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  1. Have the new prices for reseller accounts been posted yet?
  2. I need to make a remote connection to my TCH MySQL database from elsewhere on the Internet. Do the TCH servers support an encrypted connection to MySQL so that db login credentials and data isn't transiting in the clear?
  3. What modifications need to be made to .htaccess to make it apply site wide?
  4. I've created a php.ini file in my root directory with the following entries: magic_quotes_gpc = Off display_errors = Off This isn't working as both are still on according to phpinfo(). What needs to happen to get the server to read my php.ini file?
  5. Thanks! Those certificate warnings were annoying. Those cert expirations have a way of sneaking up on you. Thanks for resolving it quickly.
  6. I use the TCH generic ssl cert for encypting my imap connections. Over the weekend I started getting a warning that the cert had expired (see attached screen shot). Will you be renewing your cert soon?
  7. Never mind - I just saw Alex's post from 2 minutes ago.
  8. Thanks for the information. I'll monitor this post for further updates. As a reseller, this is impacting my customers and they are starting to call.
  9. Never mind. I could have sworn I created the php.ini file in the root directory but it looks like I placed it in the public_html folder. I moved it up one level and now it's working.
  10. Does this need to be done for each web accessible subdirectory? This seems to have worked for scripts in the public_html folder, but not for php scripts in folders one level down.
  11. Why do you prefer the .htaccess method?
  12. I'd like to create a symbolic link in my public_html folder but I don't see a way to do this from within cPanel. Am I missing something?
  13. I'm glad to see you guys have a Twitter account. That will come in really handy for future down time when an "out of band" mode of communication is needed. Hopefully we won't have any more DDoS repeats anytime soon, but when it does happen it's nearly impossible to get to the forums to find out what the problem is.
  14. I just received this response to the ticket I opened:
  15. I just received this response to the ticket I opened:
  16. My reseller account along with all of my customer's websites are completely inaccessible. The outage began at around 4 pm EST. I have opened a ticket but have not yet received a response. Are we being hit with another DDoS? Some information about the problem would be appreciated.
  17. My reseller site along with all of my customer's websites is still down. Is this another DDoS attack? Will someone from TCH let us know what is going on?
  18. I have two people that need access to cPanel but don't want to share a username and password. Can a secondary username and password be setup to allow two people access to the same cPanel?
  19. What is the SSL port for imap?
  20. Five of my websites were defaced today and I have no idea how they were compromised. My raw access log files were not very revealing. Are there any other logs that would help me determine what was exploited?
  21. Is there a way in cPanel to generate my own SSL certificate? It doesn't matter to me that it wouldn't be signed by a CA, I'd just like to have a cert so that I can use SSL enabled email and I don't want to have to pay for a "real" cert. Supposedly you can use the generic TCH cert for doing this, but I've never had any luck getting that to work in a way that was acceptable.
  22. What exactly is the purpose of "GnuPG Keys" in cPanel? Is this just for generating public/private key pairs or is it something more?
  23. How can you eliminate the annoying "Domain Name Mismatch" warning message regarding security certificates (see attachment)? This message appears when sending email on port 465 because the domain name of the mail server and the domain name in the certificate are different. On a related note, can you encrypt IMAP connections? I'd like for my email to be secure when reading and when sending.
  24. According to the Help Desk, there is an 8 MB limit. See the email below I just received from them. Hi, Please be advised that your domain is hosted on a shared server that will not allow to upload a file higher than 8 Mb through scripts. Please use ftp for uploading a file that is having size more than 8 Mb. If you try to upload big files will create load issues and might get the account suspended as apache shows load easier. Thank you for choosing TotalChoiceHosting. --- Alex Spaford Technical Support TotalChoiceHosting LLC. Ticket Details =================== Ticket ID: BXW-891144 Department: Technical Support Priority: -- Status: Closed
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