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  1. Fixed! The objections to the flash headers and the font sizes are being taken into consideration. One of the main purposes of doing the redesign was to make our pages lighter and easier to load. With the old layout, even on DSL I was having to wait for several minutes for some pages to load (like the plans page). Got this fixed as well.. I have tested the layout in the latest versions of IE, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera and all loads as it should.
  2. I'm using version .8 of Firefox and have no problems at all with the menus tabs not cascading upward.
  3. I've been using Dreamweaver to work on it this past week, and your right.. I might have to invest in a copy of the full version now. (This coming from a guy who has worked ONLY in Windows notepad for 6 years in fear of evolution..) I'd say over all though it was a mix of lots of diffrent editing methods.
  4. Stay tuned... That's another thing on my list of things I need to get done now that the new layouts are up.
  5. Well I can't really go into really big detail, but for the most part its for search engine optimization reasons. The bots would rather read a link, and pick up on the keywords in it. Really though, either is a good way to go.
  6. I like the button you made! You can see our new link buttons and graphics here! It reloads again and again while your on the same page? The top flash graphic should only load once-per-page load. Keep the feedback coming folks, the good stuff and the bad.
  7. The best tips I can give you would be: Have a password that is a mix of random letters and number, if your password is "crayon" chances are somebody has a better chance at figuring it out and getting in if they wanted to. Keep a version of your web site on your home or office computer. Just in case the worst might happen, you can just upload again. Also, Cpanel comes with a backup utility as well. Hope this helps!
  8. Sorry about that, corrected now! The images didn't want to play nice with me..
  9. Macromedia Flash Editor Needed! We are currently looking for anybody who has experience in making and editing flash navigation elements for web sites. This will be a real quick and easy job for sure. If you're interested, please contact me here: mitch@totalchoicehosting.com or IM me on AIM, Yahoo or MSN: tchgurumitch Thanks! Thumbs Up
  10. Big congrats man! We will all be rooting for you!
  11. Michelle and Sam, welcome to the team!
  12. I can promise you Bill isn't ignoring your e-mails, but he is a very busy guy. If you have something you need to discuss you might try contacting another staff member or putting in a help desk ticket about it.
  13. Well just because it was active where you and your friend were, doesn't mean it was active anywhere and everywhere. Where domain name registration can be actual instant, no mater where you go you'll have to wait for the standard propagation (24-72 hours). Sounds like this time you might have gotten a lucky break..
  14. It does give you a chance to get a few more keyword uses in there. I'd agree with that much of it.
  15. Well, I give my word that if this thread shows great success then I'll do everything in my power to set up a return of the weekly column.
  16. Well, I've gotten hit up with this question more than once since I've been back here. If there was an overwhelming surge of folks who really missed it or wanted it back, I'd have no problem with fitting time in to get it written up for you fine folks. Think I once told somebody to start a petition on the forums to see if there was anybody else who wanted to see the "comeback". So, yes I'd consider it if the people wanted it back.
  17. Thanks! I always had a fun time doing those Jeering Jargon columns.
  18. Yeah propagation is never fun.. mainly cause your waiting for the big debut of your website! Here's a column I wrote on the matter a few months ago: What is Propagation? Hope it helps! Also, I'm going to move this post to the right forum for you.
  19. Couldn't have happened to a more worthy guy Robert, happy to have you as part of the team!
  20. I've moved this since it isn't really an introduction. If we do a reset on your account, we'll have to reset everything (including your e-mail.) Yes, we can change your user name as well. To get either or both of these done, we'll need you to drop in a ticket at the Help Desk. You can get to the Help Desk by clicking the link at the top-left of the page.
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