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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm registered with you and host on www.lunarlog.com. My email is ****@lunarlog.com. It should (I would think) go the lunarlog.com email address on your server.
  2. I have a problem with my website, www.lunarlog.com and emails not being sent through that. I should receive an email whenever someone signs up or makes a comment, however I am not receiving anything. Regular email methods work just fine. I checked my spam folder online, and there's nothing there either. I've run out of ideas as to what is happening with this. Please help!
  3. Thanks Bruce. I posted a ticket after seeing another TCH thread on something similar and am waiting to hear back. For now, my workaround is to simply divide the file into several .rar components/parts available for download. It works, but I would still like to find out the answer to this.
  4. Now I seem to have another wall unfortunately. Files for download (again, hosted externally but through my TCH hosted site) that are above 447 mb timeout consistently even after raising the execution time well beyond 7200. So it appears that I'm hitting a 'roof' somewhere else in the server configuration/.htaccess after modifying the max execution time. At least it doesn't do it on the smaller files now. Does anyone know what's possibly causing the error for the larger +447mb files?
  5. Thanks guys for your information and knowledge. Are there any negative consequences to raising the value below past '120' in the .htaccess file? >php_value max_execution_time "120" I should add that having changed this value to '7200' seconds, that it seems to be working just fine now. Thank you. The reason I changed this to '7200' is that I figured with downloading a 2-3 GB file over a slower connection, that a large file might potentially take someone 1-2 hours to download. Perhaps I'm way off in thinking that a value of '7200' would encompass the script timeout issue. If you think this is a wise thing to have done, please advise. Otherwise I'd like to know of any potential consequences for such a large value. Another issue I've encountered is with Firefox now - as I'm downloading the file (although technically it is hosted remotely), it won't let continue browsing my website while the download is active. It's as if it takes up/locks out resources. Does anyone know what is going on here? On the other hand, if I open up a different browser such as Internet Explorer as that is downloading, I am able to surf the site again.
  6. Okay. So do I have a php.ini file somewhere? Or do I only have access to .htaccess?
  7. The download starts on both of these other sites. Te script works perfectly fine with the author's Wordpress site to pull these files fully down. But it doesn't work fully on mine (partial, then cuts out seemingly randomly.) That's why I was asking here to see if it was a php.ini or .htaccess permission problem - perhaps with some sort of memory or scripting timeout. Maybe I'm completely off base. I don't know - I'm not unfortunately a security expert. I just don't see why it would work on one website and not another. As I mentioned before - the script also works completely fine on mine if I host locally. Unfortunately, I already have the largest plan with you guys and I'm about to run out of space. That's why I'm trying to host all the files remotely.
  8. Background information: I have a website with TCH called www.hdrsource.com. It has been created using Wordpress. I have an online store using the Wordpress plugin WP eStore for Digital Downloads. I'm hosting VERY large images (50mb - 3gb) on an external website called 4shared.com How WP eStore Works: WP eStore works (using php) to encrypt the link of any digital asset you are selling - that way others cannot pass the link around. You can host your files locally, or externally - it shouldn't matter. After an allotted time, the encrypted link goes dead. The problem: When I've hosted the large image files on external websites - mediafire.com and/or 4shared.com, as someone goes to download from the encrypted link created by the WP eStore script (locally), the downloads cut out prematurely. Troubleshooting so far: 1) I've contacted both hosts - mediafire.com and 4shared.com thinking that it might be a security issue on their behalf. Both have informed me that it wasn't. 2) I've been in contact with the WP eStore author for the past few weeks and we've been working on seeing what could potentially be wrong. He informed and showed me that he was able to download one of the test files (60mb)successfully using his website with the plugin. When I try the same exact thing from mine with the same exact file (and same external source), I still gives me a timeout. 3) Direct links to the 4shared and mediafire websites obviously works. 4) When the file is hosted locally with TCH, it downloads just fine. Which leads me to believe that there is some sort of scripting timeout or memory parameter somewhere - except I don't know where to begin to look. And that's why I'm asking you guys. Is there a php.ini file somewhere? A .htaccess parameter that should be adjusted? Maybe it's neither of those??? The question: How to fix download timeouts when using a script to a 3rd party website? Currently works fine with other sites, but not with mine on TCH.
  9. Doesn't seem like a bot - it shows up as an actual 'link' in my pages.
  10. It makes no sense why someone would go to this website month after month and type in 'lunarstudio' into their search bar. What I do is completely unrelated to what they do.
  11. Hello everybody. I'm just wondering about something that keeps appearing in my AWStats: Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines): http://pacificair.com 8 8 This is for my website www.lunarstudio.com. This site is 'apparently' linking to my website somehow yet when I visit it, there's no links back to my site. So my question is, why does this site keep on appearing in my logs as having links back to mine. I looked through its code briefly and couldn't find a link back. Also, I did a google search for 'lunarstudio pacificair' and didn't come across anything. Any idea what's going on here?
