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  1. "Is that me, is it?" or "Forget Barbara Manitee. Benny Seal you are the one for me!"
  2. Hi GroovyFish! I saw your recommendation in these forums for Zen-Cart and am setting one up myself. So far I really like their layout. One thing I am having trouble with is setting the cookies for return customers to not have to log back in every time the browser is closed. I am not very good at this stuff and I did notice your site is set to leave them logged in. (I just created an account and checked, I hope you don't mind) ... Anyhow, could you help me out with that? Site is www.discountvalley.com Store is www.discountvalley.com/dvstore
  3. yes, that is where i made my mistake.. i found an extra ): } where it didnt belong, and didnt have the same set where it did belong... im terribly new at modifying my own php, still really learning based on reading through the pre-existing codes of phpBB and their mod database.. Thansk for the help!
  4. that didnt help... any other suggestions? i'll probably end up reversing the mod
  5. if you go to http://rt.artamishia.com/forum you can see the index of the forum, but when you click on any of the individual topics, it brings you to a white blank page. However, if you click to a post thread directly, you can get in, post and everything normally. I made a few modifications to files : posting.php, functions_post.php, viewforum.php, lang_main.php, posting_body.tpl, viewforum_body.tpl if anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. It Worked! Thanks so much guys! so so so much!
  7. i do have 2 forums, 1 under each subdomain hmm, thats interesting, if you find something pls post the link
  8. oops, wrong link on that page, sorry
  9. um.. did you try this link? XTO Forums http://xto.artamishia.com/xtoforum/ I know that the writing ones are ok, and they r the only ones i linked to from the main page of my site... i just tried again, and got this error this time Truthfully, I dont even remember which server im on right now.. i thought 5 or 6 or something like that
  10. OK, i've been a customer for quite a while now, through many changes and have been happy with the support i've received in the past, mostly when i originally set up my site. Today, I have a problem and unfortunately I dont think i have a login to the most recent help desk, so my first questions is can I get a login to that? If not, maybe someone can help me figure out what may have happened with my phpbb forum. As of about 2 PM EST today, anyone who visited received this error: I was at work when it started, so dont know what caused it to fix it. Another thing is, my domain emails are not working through MS OUtlook .. not sure if it is a related thing or not. My chatroom, other subdomains, main domain site and everything else seem to be in working order. Thanks in advance for any help I can get.
  11. k .. i have 2 forums on my site http://writing.artamishia.com/wbforum/ http://xto.artamishia.com/xtoforum/ and they have been what is giving me the most trouble ... if they get found by browsers at all..
  12. its been a while since I've been on the site here.. wow has it changed... Anyhow, I am just wondering if there is something going on with some of the servers. my domain www.artamishia.com has been loading verry slowly the past couple of days. I have DSL at work and cable modem at home.. other pages i visit seem to load quickly, but my site takes some time .. is there something maybe in my settings that I did to make it go that way? sorry, i should post at the help desk, but navigating my way around the new layout, i ended up here first you guys are great, you'll find me
  13. I voted forums too I actually have 2 on my site.. http://writing.artamishia.com/wbforum http://xto.artamishia.com/xtoforum
  14. I voted for Turtle too! I just love that one (the others are nice too, but I had to pick a favorite )
  15. Arta


    You are very welcome! I'm glad I could help
  16. Arta


    The part where it says <br>$LANG[bookMess6]</td> is the default text.. put your own stuff in there.. for instance, mine has this code in that spot... <span style='color:blue'> <br>Thanks for stopping by!<br>You may return to my homepage <a href="http://www.artamishia.com">here.</a></td> </span> I hope that helps..
  17. mine is at http://writing.artamishia.com/wbchat/ that my help
  18. has anyone come up with a suggestion for this yet? I've been watching the thread, and ... tumbleweed rolls gently along...
  19. heheeh I went to the phpBB site did some searching through their support forums, and found my problem! someone was having a similar problem, but the fix that didn't work for them worked for me
  20. If anyone can help, I would TRULY appreciate it. I've recently had to ditch my phpBB forum because i goofed something changing the themes. I started from scratch, but now can't get it to work right with internet Explorer. Netscape doesn't give me any problems. What it does in IE is let you register, and pretend to log in. Once you log in, your name is logged in, but you are still in as a guest. I don't know why, I do have a help ticket in too .. but maybe someone out here might have an answer for me. the url is http://writing.artamishia.com/wbforum, also known as Writer's Block Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    Very glad I helped you have a cool page btw
  22. Arta


    Go into your CPanel, then navigate your way to the guestbook folder. Within that folder, there is another folder called Templates. within that folder find body.php click on that file, then choose to edit that file. after the image tags, but before the <!--Start JumpMenu --> tag, you will see an autoclock code, then the default words for the guestbook. You can change those words and put your ahref tags in there too. then hit "SAVE" and you should be able to see it in just a couple minutes. i hope that helps.
  23. Arta


    It is touchy, but what i did...may not be the best thing I edited a couple of the templates (not the code parts, just text parts) through the control panel so that MY words would show, rather than their default stuff. For instance, i put a link back to my main site, since that was lacking and annoying
  24. for whatever reason ... that email account is working fine again..
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