. I always find myself selecting and copying some of these addresses into the URL. After a while, it gets time consuming. Is there any way (such as the config file) to modify AWStats so that this section becomes/resolves to clickable links? This is the one thing I absolutely loved (and miss) about Webalizer.
  5. So it's basically a chronjob php script that you would point to your log file and uses sendmail? to send you a report. Ugh. One more thing I have to figure out how to install. I'm not good at this stuff...
  6. Is there a way to be notified via email when a person uploads/accesses a FTP directory session? I've set up a few directories and would like to be notified when people use their directory's. It's so intermittent that I wouldn't want to have to manually check CPanel every day.
  7. So I guess mine are 'parked' on top of mine? I created a Google sitemap for the new 'parked' domain and threw it in the same directory. I just hope Google doesnt flag it as a duplicate and take me down in the search engine. I wrote to Google - still haven't received a response. Not sure if I will...
  8. But it's 'impossible' to automatically setup and have you email sessions?
  9. Is there a way to email oneself FTP Session activities if someone logs in does things normal people do with FTPs - such as deleting files, creating folders, uploading files, etc... It would be cool if I got notification if someone had logged-in, etc. -Charles
  10. I've recently purchased two domains and TCH was kind enough to forward them to my current website for me. Seeing that these are forwarded domain names, I am wondering about the harm in submitting these 'cloaked' domains/redirects to my website. Am I better off by purchasing a very basic account monthly and just having a simple redirect here? Part of the reason why I purchased additional names was to boost my presence on Google. I came across this article which potentially outlines a pitfall - one which I hope I haven't tripped already: http://www.****/?Domain-Name-...ngines&id=57151 To the TCH staff - would your domain forwarding fall into this category considering I already submitted one of these forwarded domains (essentially a duplicate) to Google SiteCrawler? Please say no...
  11. Will check it out - sounds interesting. I guess the Firefox people are not the one's one generally has to worry about... A rather ignorant question on my behalf - is there a quick way to modify Andy's 'Alert' lines so that it is a page redirect instead? Also, the alert doesn't seem to be working in IE or Firefox.
  12. I just tried Andy's script - it works great in IE. But in Firefox it just lists the files that are there and no ability to drag and drop or upload a file. Is this normal Firefox behavior or do you guys use a FireFox FTP plugin? I wouldn't want to have anyone pecking around for a plugin to download. I'm beginning to wonder if FireFox's default FTP just sucks...
  13. Hey Tim. Thanks for posting that code - very handy and again I appreciate you all taking time out to do this. Before I get to testing both of yours - I was kind of on a one-track-mind of solving my PHP code I posted two posts up. It works but it takes me to some root directory in IE wihch I cannot drag and drop files. If I click on a test file within the browser window (for example to download it) then hit the browser back button, then I get the typical FTP browser window which is the one I would want. Can someone please explain why you would think it would be doing this? Thanks!
  14. Ohhhhh so nice... Thanks Andy! i'll have to check this out in a little bit. Here's a simple .php script I've posted, but it locks me into some weird initial browser page. There's extra code which redirects you back to your page in case the info is invalid (in this case login.html): ><?php $username=$_POST['username']; $password=$_POST['password']; if ($username == "" || $password == "") { /* Redirect to the login page if username or password is blank */ $host = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; $uri = rtrim(dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']), '/\\'); $extra = 'login.html'; header("Location: http://$host$uri/$extra"); } else { /* Redirect to the FTP server if username and password is set */ header("Location: ftp://$username%40zzzzz.com:$password@zzzzz.com"); } exit; ?>
  15. LOL. It's definitely easier with the circuit breaker off... Oh - were you refering to the ceiling fan or script? And yeah - I agree with the FTP bit. It just sounded so simple in theory (when clearly explained lol...)
  16. I couldn't download files either. At this point, I'm just possibly looking ditching this script. But there must be a simpler way to go about this using standard browser FTP functions. So when a user enters their 'username' and 'password' from a simple form on a webpage (in my case - http://www.lunarstudio.com/login.html), it redirects them to: ftp://username%40yourwebsite.com:password@yourwebsite.com I just don't know how to go about writing, substituting, and concatenating all this. Basically, I can't code worth anything...
  17. Hmm. I had that changed like you posted but was unable to create directories and delete files. My server variable read: $server="lunarstudio.com"; and previously (which didn't make a difference in this case): $server="ftp.lunarstudio.com";
  18. Thank you very much Andy. All I was looking to do (and still am) is provide a place for someone to submit their 'username' and 'password' in order to access their FTP directory via a browser's built-in FTP capabilities. All I want is a 'username' and 'password' interface. I can create the HTML form, but I don't know what code I need to write in order to expedite this request. As for what has been posted (the code Tim is refering to below) - perhaps this is a bit 'bloated' for basic needs. I know IE and Firefox on PCs support FTP request over browsers natively. However, I can't speak for Macintosh users. Perhaps this is the only downfall to built-in browser FTP sessions? Tim, I appreciate you taking your time to look at these scripts - everyone is such a great help here and at the other forum - I can't thank everyone enough. Embarassingly though, I can't get her noted changes to work. My PHP coding skills are virtually non-existent. I tried tinkering but I was left stupified. However, I am curious as to what you would do differently. I see your points in that this script is not fully-fleshed out. But I would prefer the above option in reply to Andy's post.
  19. I've posted the code on another forum - but no one has been able to solve my problem there: http://www.v7n.com/forums/coding-forum/286...html#post296935 There were a couple solutions people posted - none which seems to have worked...
  20. Hi. I've created a form on my webpage: ><form action="ftp.php/" method="POST"> <p><span class="logintext">Username</span> <input name="username""> </p> <p><span class="logintext">Password</span> <input name="password" type="password"> </p> <p><input name="login" type="submit" value="login"></p> </form> With this, people should be able to login and access their FTP directory directly from their browser windows. Except, I cannot get any of the PHP scripts I have downloaded to work with the way TCH sets up their FTP access. Can someone show me an example PHP script with proper access setup please??? Thanks!
  21. I can install it myself in a subdirectory then right?
  22. I love Webalizer and noticed it was residing in my tmp directory when I ftp'd to it. Unfortunately, I can't seem to access the webalizer stats. How can I get to them from the website? -chuck
  23. Could you please install GeoIPFree (a perl module for AWStats) or are you concerned that will effect processing load on your servers? I noticed that the plugins section to the AWStats configuration files have been removed. Is it not installed due to proccessing consumption? -Chuck
  24. I'm looking for ways to improve the AWstats details/results. There's several free mods out there and I was wondering if people wouldn't mind posting their expiramentations/recommendations here.
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