  12. Hmmm. Well, wishful thinking for a 'better' protocol... There's a few things it has done which gets under my skin - such as setting up a different folder structure in Outlook (which may not be IMAP's 'fault' per se, but rather that of MS.) i assume this can be remedied after some digging around. Now, only if IMAP could sync Office contacts and calendars...
  13. Wow, okay so far I love IMAP. Thank you. So I've only one problem now lol. When I go to delete an email, instead of Outlook dumping the deleted item into the 'Deleted Items' folder, it just puts a strikethrough it. How do I officially delete the files for Outlook tidyness or am I stuck only to be able to delete items from webmail? Thanks again. NOTE: I actually found the answer to this by simple Googling. The answer is here: h_tp://www.ideanode.com/supportdocs/16/how-to-delete-imap-messages-in-outlook Forgive me for asking, it's been a 12 hour long day troubleshooting two routers and it just hit 2:45 am. I'm off to bed...
  14. Hey thanks for that information - it's consolidated and very handy. It looks like the days of POP are limited (although that article was written back in 05)...
  15. Thanks Bruce for the quick reply. I was trying to compare Imap with POP earlier and got even more confused as I searched the web. 1) Is IMAP a better protocol then POP? 2) Do you prefer Outlook to read IMAP versus POP? 3) Is the setup similar and if so, what if anything changes?
  16. Hi. I'm a bit clueless in this area and hence why I am asking. I recently purchased a new IPhone and am looking for email 'push' technology. My current situation: 1) IPhone asks if you have an Exchange server in order push emails up to your phone. 2) My prior phone, a Treo asked for Exchange as well. 3) I don't have Exchange set up (although I do have access to set it up locally, I don't know how as I've never done it.) 4) I currently use Total Choice Hosting and read my mail in Outlook using POP to connect to my mail addresses. 5) I have the IPhone now set up through POP to retrieve (they call it 'fetch') emails on an interval basis or by manually hitting refresh. the automatic 'fetch' times aren't the best. My question: How do I enable 'push' technology with TCH and have the emails received update automatically. Thanks, Charles
  17. I can't say I really knew Don aside from him helping me out on a few occassions, but from what I've read, it seems like everyone lost a great person. I haven't been to the forum in a while and just found out today. Sorry to hear about all this.
  18. Have you all noticed a dance with your site as well lately? What I found really strange was that I typed this post, then typed in a related search term into Google 30 seconds later, and this thread was already number 2 on the Google search term list. Maybe it's just my imagination, but things seem to be getting a lot faster... ******* All these 'experts' keep saying to use a 301 over a parked domain from what I've read and it is driving me nuts. I'm not advertising my other domain names, but somehow they've managed to to be found in other engines (including Google) I wouldn't think it could do too much damage if I'm already in the top 6 - but i wonder if a 301 could push it higher... Of course changing all these would run me $100 or so... Not a fun thought.
  19. If you don't mind me asking - what is your Google ranking and for what search term? I'm not trying to question your integrity so please don't take it the wrong way - just trying to determine other factors which may result in your current standings (ie. - is it an obscure search term.) For mine, I'm around #6 (but would like #1). The engines have been acting very flaky for the past two months and it has every SEO expert questioning what is going on. I'm just trying to protect myself from future dropping.
  20. Hi guys. I'm concerned about my rankings - in particular Google. I've tried to search for this topic but it is very confusing. Right now, I have a main website in top 10 for several different categories. I also have several other domain names registered (not hosted). TCH has parked these other domain names to my main address. So when I go to these other domain names, it points me back to my main website. However, the other domain names all stay the same throughout instead of becoming the main.com Additionally, what scares me is that my Google Pagerank bars still show all of these other ones as being PR 4. So from what I've read, I'm a little bit afraid that my Pagerank is getting split between these other domain names - I could be wrong. Or am I? Is this no longer an issue? Would it be best to take all these other domain names, go back to my registrar, and have them 301 redirect those domains to my main website so that they all read main? Thanks, Charles
  21. Is there a possibility of adding SpamFighter to the mail servers? http://www.spamfighter.com/
  22. Ah... now it's enabled enabled as Bruce posted in another thread. Duh - for some reason I thought it was third-party. As for 'grey-listing', that's new term but I've manually set it up to flag emails for stuff such as '****', 'Cialis', 'Stock Market', etc. It would be handy if we could compile a list of these type of terms somewhere.
  23. @Bruce - can I install spamassasin on my TCH server? The spam on my website is getting out of control.
  24. Ok. Now I feel stupid. Every subject is cutom/different, so where would I apply this filter and how should I address the syntax? Is there a way to add the domain 'serverXX.tchmachines.com ' to a whitelist?
  25. Thanks for the tips. I will have to check later. The two common items are: 1) Email being sent through my TCH website. 2) Using Outlook. Other emails come through fine with Outlook addressed to my email. Just the ones through the website get consistently canned. I can't figure out how to set up a whitelist rule for this since every sendee is different. I'll check the headers later and get back on this. Thanks again guys.
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